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14Grayscale Investments Confirms Consideration of New Product in IOTA
15Bitfinex announces its intention to support the Shimmer and Assembly airdrop (more details soon). The second exchange to do so.
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18This slow down is well timed for IOTA
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22Im curious, what sets IOTA apart from other DAG's like Fantom?
23Increase of competition by Hedera going open source?
24Difficulty merging wallets for staking on FireFly.. anyone else encountered this?
25I am trying to withdraw my iota off to fire fly I copied my address off there and pasted it on admit is saying it is not a vaild address
26Firefly Issues
27What exchange to buy and withdraw MIOTA and BTC
28How does IOTA compare to Solana and Nano?
29Been wanting to cover IOTA in one of my weekly deep dives since I started, finally got round to it!
30uughhh - KUCOIN
31Here’s my transaction history. Funds became unstaked for no apparent reason and I had to restake them.
32Would you be interested in a gaming platform that uses IOTA?
34Technical Analyst & Project Lead José M. Cantera to talk Scylla Summit 2022 (Feb 9th)
35I just had to restake my funds. What the f iota foundation? Apparently your funds can randomly become unstaked. I’m so sick of dealing with this garbage technology.
36Can we add to current Iota staking?
37BlockchainLab Drenthe Monthly Meetup Jan. 20th 2022 19:00
38This is a must listen to podcast on Tanglesea (IOTA DEX). Really informative. Episode 3: TangleSea
39FireFly wallet transfer
40Tried to buy some iota but the transaction failed after some hours ?!
41IOTA tip bot
42Blockchain solutions for sustainable energy and climate [Virtual Workshop]
43Serguei Popov stepping down from Board of Directors
44Website says an IOTA Datamarket Place Demonstration was meant to happen December 2021 did this occur? Does anyone have the link?
45Confirmation that Serguei still deeply believes in IOTA and is continuing to oversee its progress on the Supervisory Board
46IOTA nodes
47Am i late?
48Where is the IF with setting up the Swiss private company?
49More on "How to deploy a Solidity contract on an Iota EVM" with added Olympus DAO flavours
50Tangle birth on IOTA - Happy birthday