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1Weekly Discussion Megathread - July 25, 2021 (GMT+0)
2Trading itself is very complex, even when it comes to traditional finance. In the crypto sector, this complexity is significantly higher, as the sector is still young and very volatile. Take your time, it can take months and even years of educating and experimenting
3TIL that although you pay taxes on the money you put into a Bitcoin IRA, the investment earnings in the account are tax-free
4Tips to Secure Your Cryptocurrencies
53D Printer
6It's time to go to the moon.
7Some investors are banking on a Bitcoin IRA instead of social security
8The income you generate from Crypto trading or investing is taxable. The rules can be tricky to understand. Here are the main rules for U.S residents.
9Tether executives to face criminal probe in bank fraud
11Kazakhstan Expand Its Bitcoin Mining to Global Market And Enable Users To Open Bank Accounts for Cryptocurrency
12I am overall bullish on Bitcoin. HOWEVER, know that with this run up - volume is Low, it is based on Amazon rumours, unable to break past 40k. Bears have been rekt but don’t be quick in taking long positions. This is just a short squeeze. Trade safely my friends!
13Tesla Reveals Bitcoin Holdings Worth $1.3 Billion in Q2, $23 Million BTC Impairment
14Gemini vs BlockFi – Interest Rates Compared
15Solana Will Hit $50 in 2021 | Here is Why?
16Why You Need 5 Ethereum Today! Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction
17Q2 cryptocurrency market analysis from BR Capital
18OKEx Futures Trading 2021: Is Trading on Leverage Safe?
19Solana Forecast: The next big thing?
206 Best Hardware Wallet 2021 | Top Crypto Hardware Wallets [Updated]
21Hold Tight Everyone
22OKEx Futures Trading 2021: Is Trading on Leverage Safe?
23Exchange fees are getting out of hand.
24Bitcoin Pumps To $40K - Goldman Sachs DeFi ETF - Amazon Crypto Update
254 stablecoin lending platforms, 3 cryptos I am accumulating, and 2 moonshots
26Bitcoin and the Mayer Multiple (Market signs of Reversal)
27Singapore: Survey Shows Majority of Young People Own Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Other Cryptos
28Would you be surprised?
29What's Next for Bitcoin After White-Hot Monday?
30Ripple Price Roars above a 60-day Resistance Line as XRP/USD Bulls Target $1
31ETH making into the big time. His explanation of 1559 is wrong, but an A for effort!
32The B Word - Highlight Recap w/ Elon Musk, Cathie Wood & Jack Dorsey
33Analisis del Mercado Cripto - BTC, BNB, ADA, DOT, ETH, SOL, ELROND, LINK...
34Top 10 Reasons That Will Drive the Bitcoin Price to $100K in the Coming Months. Sorry Bears, the Bull Market is far from over.
35Amazon rumours lead to $1 billion in crypto 'shorts' getting liquidated
36Short-selling crypto pairs?
37Ethereum looks more attractive to crypto traders than Bitcoin in the current recovery
38What Is PMM? (DODO) | Econteric. com
39Made a quick market cap calculator for crypto
41Amazon To Integrate Bitcoin Payments And Launch Its Own Token By 2022, Insider Confirms
42UNN's CEO on the fact that their 'whale' investors were first to dump their token: 'It's well documented, and it's clear manipulation'. Don't trust whales, don't trust capital firms!
43In my opinion: Crypto credit cards will be the tool to help crypto break into the mainstream market.
44Amazon to accept Bitcoin as payment by the end of 2021, Ethereum and Cardano reportedly next in line
45Me at this moment... LFG πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
46Amazon will start accepting bitcoin payments in late 2021, says employee
47Nubank will use Ripple to provide international transfers
48FAQ Alchemy Toys
49An epic saga in 6 days
50Can someone please help me get my SHIBA off of coinbase wallet to coinbase? I want more ETH and don’t know what this ridiculous mining fee is and how to get around it.