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1Weekly Discussion Megathread - October 24, 2021 (GMT+0)
2People shouldn't pay taxes on crypto gains
3I might get downvoted into oblivion for this, but I think investing everything you have into crypto is not the best investment strategy.
4TradeStrike Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds for High-Quality Benchmarks in the TradeLite DEX…
5Which is your favorite MEME coin ?
6I Created a Model For Risk Assessment and Am Opening the Tradingview Script to Anyone Interested
7The need for decentralized exchanges in increasing. And individuals are convinced more than ever.
8How has Polygon (MATIC) been affected since the project’s rebranding and especially last week?
9learn about Defina in Binancechain AMA
10Learn about DEFINA in Binancechain AMA
11Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott in Crypto
12NEAR Protocol Offers $800M in Grants in Bid for DeFi Mindshare
13If you had $100,000 to diversify into crypto what coins would you choose?
14NFTs as collateral: why it’s important for crypto lending
15Facebook Whistleblower Bought ‘Crypto at the Right Time’ and ‘Fine for the Foreseeable Future’
16Mastercard Integrates With Bakkt, Merchants Will Be Able To Offer Crypto Services
17Cross-Chain DEX Hashbon Rocket Supports Transfer of Tokens Across Multiple Blockchains
18Bitcoin Market vs. Others Markets — Why Bitcoin’s Growth Potential Remains Phenomenal. What Bitcoin has accomplished since its inception is nothing compared to what lies ahead for the future.
19TVL Across All Chains Hits All-time High, SOL and Link Outperform: Markets Wrap blockworks
20No substrate token?
21Staking derivatives?
22Which crypto to invest in RIGHT NOW?
23Fantom FTM All Time Highs! Price Prediction Targets
24I hope I didn’t fuck up.
25Why Token Economics is different from Economics 101
26Am I buying shit coins?
27HUGE MASTERCARD CRYPTO NEWS - BlockFi & Neuberger Berman - $47B Teacher's Credit Union Buys Bitcoin
28Ethereum competitor Near launches $800M developer fund | Bitcoin News 26/10/21
29Sifchain launched a big trading competition!
30About taxes
31Nvidia Gets a Price Target Boost. Bitcoin’s Impact on Gaming May Be Ending
32Cosmos Now Supported By BTCS Blockchain Infrastructure Operations
33I’ve been recently looking more into some projects that aren’t on mainstream exchanges. Anyone have a list of reputable sources to buy tokens early on? (US)
34There should always be a back up for you seed phrase in case something bad happens to you suddenly
35New ATH
36A possible Megatrend is coming with DeFi 2.0 — here are top 5 projects you should consider
37China is thinking about unbanning bitcoin mining after price rise and started a new research
38Bitcoin Hits New ATH at $66.9K Before Correcting — Don’t Panic, That’s Great. Sideways consolidation is a good thing before restarting the rise towards $100K.
39SHIB plummets 20% as Elon Musk reveals he owns none | Bitcoin News 25/10/21
40Is Trust Wallet Safe? Where to store your crypto & NFTs...
41Qtum Price Analysis: QTUM Coin Holds Above EMA-55 Solidly
42Top 3 Avalanche DeFi Projects - DEX, Yield Farm on Avalanche AVAX Blockchain
43Bismuth PoS Side-chain Payouts
44It is WILD to me how many of my friends STILL have ZEEEERO clue whats going on in crypto! I made this short explainer on how we got from Barter to Crypto.. Would love some feedback!
45I live in new york but want to trade crypto.
46Polymesh: A Blockchain for Securities
47How-to: connecting to ETH node with GetBlock
48Exploring the Crypto Markets: An L1 chain announced another round of grants
49It’s happening again!!!! Let’s gooooo!
50Trading Patterns Indicate Polkadot Breakout Soon - Analysis