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1Weekly Discussion Megathread - May 22, 2022 (GMT+0)
2Financial advice
3Off we go ...
4Terra (LUNA 2.0) Opens Around $30 on Bybit, then Crashes 80%, Making Binance to Take Caution
5New Terra LUNA Opens as High as $30 on Bybit, then Crashes by 80%, Making Binance to Take Caution
6Taiwanese man commits suicide after losing 60M$ In LUNA Crash
7JPMorgan Chase Says Bitcoin Currently UNDERVALUED By 28% - As they REPLACE Real Estate with Crypto on 'Preferred Assets' List...
8Are you bleeding out money? Gotta watch this...
9Live Stream: Doodle session
10The debut of blockchain technology is changing the narrative. This new line of innovation has given rise to decentralized economies. An era where creators do not have to go through centralized intermediaries to market or sell their digital products.
11Insider trading could ruin cryptocurrencies
12BTC ideas going into the weekend
13Joe Jowett, CEO of StrikeX: Enabling the future of trading
14India Leads 26 Other Countries in Terms of Play-to-Earn Adoption
1510 Steps to a Successful Crypto Marketing Campaign in 2022
16Bottom Is In When Saylor Capitulate
17Is Russia considering allowing Cryptocurrency to be used for international payments?
18Free trading journal
19Indira & Louis Livestream! FB &TW
20Nansen Report shows that UST lost its peg due to the work of multiple large entities
21Baking on Tezos: from launching a node to the first profit
22If You Made Decent Gains, SELL
23Why So Much Hate On Goblins!
24The VCs are Taking Over Crypto
26Everyone is praising Polkadot, but what aspects or areas do they need to improve on?
27With Luna 2.0, how many % people are recovering from their investments?
29Russia mulls allowing cryptocurrency for international payments - Ifax
30Ethereum VS Poor+Empty+Overvalued Blockchains
31Smoke Session! Comment "puff" for your Stellar Cannacoin tip!
32One River’s Carbon Neutral Bitcoin ETF Rejected by SEC
33DEIP to open first metaverse city
34Proposal for StaFi Liquidity Incentives on Uniswap V3 ( &
35BTC Put/Call Ratio At 0.69: Traders Fear BTC Will Dip Further
36Congessman Madison Cawthorne is being investigated for what is essentially shilling
37What is roll up Ethereum (Rollups)? Scalable Solution to Reduce Transaction Costs
39Music NFTs
40Wait Is Over: Terra 2.0 Is Live
41Ethereum Beacon Chain Experiences 7 Block Reorg: Here’s What That Means
42Vitalik Buterin: How to create algostablecoins that don’t turn into ponzis and don’t collapse
43Hashrate falls as BTC fails to break above $30K
44Coinex Smart Chain: The gateway to unfolding the next gen of Dapp
45This Strategy Works Best When Crypto is Nosediving!..
46I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry about the fact that there’s Monkeypox coin
47Should I hodl my eth or swap it to bitcoin?
48LRC 5 min chat according to me
49The Power of DeFi: Learning about Decentralized Finance and DeFi projects
50Ripple Is Looking Into an IPO as It Anticipates an End to Its Lawsuit