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1Lo-Fi Player - By interacting with elements in the room, you can build your own custom music room.
2The Worst House on the Internet | like that one house that gave raisins, this virtual trick-or-treating experience leaves everyone a little disappointed.
3Looking for similar concept to the website below; able to put characters from any type of media up against each other, not even in combat, just in any sort of way.
4GIFYPET : Make your customisable online pet
5Input short description of a deed and Artificial Intelligence will give you its moral evaluation
6Harmonicarium, for playing the harmonic series
7The water footprint calculator
8Coneixeu el 1r lloc web d’Internet?
9I made a 2D fluid simulation software, and it runs on mobile !
10LEGO Ideas, a website where fans can submit and vote for specific projects that can be turned into real LEGO products.
11My website of small dumb things that I've built (yet am proud of!)
12Crontab clock
13Interactive Double Pendulum Playground
14Is College Worth It? Look Up Your US University and Major
15I made something that would make anybody proud. Contains vulgar language that's why NSFW.
16So tired about hearing about metaverses I created the meataverse 🥩
17What is Hubble Telescope looking at right now?
18Not sure what to eat? Just spin the Wheel of Dinner
19Nslookup – intuitive and fast online DNS client
20New York City Reservoir Levels: Shows where NYC gets its water, daily usage by the entire city, average and current capacity of water in each reservoir, and monthly rainfall compared to the historical average.
21Any phrase or word you type in will result in a scene from a movie
22Excalidraw - open source online whiteboard/sketch tool with hand-drawn look and live collaboration. Been using it extensively for work this year and it's so good!
23Locate any place on Earth with just four words | What3Words alternative that's 100% free and open source
24RACER TRASH | Collective of visual artists remixing movies with a vaporwave aesthetic
25MagicPlaylist | Discover new music similar to a song
26Online Beat Maker
27Not my husband's, but still neat
29My new favorite website on the internet: My Retro TVs, which allows you to honor the pop culture memories of decades past. It includes lots of options to authentically simulate the vintage experience of channel-surfing on a TV from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s. Credit: @JoeyCato
30Hot or Not for Generative Art
31Today is International Observe the Moon Night and I’m excited to show you my dedicated Moon websites for people from all backgrounds to learn about our Moon's scientific importance and how we explore it, browse interesting places there, and stay informed as we send humans again!
32Magically donate to charity by playing this music
33Post Secret is a website that hosts anonymous secrets that actual people send in on actual postcards
34I created a modern version of 'the Useless Web' website with new little web gems, collected personally, and waiting to be found. Just for fun!
35Mortgage calculator where you can calculate total interest paid with amortization schedule
36Rubik's Cube Solver
37Benefits of Physical Activity
38Wordsmith, the magic of words! Great site to play with words and create anagrams.
39I downvoted because... A website to help explain why you downvoted
40Anime Word Cloud Using Python
41I created a collection of 100+ free CSS background
42NFT Marketplace on Ethereum with Polygon and Next.js
43Learn the language behind your favorite pieces of music with this fun website! – Select a colour of your choice and press ENTER to join a utopian place that is equally shared by everyone who is present in that very moment
453dicons - open source 3D icon library
46NASA Plans Internet on The Moon – the LunaNet is Intended to Improve Communication for Upcoming Missions
47Get fun and offbeat conversation topics with the help of Hubski! You’ll find different forums of thoughtful and unique conversations that will be a smash hit at your next virtual Zoom meeting with friends.
48Lagom and Stress-Free Productivity
49TuneFind - Find musics from TV shows / Movies
50Percentage Calculator - Free tool for common phrases