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1Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!
2Daily Discussion, July 27, 2021
4The most cyberpunk thing you'll see this year—Bitcoin mining machines recycling gas that would otherwise be vented into right the atmosphere.
5America´s Finances
6#Bitcoin didn’t pump because of the Amazon “news” from some random website. Bitcoin pumped due to shorts getting liquidated. Don’t let the FUD in.
7Gold is up less than 10% in 10 years, even failing to keep up with inflation whereas Bitcoin is up almost 120,000%. Bitcoin is not digital gold, it's better.
87 days ago.... JUST SEVEN DAYS - The FUD was in FULL effect when Bitcoin hit just under $29,900. Don't fall for their FUD games.
9Kazakhstan Expand Its Bitcoin Mining to Global Market And Enable Users To Open Bank Accounts for Cryptocurrency
10Asked HR for paychecks in Bitcoin…word got around the office and people thought it was a funny joke. Let’s see how this ages with time…
11Elon Musk's Tesla Holds Its $1.3B Bitcoin Position in Q2
12This made me laugh
13Amazon denies report of accepting bitcoin as payment
14Bank of America approves Bitcoin Futures
15My mom sold all her Bitcoin
16PayPal to block transactions that fund hate. I can see them starting with Syrian terrorists, and then Proud Boys, Climate change deniers, Anti Vaxers, then Flat Earthers, and then reporters like Snowden and Assange, and then YOU. #Bitcoin is UNCENSORABLE and solves this.
17Whether They Like It Or Not, Banks Are Becoming Bitcoin Banks
18Satoshi's Bitcoins: A Thriller
19Bitcoin this week
20200k Bitcoin moved in a single block earlier today
21Are you all seeing what I am seeing?
22Segwit adoption 75%!! ATH <3 <3 <3 transactions in the last 2 days has been 2sats/byte
23"The sooner people realize that hedge funds are using leverage in crypto markets to pump and dump in order to raise capital for their losses in other markets, the better off we’ll be." - Can someone please explain what this means in the simplest terms?
24Scammers have no soul!
25Top 10 Reasons That Will Drive the Bitcoin Price to $100K in the Coming Months. Sorry Bears, the Bull Market is far from over.
26BTC news
27BitCoin Changed my Life
28Cool to hear today that Blockstream is working on CoinJoin software. I'd say let a thousand flowers bloom when it comes to fixing tainted coins and there are too few companies out there creating easy to use frameworks for people to bring their coins to for evading chain analysis
29Some investors are banking on a Bitcoin IRA instead of social security
30Every Wednesday there is a hosted Bitcoin Core Pull Request Review Club on IRC. All welcome to join. Tomorrow's topic: PR22155 - Wallet test: Add test for subtract fee from recipient behavior (tests, wallet)
31United States is Leading with 48 Bitcoin ATM installations everyday.
32Who is a 2021 HODLER?
33If you are still here tonight HODLing after buying near ATH's, and all the shit we've been through in the last 2 months, you are now one tough son of a bitch with balls being carried around in a wheelbarrow. Enjoy this moment and don't forget. "This is the Way"
34What’s the best way to get started in Bitcoin? Any advice for a rookie I’m open to learning new things… Thanks in advance
35Polyteck is now accepting cryptocurrency payments
36United States: 13% of investors under 50 hold Bitcoin (BTC)
37Amazon’s Entry Into Bitcoin Would Have Greater Consequences Than PayPal’s Entry in October 2020. This would also serve as a catalyst for the second wind that the Bull Market is currently expecting.
38Shorting Bitcoin is immoral
39Goldman Sachs Selling a "Shitty Deal" to Their Clients - April 16, 2010 (2008 Financial Crisis)
40⚡⚡⚡Lightning Network capacity hits 2K BTC⚡⚡⚡
41Asking friends who don't know much about BTC, about BTC 🤣🤣🤣🤣
42Independent Reserve Survey, 58% Singaporeans own Bitcoin and see it as the future of money.
43Don't bet against bitcoin EVER!
44“Everything we do has an environmental cost. Bitcoin has a net benefit”- Adrian Grenier
45Breakdown Of Late July’s Bitcoin Bull Run
46Keep your head on your shoulders
48$36 million PER DAY?!
49Bititcoin logo on top of India vs Srilanka cricket tournament trophy.
50Live footage of bitcoin vs. short sellers.