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6I played 2 games of Chess before market open this morning.
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15To all the index bears
16There are currently over 400 SPACs, armed with $133 billion in capital, looking for merger partners.
17Can I daytrade on a chromebook or other laptop under $300?
18#afterhours 07/26 $EYEG $FTEK $CERC $ROCC
19My Price action crypto scalping strategy
20Shift in momentum MAY cause bitcoin to test lower support again
21Watchlist For 7/26/2021 -- Strong Supports Here
22Seller Absorption on XBIO pre market. Long with SL $2.33 under the seller absorption.
23M1904Trading's Daily Post - Safety Check - 07/23/21 - SPY, SPX, /ES Daily Update
24Question on tax on capital gains made from trading options with a US broker but im a UK resident
25Short Interest Info date
26#premarket 07/26 $DYNT $IMV $NAOV $ITRM $SOS
27Why is TWTR dropping?
28Spotting Trapped Traders in the DOM, 4397.
29Confused about volume
30Plxp - Time to load up on the money train
31Good european broker?
32Now with the court case shot down LAC could be days away from an auto buyer contract looking for Lithium in the US.
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34Bitcoin - From fast to slow, what's next?
35Where is the profit in FX?
36Bitcoin's big exciting move ... to nowhere.
37We’ll the eth short I plotted the other day got triggered, had a similar btc one, I love following the institutions around and riding their coat tails, it’s to easy now I figured out how to follow them πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
38Lv 3 vs Lv2 data
39Why is there buy and limit orders in premarket but no stoploss in premarket?
40Does selling shares and buying options count as a day trade?
41BTC update - Looking at the bull and bear trades.
43Tyme Granted U.S. Patent Claims Covering Use of Tyrosine-Based Drug Delivery Method to Treat Cancer
44Had anyone had any success with Heikin Ashi based strategies?
45Applying stock trading strategies and technical analysis to forex, crypto, and features
46Need definitive answer about margin and day trade buying power
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50Are we broadcasting our StopLimit orders? Does it even matter?