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1The OG Height Weight Chart - see regular people of all combos of height/weight.
2Recreating the world's shortest math paper in 2 seconds in your browser
3Me, Myself and I - Francois Brunelle and the Doppelgänger Project
4Lyrikline - Recordings of contemporary poems read by the authors in their original language. Available in Lithuanian, English, Northern Sami, etc.
5This site lets you see real, unedited pictures of women based on your own height, weight, body shape, age, ect!
6By the end of reading this, you will have learnt Dotsies
7Cyberspace And Time featuring the 2020s
8For job seekers, I built a site to create a fun vanity URL with link stats: Go-Hire.Me/YourName
9An open-source database of all currently discovered Exoplanets in the Universe that lets you view statistics and compare them to the planets in our Solar System.
10I made a Wordle solver
11Heads Don't Bounce - website for comparing the safety of various types of helmets for various purposes
12If you have installed any of the 470 infected apps, then you are one of the 105 million victims of Dark Herring android malware globally
13The Talk to God phone, one of the longest running Burning Man art projects, is taking calls this weekend
14Eunoia: Words that Don't Translate
15I built a site to search xkcd comics by topic
16A website that gathers the best news from one's Twitter timeline and Twitter lists.
17In too many Slack channels? Share this passive aggressive website with a colleague
18UNESCO *Intangible* Cultural Heritage listing - 600+elements from 139 countries!
19Need something mindless to click on while half-listening to a Zoom meeting? Knot!
20Create amazing landscapes using a paint-like drawing tool and Artificial Intelligence - GauGAN
21I made the ultimate shitposting site .....again.
22On this website, you are in charge of your country during this pandemic.
23Is Rupert Murdoch Dead?
24A free budgeting site using the envelope method and very similar to YNAB. They also have a handy guide on the website for people who are unfamiliar with budgeting.
25Winamp Skin Museum
26Free Website Builder with Hosting. The creator is an independent developer with great communication and service
27Some of the best technical blogs on the web with interactive simulations by Bartosz Ciechanowski
28Ankara Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey has a website where you can click on the license plates of winter service vehicles and watch them work.
29Website comparing photos of modern Berlin with 1945.
30EU vs Disinfo, an initiative of the European Union to fight all misinformation on the current crisis
31Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute
32What if you bought ... in ... ? Check the price of a specific cryptocurrency on the selected date and see how much you would have profited or lost if you held until today
33Data Driven US Stock Market Valuation and Analysis
34Build your own town!
35Sustainabilitist Hub: mini-lessons on personal sustainability and beyond
36Create Animations Easily with Motorpen
37Website easily converts HEX values to RGB
38This site shows what time is it in Swatch's internet time. Swatch wanted the internet to have it's own time zone so we all could sync with ease.
39I made a smart movie/tv show suggestion website, the more you rate the better it gets !
40There is a website you can listen to live voicemails left by anonymous callers.
41EU vs Disinformation, an initiative of the European Union to detect and fight all disinformation
42A website for comparing weather history and forecast between cities
43A great way to discover music using Spotify API! (Desktop only)
44Another ancient remnant from great times of Internets, with cult vibes. You'll love the design.
45This website use Google Trends to explore shopping interest for various products before and during the Covid-19 pandemic
46The browse page for Neocities, a recreation of Geocities. Experience what the internet could be, maybe make your own site!
47The personal website of a Turkish Singer, Akrep Nalan. It is in Turkish, but focus on the design. Still being maintained by someone. God I miss old Internet -.-
49Average cost calculator, calculate the average cost of your stocks, etc..., with the ability to add a sell transaction and calculate ROI and gains.
50I made a Website that reduces books which makes the process of finding a good book easier. It's still in beta. Tell me what you think