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1Confetti Snippets - Add a copy button to all code blocks in Stackoverflow
2Flags of the Stateless Nations - Palestinian, Uighur, Taiwanese, lots of indigenous peoples from around the world, etc.
3Online Tools For Creating Beautiful Gradient In 2022
4AI Profile Picture Maker
5Facial recognition search engine that returns all sites using your likeness or anyone other face's
6This guy made the @TorfsBot twitterbot. It's probably the most widely followed twitterbot in Belgium. It automatically and realistically imitates the rather philosophical Twitter style of the famous ex-rector of the Leuven University, Rik Torfs.
7Deepfakesweb - Online Deepfake Maker----- Deepfake App to swap faces using AI.
8A website that lets you practice typing by retyping classic literature
9I am looking for sites like a site of pre-loaders to use for my APP turns the New York subway system's actual subway schedule into an interactive string instrument.
11PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. PDF Drive is a free search engine which allows you to search, preview and download millions of PDF files into your devices. Our crawlers are constantly scanning the world wide web to add PDF files to our database.
12A website that let you design and create 3D objects without installing any software
13Goldenaudiobooks - Amazing selection of free audiobooks
14Stumbled(Stumbledupon Alernative) - that lets you search through amazing websites randomly.
15A website that tracks all the different types of scams to watch out for in your local area
16This page is for anyone who loves open source investigating, and feels overwhelmed by the amount of resources and information out there
17A website that allows you to download free logos from more than 120 million options.
18Gimmieserendipity - (Stumbleupon alternative) Discover random websites.
19This website let's you look at our earth's climate history - up to 540 million years into the past.
20A Chrome Extension for Bionic Reading on ANY website!
21Tracking Heat Records in 400 U.S. Cities
22The Weather Channel Classics - Classic Weather Channel fans, you're not alone!
23Firefox Multi-Account Containers For The Win!
24Preview how Google Fonts will work on your site | Online Font Preview
25Queue Times - A website for showing estimated and live queue times, crowds, weather, attraction up-time, maps and more at dozens of theme parks across the world
26How the internet gets people to plagiarize each other
27Free chrome extension that auto-complete words when you type - Tracking the top 5000 subreddits
29Gene Moore, Tiffany & Company Photographs- Through the end of the 20th Century, Gene Moore was the window decorator for Tiffany and Co.'s 5th Avenue Flagship Store. His window displays were iconic and beautiful. This is a large collection of photos that preserve his displays for us to appreciate.
30I made an index of the internet's best communities
31Play the diatonic accordion with your keyboard
32Persepolis Reimagined - Take a tour in a Persian city 2500 years ago
33Dancing Paul
34Interactive Art Museum - A relaxing collection of interactive toys
35BECOME A TESTER OF CUTTING EDGE NO-CODE SOLUTIONS OF THE NEW GENERATION🚀🔥 - The easiest way to create custom grid paper printable. Available options are: dot grid, isometric dot grid, lines, graph, isometric grid, hexagons...
37Travelscope – Visualizes the number of countries people with certain nationality can travel to without a visa or with visa on arrival.
38Collaborative online drawing platform where you create monsters and art with people
39So Many Flowers!
40I made a Marvel Legends figures collection tracking app
41Learn, how to host any top-level domain in blogger for free!
42An e-learning platform that helps organizations to provide diverse training and people development.
43Place to make new original music at the press of a button [free]
44Build funky 3d shapes using sliders
46Quiz to find your daemon (for those who don't know HDM think spirit animal but less appropriative) out of 800 different options
47How to Craft Inspiring Speeches - A course on public speaking where you learn from the greats, available for free to Beta testers
48Plantarium, a website to create 3D Plants
49Monkeypox.Site - Monkeypox statistics with charts & maps
50GrepMed: Visual medical reference site