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2Mentor Monday, October 25, 2021: Ask all your bitcoin questions!
3Daily Discussion, October 26, 2021
4Weather you like the guy or not, this is an excellent pitch to buy Bitcoin.
5Mastercard Officially Announces Plans to allow All Merchants to Accept Bitcoin and Offer Bitcoin Rewards
6MasterCard news is great but have you seen this offline Bitcoin LN payment project?
7Bitcoin price will exceed $130,000 in December, according to Plan B
8The IRS plan for the $10k bank reporting is for people with $100MM in assets and over
9Tom Brady gave a fan a bitcoin in exchange for his 600th TD football
10So far, nobody has ever lost money investing in Bitcoin long term.
11Pssst... Every power company will eventually be mining Bitcoin
12Tom Brady btc holder...
13Mastercard set to announce plan to allow all merchants to accept Bitcoin and offer BTC
14Telsa hints it may soon resume support for crypto/btc payments
15Rand Paul: Bitcoin Could Reach World Reserve Status
16Mastercard says any bank or merchant on its vast network can soon offer crypto services
18Anyone who studies Bitcoin ends up investing in it, says Anthony Scaramucci
20Anthony Scaramucci once $270 million Bitcoin purchase is now worth over $1 billion
21Why inflation may actually be BAD for society and how bitcoin fixes this
22Twitter Is Reportedly Testing Bitcoin Tip Feature For Android
23Mastercard and Bakkt Partner to Offer Innovative Bitcoin and Loyalty Solutions, So All Merchants and Banks on Mastercard's network can both accept Bitcoin and offer Bitcoin rewards
24Any Mastercard customer can offer services with Bitcoin
25Mastercard Integrates With Bakkt, Merchants Will Be Able To Offer Crypto Services
26It’s inevitable.
27What's in a node
28I have 0.60 BTC- what percentile do I belong to? Am I now a "1 percenter"? If not- how much BTC do I need to "get in to THE 1% club"
29Unstoppable: Bitcoin mining difficulty rises for the seventh time in a row
30Get your credit card points in Bitcoin: Mastercard to integrate crypto into its platforms
31PlanB Predicts a Hyperbolic, Supercycle Scenario for Bitcoin After the 2024 Halving (short audio clip with Preston Pysh)
32Biden Expected to Nominate Wall Street Critic as Top Banking Regulator
33We’re should I buy larger amounts of Bitcoin? Is Kraken a good choice? Of course I will get an offline wallet.
34Bitcoin vs Ethereum?
3559K BTC Transferred worth more than $3.7B!!!!!!!!
36Keynes' Con or Keys and Coins. Your choice.
37Op-Ed: The First Bitcoin ETF Is Already in Danger. Here’s Why
38THAT argument to counter the argument that gold has a value because of its use for jewelery…any suggestions?
39Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott in Bitcoin
40Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is right to scare everyone about hyperinflation: Morning Brief
41Why 200,000 US Financial Advisors Could Soon be Recommending Bitcoin (Opinion)
42Waiting for my house to sell to buy some coins
43Did you know there's another Bitcoin Beach? We visited Jeri, Brazil to get the scoop. Meet the man making it happen.
44Accepting bitcoin for my business
45What a process it has been..
46List of 590+ demonetized fiat currencies with over half failing due to either hyperinflation or war. This is why we Bitcoin.
47Unconfirmed Transaction for 4 years
48Basic Lightning Network Question
49There are only three maintainers left for Bitcoin Core, does its development tend to centralize?
50Mine without downloading any programs