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1Daily Discussion, August 09, 2022
2Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!
3The Companies Banking the Most on Bitcoin
4Few understand... how to read
5I make Laser Engraved Posters and thought you guys would like this!
6"Moving Billions of Dollars of Value over the Internet" Starter Pack
7Kraken released an analysis of PoW vs. PoS - Results are fascinating and proves why Bitcoin PoW is king.
8Bitcoin fixes this | INFLATION HELL: US Fed Created 50% More Money Out Of Thin Air In 2 Years Than Ever Existed In The Previous 256 Years
9Bitcoin Mining Now Uses 10.9% More Renewables, Goes Unreported
10Half price Haircuts for Bitcoin in Melbourne Australia
11Just received my Tapsigner. Excited!
12One of the three stock 3d files on Ender 3 is a printed Bitcoin.
13Iran makes the first import order using cryptos
14Iran used unspecified crypto for trade. Iran is a sizeable bitcoin mining country.
15Channel4 documentary on Bitcoin
16Buy mix and store Bitcoin without KYC - I made a full tutorial using Robosats, Sparrow Whirlpool and Coldcard. Hope this is helpful.
17Inflation Reduction Act should be called Bitcoin Adoption Act
18Nayib Bukele Credits Bitcoin, Surf And Crime Reduction For El Salvador's Tourism Rebound
19Any system that integrates with Bitcoin can benefit from its security, decentralization, solid monetary policy, and a mot more.
20Looking to run a Bitcoin node
21Tuesday Tutorial | Airgapped Bitcoin Transactions With The COLDCARD Wallet Made By Coinkite | Featuring BTC Sessions
22Just another node...
23German Bitcoin Bank Nuri ex Bitwala files for bancrupcy.
24Even the ECB Cannot Deny the Obvious: Bitcoin Is the Holy Grail of Cross-Border Payments. Obviously, you have to know how to read between the lines.
25100% Saylor - Michael Saylor Best Moments
26Iran Places First Crypto-Funded Import Order, Worth $10M: Report
27I have been DCAing so hard i to Bitcoin during the downtrend that I'm in green again.
28Governments will try to control Bitcoin, and they will fail.
29Greg Foss: "Do your own research. Dont believe the FUD. If you own zero bitcoin you are taking far more risk. What is the proper number of bitcoin to own is for you to determine, but it is not zero. Zero is the wrong answer."
30A look at the lightning network (Lyn Alden)
31I asked AI to show me peasants fighting over the last Bitcoin.
32Lightning Network capacity just made a new ALL-TIME high at 4,469K
33Run a node
34A Progressive Case for BTC: BTC ends the climate emergency. BTC accelerates green energy adoption. BTC ends egregious inequality caused by money printing. BTC creates efficiencies that benefit consumers. BTC reduces corruption. BTC spreads liberty, light and love. BTC gives The People economic power
35Bitcoin's safety and Quantum Computing
36Did our Government study Economics?
37Decentralizing Global FX With Taro: How Bitcoin Renders "Cross-Border" Payments Obsolete 🍠💱
38Have you put in a 50 hours of bitcoin research?
39What are the arguments against ASIC resistance?
40SCAM alert
41what if we powered every miner with one of these beauties? July 14, 2022 at 03:51PM
42Cryptocurrency ATMs installed globally have crossed 39,000 mark
43The future of mining!
44Channel 4 Bitcoin Documentary on Tonight at 10pm
45From "I've never met anyone that's owned bitcoin before" to "I'll go home and read about what Bitcoin is."
46Vespene Energy Closes $4.3 Million Funding Round to Pioneer Carbon-Negative Bitcoin Mining Using Captured Landfill Methane
47Strike Deposit Error
48How do I open a old wallet.dat file with Bitcoin Core on a new machine
49Portafolio Crypto
50Nuri - ex Bitwala - filed for insolvency today (funds are safe)