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1Weekly General Discussion - January 24, 2022
2Antique roadshow NFT Credit: Sean Burke
3FriesDAO Wants to Start a Crypto-Crowdfunded Fast-Food Franchise
4Another DeFi Platform Hacked. Qubit Lost $80 Million To Hackers
5The Total Ethereum Whales Holding Now Surpassed Whopping 2 Billion USD For Shiba Inu
6Arizona Bill Aims to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender
7Crypto Relief India has decided to move $100 Million USDC Back to Vitalik Buterin Wallet with the Intention to Accelerate Relief Efforts in India
8I'm looking for a beginner friendly portfolio
9Are people actually hyped about NFTs or is it just noise?
10Game Theory in Action – The Example of Vladimir Putin’s Russia With Bitcoin. Rather than a ban, Putin has approved a roadmap for the regulation of Bitcoin.
11What is the cheapest way to turn crypto into cash?
12Some Major Thing Coming For SHIB, Shiba Inu Team Teases: 'Something Is Cooking, Will You Be Ready'
13Upland Metaverse Expands Into California Opens Los Angeles City
14Ripple Supporters May Wait Until Next Year Before SEC Lawsuit Will End
15Don’t get lured by high APYs. Always remember, if its too good to be true it most probably is
16Crypto 101: Here are 10 cryptocurrency terms people use every day from blockchain to NFT
17Bradenton Hot Dog Restaurant Embraces Dogecoin As Payment
18After Taking Salary In Bitcoin, U.S NFL Star Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ) Is Losing 61% of His Income
19GloBabies – A OneOf NFT Series With Added Commercial Rights By Chief Keef And ColourfulMula Drops On Rarible This Friday
20After Putin Flips On Crypto Stance, Russian Central Bank Trials Digital Ruble With 12 Institutions
21Why are smaller exchanges always better than the giants like Binance or Coinbase?
22I don‘t get what us interest rates should do to crypto
23Stellar Lumens to add smart contracts, partners with MoneyGram to expand ecosystem
24People who yolo’d in shitcoins rather than investing in meaningful project. How did that turn out?
25Valkyrie Is Digging For Bitcoin Mining ETF
26SkillZ Joins The Tezos Ecosystem As A Corporate Baker Using The Scaleway Cloud
27Scaramucci's SkyBridge to launch new crypto fund
28Russian President, Vladimir Putin Came Forward To Support Crypto, Said Russia Has Competitive Advantages In Bitcoin Mining
29Bitcoin Slumps 4.5% Ending Three-Day Winning Streak After First U.S Federal Reserve 2022 Meeting
30The IMF's behavior towards El Salvador only further justifies the very existence and absolute necessity of Bitcoin for the world
31BTC Market Correction Imminent?
32Crypto trading squawk / news box service for crypto traders?
33IMF Again Call El Salvador To Immediately Restrict Use Of Bitcoin As Legal Tender
34Crypto is not experiencing a crash!
35Good free Secure crypto wallet
36The Future Of Corporate Governance: ACCESS Will Use Tezos-Based E-Voting Solution For Their 2022 Election
37Coinshares Launches The First Physically- Backed Exchange Traded Product (ETP) Providing Exposure To Tezos
38Research Theory: Ethereum would crash to just $95 on a global crypto ban, making it near-worthless
39Cybercriminals laundered $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021
40“The national average APY on savings accounts is just 0.07%, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation” - CNBC
41Is Bitcoin bad as currency since more and more Bitcoin is unavailable over time?
42Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Predicts Bitcoin Could Exceed $1M by 2030
43Dr Phil episode on Crypto & NFTs airing today
44On Why Not Selling Is So Hard – HODLing Bitcoin Is the Best Strategy, but Also the Hardest One. You need to learn to get past your emotions and focus on the fundamentals of Bitcoin.
457 Things You Should Know About the Biden Administration's Upcoming Crypto Executive Order
46Invest early in oracles. They’re the future of this market.
47Hollywood Legend Michael Douglas To Give Bitcoin Awards For The First Time In Meihodo International Media Festival
48Cathie Wood, Ark Invest Report Predicts Bitcoin Price Can Reach $1 Million, While Ethereum May Exceed $160K by 2030
49Street Signals Point To Potential End Of Satoshi Sale As Bitcoin And Ethereum Close Out Monday With Significant Gains
50Indonesia regulator says financial firms banned from facilitating crypto sales