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21What morning strategies do you know of? I can gather a few on Youtube or google by looking up “morning strategies” but I could definitely be missing some still
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231/28 Low Float Forecast ($INDO)
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25Seems that 0day options with the most volume get chopped to pieces on purpose by MArketMAkers
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352022-01-28 Watchlist current state of business
37Giving back all profit earned
38Futures Market Analysis 1/28/22. Basically indices are still inside our range as of now. I’m going to continue to look for shorts at the top of the range and longs at the lows of the range until one side breaks. There are some short setups beginning to hold in the nq, I’ll be focusing that index.
39Anybody run PMCC on spx. What are your successes and failures? Is it worth it?
40[1/27/22 Live Trade Review] NVDA: Continuation Pullback (short) || $952 Total Profit || 6.1% Leveraged Return || 1:3.9 risk:reward
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48Finally found consistency through one simple rule. Beginners should probably follow the same. BONUS: You get to sleep at night.
49Is that bad trying to learn only on stocks under ten dollars?
50Correct me if I'm wrong: daytrading SPY with a large account is much, much easier than daytrading the biggest gainers of the day with a small account