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1Daily Discussion, May 28, 2022
2CBDC = Prisoner without prison
3Been busy today.
4By 2030 no one will talk about how many bitcoin you have, it will just be how many satoshis you have. It will not be a crypto with 21 million bitcoin but a crypto with 2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshis.
5Bitcoin is not a hedge against inflation. It's a hedge against central banking as a whole.
684% Of Americans Do Not Believe That Bitcoin Investments Are Harmful To The Environment
7A poster for bitcoin
8Renowned Bitcoin investor Michael Saylor promoting the digital currency on national news: "I'll be buying at the top, forever. Bitcoin is an instrument of economic empowerment. I'm not trying to time the market."
9Former finance minister of Greece says Bitcoin replacing fiat money would be ‘a nightmare’
11Seifadean’s response for what would be the reason that Bitcoin fails.
12Tor update 0.4.7—the first stable version of Tor with support for congestion control—finally after years of work. Effects on the Bitcoin network layers.
13Too many individuals, hedge funds, politicans and investors still conflate bitcoin with an investment.
14JPMorgan Chase Says Bitcoin Currently UNDERVALUED By 28% - As they REPLACE Real Estate with Crypto on 'Preferred Assets' List...
15Cold Storage
16Those psychopaths with private jets will use CBDC to track your "carbon footprint" in other words EVERYTHING YOU DO.
17Appeasing Michael Saylor - Bitcoin Singularity
18Browsing through this sub today and seeing the discussions regarding Bitcoin I feel this needs to be posted again.
19How to not trust and verify certain things when I'm dumb?
20Planet Earth is backed by a single energy source.
21Central bank fully demonetized gold 1971 but kept accumulating it. Now they are saying Bitcoin has no value while US government already owns some BTC.
22Brandon Quittem: Bitcoin and The Rythms of History (greatest piece to date)
23#Bitcoin ATM installed at the International Airport in Slovakia
24There is no reason that all Bitcoin mining cannot be carbon zero! It's time to push back against the notion that bitcoin mining is bad for the environment
25Matresses on sale in Mexico
26Best Bitcoin podcast to recommend to a curious mind?
27Any doubts??
28How to buy bitcoin with cash in Malaysia?
29MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Talks About Bitcoin On Tucker Carlson Tonight
30Your Bitcoin Anniversary
31Where is the bottom of the market (2022)?
32Crypto exchange related
33NY Assemblyman Clyde Vanel passed a bill that will require Cryptocurrency advertisers to disclose how much they own in what they advertise
34Where is the Bottom of the market (2022)?
35Asking professionals why they bought bitcoin. This is more of a thought experiment. Assuming the pie-chart of answers is accurate, what does this say about how far we've come?
36need advice
37whats the best apps for buying and sending bitcoin instantly?
38The Bitcoin car is back at the Indy 500 this Sunday!
39is there an exchange that allows you to buy crypto with bank and send immediately?
40Michael Saylor Explains Why Bitcoin Is the Solution to Giveaway Scams on YouTube & Twitter (3-minute listen)
41is there an app similar to strike with higher limits?
42Site with short random hash seed
43Which California Governor candidate is most pro bitcoin?
45Lagarde spreading LOVE
46What gives Bitcoin in 2022 more value (fundamentally) than Bitcoin in 2019 (10k per Bitcoin?
47Chaos in Copenhagen as danish bitcoin billionaire is promoting his new bar by throwing cash to random people
48The last Bitcoin transaction
50Bitcoin is the only Economic instrument that allows the population to share equally in the wealth of the world