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1r/DayTrading's Monthly Questions Thread - May 2022
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3Results this month trading $SPY the first hour of market open
4Small account update: After 5 months of scalping from 9 am-11 am. I'm finally finding some consistency. My first profitable month after many fuckups.
5Go with the trend - According to which timeframe?
6You are Doing Well
7I tend to go against the market trend and how do I avoid it?
8Stock Market recap for 5-27-2022
9Futures Trading partnership
10Transitioning Veteran wanting to get my foot in the door as an Institutional Trader
11My Attitude at Work
12If I use a prop firm for trading and they copy my trades does that threaten my strategy?
13Supply and demand traders, do you always look for confirmation? Is my entry too early?
14Tradersync Memorial Day Sale - 50% Off Annual Subscriptions
15Earnings: Selling Puts Strategy
16I’ve lost a lot trading. Should I stop?
17Not using stop-loss orders? is that better?
19Technical Analysis for SIGA Stock: Great Shorting Opportunity
2012pm Stock Market update for 5-27-2022
21Wash sale rule
22Catalysts Inbound for 0830 ET Today!
23Supply and Demand
24Potential Whipsaw day incoming
25Okay, am I getting this right or I'm in the wrong direction?
265-27-22 SPY Pre Market
27Futures and index options
28scanner recomendations?
29If a person can do well with paper money day trading does that mean they might do well with real day trading?
30Here are other intraday trades with futures that I've taken and closed profitably
31Simple Use Of ADX Indicator
32Journaling Platforms
33Stock Market recap for 5-26-2022
34Indicator timeframe
35Prop Firm + BTCUSD Inverse Perpetual
36What do I need to begin trading real money?
38New to trading
39Premarket perspective for the Emini S&P futures
40The language we use
41ES longs be watchful of overhead Fib resistance
42I’m so mad at myself for how I traded today
43Any experience with WBTrading?
44Is QQQ a good day trading candidate ?
4530Y Treasury bond futures appear to have some merit for a long in this pullback
46Premarket analysis for the S&P futures. Unsure if this post will make it past auto mods
47Gasoline futures out-doing my expectations
48Final peer review on a strategy I’ve been testing.
49Looking for new screener
50What will the anticipated May Fed report mean for Crypto/stock/forex??