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1We turned beautiful landmarks & scenes from around the globe into Animated Illustrations. You can download the high-res PNG and source files for free. Use them commercially without attribution.
2This amazing website that's kinda like AirBnB but for finding basically any guided outdoor adventure you can imagine. Hiking, skydiving, camping, kayaking, white water rafting etc
3Made a website that helps you find the perfect area to live in (London-only for now). Would love to get some feedback!
4World Flag Search - Search world flags by drawing a sketch!
5A website that provides Free coupons from Udemy, Edx, Teachable, Coursera, Geeksforgeeks, Eduonix along with Certification.
6Physics interactive education website centered around P5 simulations, made by a student for students <3
7Lets rise personal blogs again
8Find and compare electric bikes with this website. Data is taken directly from 50+ brands. Save time on your ebike research! This is not a shop.
9Lofi-like music over different city's police scanners. Quite soothing actually.
10this website lets you create multiple sounds to help fill in that emptiness during your work or when you are trying to relax etc.
11Made a website to collect some tidbits of advice for my first job
12This is what the Internet was made for
13Tool to see which comments/posts of yours have been deleted/removed by reddit moderators.
14newsletter sharing weekly tips about fonts, design, creativity, and art!
15Search for Music Using Your Voice by Just Singing or Humming
16Help Sesame Workshop by answering questions!
17Made a text reading web app that helps you to read carefully and deeper, paragraph by paragraph. Would love to hear your feedback.
18If 8 Popular Websites Existed in the ‘90s
19Found this gem today - soothing screensaver for chillaxing
20A Highly Sophisticated Paraphrasing Tool: Wordtune
21(US) Impact of Smoke from West Coast Fires (Vertically Integrated vs. Surface Smoke)
22Share with others how you feel and see how others are
23This interactive soundboard website plays the sounds of working from home
24Convert any medium post to markdown
25An AI that can reword and restructure sentences.
26A website made by Tom Scott in 2004, when he was 19. It's an edited version of the British Governments' preparing for emergencies website (no longer exists as far as I know) made to make fun of their website.
27Made a website that lets you search the Internet and see the results in a visual feed and read content from the web in a clean reader view, all without ads or clutter
28Express your thoughts while an AI automagically makes music from your keystrokes
29Made a service that can send you a text as soon as a limited item becomes available (e.g. Xbox Series X) - open to more suggestions!
30Find any tattoo artist in the world filtering by Location and Style
31Mockupea v1.2 - app for creating 3d book mockups online
32Hedonometer - Website that tracks the overall happiness of the US according to tweets and events
33this website is really great! almost 50 AI projects you can use for fun :)
34This website shows historical events on a timeline
35This is a web page.
36Command Line Radio
37Troma. Welcome back to 1998.
38This website makes it easy to draw animations online thanks to automatic tweening
39Divergent Association Task- This simple word test can reveal how creative you are. It involves thinking of 10 nouns that are unrelated to one another and as far apart in meaning as possible. It’s fun to play and it only takes a few minutes!
40Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware
41Convert files encoding online. You can convert between major encodings, as well as from utf-8 with BOM to normal utf-8, or any thing else.
42Listen and discover songs from different decades and countries around the world
43yeeter award
44Tried finding local banks in my own community, couldn't find them, got pissed at big banks dominating the internet... so we made our own site that puts them all lenders on a level playing field. No personal information needed to use it.
45The Talk to God Phone booth - a long time burning man project - has gone digital and is looking for volunteers!
46Plane Food Simulator 2021 by Sheep and Ram Studio
47The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions
48Site interconverts font formats of almost any kind for free
49See your favorite TV show episodes ranked visually on a graph. (Much better on desktop but works for mobile as well)
50Care Cards - cards with small self-care items you can complete anytime!