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1Weekly General Discussion - July 27, 2021
2Whether They Like It Or Not, Banks Are Becoming Bitcoin Banks
3Coinbase: Bitcoin ETF Approval 'Only a Matter of Time'
4here you go guys - I have open sourced a script that I created in order to track paper trading performance for my trading algorithms
5The B Word - Highlight Recap w/ Elon Musk, Cathie Wood & Jack Dorsey
6Solana-based stablecoin exchange Saber Labs raises $7.7m
7Amp and Flexa Network will be the future. A quick 101 for those that have not hopped on the train.
8Amazon To Launch Its Native Token And Plan To Accept Bitcoin As As Payment Method Along With Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, And Cardano
9U.S. Department Of Justice To Probe Whether Tether Executives Committed Banking Fraud
10Morningstar Strategist Expect Cardano To Become A Mainstream Crypto Like Bitcoin And Ethereum
11Kazakhstan Expand Its Bitcoin Mining to Global Market And Enable Users To Open Bank Accounts for Cryptocurrency
12The B Word - Highlight Recap w/ Elon Musk, Cathie Wood & Jack Dorsey
13First teaser of Starlink NFT Metaverse Explorer - $STARL is the governance token
14Reports say Amazon to create its own digital token and accept BTC payments in numerous currencies
15Has anyone tried portfolio rebalancing for their portfolio?
16How do crypto projects and markets counter whales? I feel like they're straight up taking over the market at this point. What can we do to stop them and the rampant scamming?
17Dogecoin Shines as Bitcoin, Ethereum Prices Recover From Summer Slump
18Decentralized finance is the definition of “giving back power to the people”
19Top DeFi Tokens Surge as Bitcoin Takes Aim at $40,000
20Amazon Job Posting Hints at Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency
21Family 'Loses Access' to $6,900,000 Worth of ETH, Says They Never Received Wallet File From Ethereum Foundation
22Ethereum Hits 3-Week High as Crypto Markets Rebound
23Valuart To Auction ‘Spike’ NFT By Banksy As Platform’s First Digital Original Goes Live
24Shopify Now Supports NFT Sales, Starting With Chicago Bulls
25Amazon, with $386 Billion in Net Sales in 2020, to Accept Bitcoin Payments - The Tokenist
26Tesla Takes $23 Million Q2 Impairment From Bitcoin
27'Epic' Short Squeeze: Why the Price of Bitcoin Is Surging
28What other blockchains would you like to see on Alliance Bridge?
29Tesla Takes $23 Million Q2 Impairment From Bitcoin
30Crypto News: Song Bird token flying near + The B Word
31Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin Joins Cast Of A New Animated Show “Stoner Cats” And Will Be Paid In ETH
32Amazon ‘definitely’ lining up Bitcoin payments and token, confirms insider
33Any advice/strategies on finding undiscovered crypto projects?
34Does anyone know the reason why the acceptance of crypto as a donation on the internet is not widespread?
35What Can A Single Bitcoin Buy In 2026? Here's Our Best Guess
36Britcoin: Rishi Sunak reveals further details about UK CBDC
37What is BSCSCAN? Learn what it can do? Learn how to build products by practicing with our free projects on
38Can the law of marine salvage be applied to crypto? A law of crypto salvage that weakens the incentive to steal and benefits the community as a whole.
39[OC] Top 15 Cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization - 2013/2021
40What Is Staking Crypto - How Does Staking Work (Guide)
41Crypto isn’t as “decentralized” as we’d like to think.
42Is $USDT a ponzi scheme ? And if so, how will it affect the crypto economy?
43As Altcoin Are Recovering Lets Look At Top Altcoin To Follow This Week
44TezAsia Hackathon Invites Builders To Create A Greener Future
45In your opinion, are crypto credit cards good or bad ?
46The Bankless BED NFT (gif) for the launch of the BED Index
47Bitcoin Hit $39,000, Adding $114 Billion to the Crypto Market
48Financial institutions have been laughing at us for too long. "CRYPTO IS USELESS". Who's Useless Now ?
49TikTok bans crypto - the promotion of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin on it’s platform