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1Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!
2Daily Discussion, January 29, 2022
3Portnoy in
4UK is going crypto. If you can't beat it join them
5A bill introduced in Arizona to make Bitcoin legal tender!
6Apparently my Papa John's is THE Papa John's?
7Food for thought
8It’s taken me 1 year to aquire .33 BTC, AMA
9I was there, boy, through all the crashes and new all time highs.
10Reached 1 million Satoshis.
11Bitcoin is the life boat. Don't miss it.
12Bill Maher continues with anti crypto monologues. "People in metaverse are jumping off virtual buildings "
13Bitcoin sub mods won’t allow negative posts about Bitcoin. I posted a very unbiased perspective on Bitcoin and it was removed because it “related to trading”. So pretty much this entire sub is biased. Sucks, I had hope.
14I dont get the whole, bitcoin is the future of money.
15Extreme Fear on Bitcoin
16Can you resist the temptation to sell ?
17Arizona has introduced a bill to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender
18My Mt Gox yubi key from 2012. Does anyone else have any other relics from the past?
19US Gov't is about to invest in bitcoin. Putin just "directed the Central Bank of Russia not to neglect the advantages of Bitcoin mining." Biden's executive order of national security is not to regulate bitcoin. It's to buy bitcoin in the name of national security. My source is my ass.
20ATTN: Despite BTC supply on exchanges hitting all time lows, BTC was still being dumped through Wrapped bitcoin tokens being minted in the thousands at a time and moved to exchanges.
21Yeah fuck you
22Arizona State Senator Introduces Bill To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender.
23Bill to make Bitcion legal tender in Arizona
24Belgian member of parliament to convert entire 2022 salary into Bitcoin! Bitcoin mass adoption is increasing!
25Went to the bank last week to take out cash so I could move it to another account and buy the dip...
26Questions about taxes and bitcoin
27Psst! Looking for that good hopium?
28Look at this clown
29Montana businessmen building $1.9B crypto-mining center in North Dakota
30Bitcoin HODLers waiting for the Biden Administration’s executive order
31Worst case scenario Biden permanently bans crypto and shuts down all CEX. What do you do next?
32Max Keiser explains Bitcoin to Peter Schiff in 2017
3330,000 Bitcoin holders lost their millionaire status
34Bitcoin White Paper
35Is technical analysis useless for all coins except for bitcoin because they follow bitcoin no matter what? Asking for a friend.
36Trezor does and about turn on their decision on AOPP "We will remove AOPP in our next Trezor Suite update in February. "
37Arizona possibly making Bitcoin legal tender
38TIL FTX exchange's creator, Sam Bankman-Fried is going to give the 22 billion he earned from Bitcoin to charity over the course of decades.
39Bitcoin A Visual History - Should you buy at the top?
40Convert Solar to Crypto/Research - A Heating that pays you !
41For those worried about the constitution stating that States can't mint their own currency. Well, exactly. The constitution only states that they can't mint their own currency, not that they can't name their own currency.
42If I move my dads Bitcoin holdings onto my hardware wallet does that have any tax implications or hidden annoyances down the line ?
43Question to the Bitcoiners from Venezuela.
44USA- Crypto to Fund Political Campaigns
45Bitcoin legal tender in Arizona?
46Number of Active Bitcoin Addresses as quoted by Glassnode
47"Bitcoin clearly got caught in the liquidity storm that is now sweeping the more-speculative side of the stock market. But unlike non-profitable tech stocks, Bitcoin has a fundamental underpinning that will likely get more compelling over time" -Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity’s director of Global Macro
48Joined full node gang, funds are safu
49Game Theory in Action – The Example of Vladimir Putin’s Russia With Bitcoin. Rather than a ban, Putin has approved a roadmap for the regulation of Bitcoin.
50Arizona Considers Making Bitcoin Legal Tender - CryptoPanic