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1Weekly Discussion Megathread - August 7, 2022 (GMT+0)
2Iran Uses Cryptocurrency for Foreign Trade in Historic First
3A lot of DAOs are now using ETH as their main source of backup in their treasury. This might be the most bullish thing for decentralization
4July CPI Releases Tomorrow, could be big for the Markets
5Vitalik Buterin Speaks Up on Tornado Cash Saga
6Ukraine's Trading Volume Remains Strong Despite Crypto Ban
7Iran Places First Crypto-Funded Import Order, Worth $10M: Report
8Biden's talks about Bitcoin
9Even the ECB Cannot Deny the Obvious: Bitcoin Is the Holy Grail of Cross-Border Payments. Obviously, you have to know how to read between the lines.
10The current reward system in the crypto market won't help with some projects' value.
11The Evidence Pointing to Hal Finney Helping Nick Szabo Create Bitcoin
12Bitcoin and Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Exceeds $1,800 for the Second Time in Two Months.
13Binance locks out users in Turkey without explanation showing how crypto is not what it used to be
14The Fed's Plan to Create a Digital Dollar Is Met With Hostility. 71% of commenters on Fed's January 2022 study say NO.
15How to Invest in Crypto Tech Royalties
16What’s the niched to frontline the next bullrun? Will IoT and interoperability solutions take the center stage?
17Celsius Network collapse probed by Canadian authorities, say sources
18Vitalik Buterin Admits Using the U.S.-Sanctioned Tornado Cash to Donate to Ukraine
19Iran Makes First Crypto-Based Import Order Worth $10 Million
20Don’t get fooled by memecoin success stories. Only a small number of people were lucky enough to exit in time. The vast majority of investors always get f#*ked
21FTX Partners Reddit to Enable Redditors to Utilize Their Community Points for On-Chain Transactions
22Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says buying land in the metaverse is the "dumbest shit ever." Do you agree?
23DeFi is growing, however there are some concerns as to whether regulation is necessary and, if so, how it would affect the future DeFi industry.
24Australia's Central Bank to Explore Use Cases for CBDC
25Coinscan v2
26Gabe Frank discusses NFT permanence and how golf relates to web3
27Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Buys 36MW Facility and 3,400 Machines in Georgia for $25.1M
28Will Bitcoin(BTC) Price Surge Above $24K?
29Reddit Expands Community Points Offering With FTX Pay Integration
30SUZUME - a new project Breaks 4 MILLION $ Market Cap
31What Is Opensea and How Does It Work?
32It looks like TONE the food tested a bottom many times
33AllianceBlock Fundrs is Live on Avalanche Mainnet!
34BitMEX Employee Pleads Guilty to Violating Anti-Money Laundering/KYC Rules
35PlanB Drops Pearls of Wisdom: How to be a Millionaire
36Morgan Stanley: "It is hard to say whether the [crypto] bear market is over or that there is more to come."
37Binance to stop off-chain transfers for WazirX
38Bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network drops plan to rehire their CFO and pay $92K a month
39SUN for Beginners: Infographic by ChangeHero
40Polygon cofounder says bear market is an opportunity for blockchain builders
41NEXT, Polkadot, Solana, Polygon, BSC chains comparision
42Chinese Cyberspace Regulator Closes 100+ Websites That Advocate Crypto
43Coin Center statement on Tornado Cash: U.S. Treasury sanction of privacy tools places sweeping restrictions on all Americans. Sanctioned Tornado Cash smart contract is a tool, not a person.
44What could cause the markets to dump again?
45SUN for Beginners: Infographic by ChangeHero
46High-End Fashion Giant Gucci Now Accepts ApeCoin (APE)
47Crypto Lender Hodlnaut Freezes Withdrawals Due to Market Conditions
48A provably fair dApp gambling platform that has automated transactions executed by its smart contracts and is recorded on-chain for transparency. Moreover, has integrated Chainlink's VRF Oracles to achieve a tamper-resistant outcome and is fully decentralized while offering non-custodial accounts.
49Crypto trading 101: What are Moving Averages (MA)
50The U.S. Adds Tornado Cash to its List of Cyber-Related Sanctions