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1Weekly General Discussion - October 25, 2021
2To all MATIC supporters… thanks for HODLing
3How can you buy cryptos like shiba inu coin right when they are created? Crypto exchanges like coinbase and binance did not have shiba inu coin available until later on. Help me understand!
4Mastercard partners with Bakkt, to offer customers ‘ability to buy, sell, hold crypto’
5For those who are still hesitating to take action - Why buying Bitcoin is a no-brainer when inflation will continue to hurt your wealth in the months and years to come
6Questions on how rug pull scam coins work?
7Hi! Noob.. brave enough to post, though.. wondering about day trading potential.
8Back Again: Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Bought $37 Million in BTC
9Solana Rises 10%, Overtaking XRP
10Grayscale Litecoin Trust Steps Closer to an ETF
11Lol you know what they mean “because people (and the Ethereum Community in particular) love rainbows.”
12Mastercard Integrates With Bakkt, Merchants Will Be Able To Offer Crypto Services
13If we want to make the world a safer place, we need to start accepting cryptocurrency in all its forms. Now.
14Are governments ever gonna trust crypto?
15Are there real dangers in staking your coins?
16How to consistently make returns from the Crypto market! : I analyzed ~2,000 cryptocurrencies over the past 8 years to create an effective DCA strategy for the crypto market
17Cosmos Now Supported By BTCS Blockchain Infrastructure Operations
18Why Coinbase Lend Really Was Security Issuance
19Bitcoin Market vs. Others Markets — Why Bitcoin’s Growth Potential Remains Phenomenal. What Bitcoin has accomplished since its inception is nothing compared to what lies ahead for the future.
20How EX Sports NFTs Are Changing The Game for Niche Athletes
21Layer 0 - The real reason why Dominik Schiener (Co-founder IOTA Foundation) said “IOTA is NOT an Ethereum killer”
22Polymarket Under CTFC Probe for High Profile Crypto Bets
23Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Ride the Elon Musk Hype Cycle
24Bitcoin Hits New ATH at $66.9K Before Correcting — Don’t Panic, That’s Great. Sideways consolidation is a good thing before restarting the rise towards $100K.
25Comparing the supply/demand/price of DOGE/SHIB
26The Real Opportunity for Bitcoin and Crypto Will Come From This Group of Investors, Says Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary
27Grow crypto tax free, borrow agsinst assets
28Elon Musk Discusses Important Dogecoin Improvements, Confirms No Investment in Shiba Inu – Bitcoin News
29In Argentina, several businesses accept payments in BTC, DOGE, other cryptos
30Colombia Following El Salvador as Crypto ATMs Continue to Thrive
31I want to switch from Robinhood to a more reputable crypto exchange. Any help?
32What happens when quantum computing goes fully online? and are there fail safes?
33I'm so sorry for so many questions. I'm kinda new, but not dumb. Just need some help.
34How many wallets do you recommend having?
35Australian Senators want Country to be a Major Crypto Hub
36Tala Joins the Stellar Ecosystem to Build Out Digital Banking Capabilities - SDF Blog
37Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World
38Where to see new coin listing announcements for Coinbase?
39My new job pays in Bitcoin, and I've decided to start diversifying. From now on, 20% of my paychecks will be going towards these coins. To each their own moon, boiz.
40Traded on exchanges before... but want to move onto the "right reasons" for hodling crypto.
41System for trading in hype coins?
42I'm new to the community( can't just ask simple questions on other subs) and i don't wanna break the rules. Can i ask opinions on wallets?
43What are all the different methods of selling your coins?
44The Transmission Is Coming: An Interactive NFT Mystery Game On Tezos
45Blockchain use cases go so much deeper than financial contracts and activity, with data management, charities, food delivery companies, and even vineyards taking their businesses onto the blockchain. The fact is that the use cases of the blockchain are as broad as the human mind can conceive.
46Am I reinvesting my profits back into my portfolio correctly?
47Spanish Banks Anxiously Waiting For Central Bank Approval To Work With Cryptocurrencies
48IOTA launch groundbreaking smart contracts beta with zero fees and near limitless scalability
49Is Gemini wallet worth using? Or Uphold wallet?
50Cardano: robust, resilient – and flexible.