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1r/DayTrading's Monthly Questions Thread - August 2022
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3Week 2 and Week 3 plus some Week 4 progress on my daytrading. Comments for more.
4Are you developing a gambler’s mindset?
58-9-22 SPY/ ES Futures and Apple Daily Market Analysis
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8Stock Market recap for 8-9-2022
9Sharing experiences on new DT journey so risky....
10Trade Analysis Question Help: what would've given high confidence to trade the reversal here?
11I have failed at day trading. How do I explain my employment gap?
12Amc stock squeeze - Market crash prediction - best stocks for auausgust 10th 2022
13Anyone else get in and out of the HLBZ with a profit?
14I’ve never traded a thing and am interested in day trading. I did read the wiki, still have some (a ton) of questions.
16PreMarket Gainers Archive?
17$AMC Short - Extended on the Higher Timeframes (Large GIF)
18How important will inflation data on Wednesday be for the stock market?
19Breakout Setups - Watchlist 9th August
20day trading pros, what are your favorite strategies and setups?
21Anyone here only/mostly/solely uses - (1) Footprint Charts (2) DOM -for day trading? Few more questions which i would like to ask - mentioning them below.
22Was this a good setup?
24First Full Time Month Day trading: Scratch Month
258-8-22 SPY/ ES Futures and Apple Daily TA
26Closed my 4 year old account today.
27Taxes!!! What do you guys/gals do to help lower your taxes?
28What’s your choice of Stable Dividend Market Leaders
29Highschool trader looking for internship
30Trading simulator progress update
31SPY post-bounce volume analysis - is it bullish, bearish or neutral
32Is a "nothing-burger day" (day you don't execute a single trade) a Positive day, in your opinion?
33Market Outlook O8/09/2022
34[8/8/22 Trade Review] QQQ: Breakthrough and Backtest (short). Just got out of this trade which was a good size 4.8R winner. Video in the comments goes much deeper into the thought process behind it.
35Anyone who just use support and resistance when trading?
36How do you guys deal with not getting out of a trade too early?
37Mistakes I came to realize I made
38Bollinger bands
39Weekly Market Recap & Next Week's Outlook
40Thoughts on Al Brooks books
41Premarket summary for index futures
42How do you decide when to size up your position?
43How can I trade with only 50% of the money in my account instead of 100%? App im using is MT4 and im using it too on pc. Thanks!
44Stock Market recap for 8-8-2022
45What is the #1 indication that a stock will surge immediately at Market Open?
46Here are my trades from this morning!
47tiki elder
48Wash Sale for Stocks and Options
49question about /es contracts
50Possible short on AUDJPY, trend is creating LL's and LH's on the 4H(first slide) and the trend looks exhausted on the daily time frame(third slide). What are your opinions? im always open for feedback!