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1r/Daytrading's Daily Discussion Thread for Monday - Oct 25, 2021
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3How short?🤔🤔🤔
4How many of you don't have an education in business or economics?
5[10/25/21 Trade Review] 2 Shorts on PYPL This Morning at Open +1,402 total profit
6Why is this true? He also said that time decay can benefit people who are selling. But how? Why is that the chances of profit off puts is higher than calls?
7How To Identify Trends in Markets (Never Guess Again)
8$BKKT Didn't chase. Waiting for setup for tomorrow. Here's my plan.
9#premarket #watchlist 10/25 $MARK - no news. short squeeze , $SONM - no news , $CRTD - NFT buzz, $COMS -COMSovereign and TNS Advance Wireless Infrastructure Security Utilizing the Blockchain for Mobile Electronic Device Verification ... Any trading ideas? Welcome in comments! Also check my app!
10Stock Watch List October 25, 2021
11Why didn’t my order fill?
12not bringing bad emotions into trading
13your brokerage?
14Brokers with high leverage Australia.
15This is a loss trade I made today. What was the right move in the moment?
17CMV: chart patterns are the weakest form of TA
18Doji Candle Strategy For Day Trading
1910/25 Low Float Forcast
20Your favorite kind of trade (you can create your own term if one doesn’t exist)
21Any worst trader than me out there?
22Watchlist for 10/26/2021 -- Some Real Amazing Values!
23Why doesn't $TSVTV not have any graphs or data associated with it?
24Premarket buying and selling?
25Strangle strategy on Spy
26The EVs that will rip
27I have problem with greed ...
28How to not sell before price reaches my stop loss?
29Question concerning CFD Brokers
30Looking for partner to help with crypto day trading bot
31ASX100 for long term plan?
32Watchlist for 10/25/2021 -- A bunch of amazing consolidation, love it!!!
33Best App for Day Trading?
34How to scan for stocks that will be “on TV“ over the weekend?
35Where next for the Apple share price?
36The greatest series in psychology you can listen to in my honest opinion. Search the series name in youtube to find the other parts to this video (7 parts)
37Volumes between SPY, QQQ, ES, NQ
38Are you able to buy and sell within less than a minute?
39Beginning trader here. Is there a term for the percentage of how much money you put into the market compared to what you get out from it on any given day?
40Trading212: How does a broker receive quotes on a LULD paused instrument? (but not Saxo or IBKR)
41Is this valid S/R and trend lines for QQQ and SPY?
42Easy Tax Software or Even Accountants for Lazy Me Schedule D and Form 8949
43New trader: looking for stocks
44anyone heard of maverick trading?
45Earnings. Next week
46Perhaps a play for you tomorrow? Cargo boat on fire in Vancouver.
47Which OTM calls (far/not so far) generate more profit?
48I have a hard time being wrong about being wrong.
49r/Daytrading's Daily Discussion Thread for Sunday - Oct 24, 2021