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32"The Hornet based Stardust testnet is being prepared and is close to being ready."
33How close are we to Stardust on Mainnet?
346 Questions for Dominik Schiener of the Iota Foundation
35Probably Nothing #4 - Leaks - DEX - Treasury - ENGLISH
36Spec Weekly - Episode 3: All about GAIA-X. Sorry if boring.. uWu
37Wanna test out the new #voting feature of the Firefly Wallet? @c_varley just released a test built with a full voting circle conducted over the next 8 hours.
38Tracking ASMB/Shimmer drops
39Michele Nati - Head of Telco and Infrastructure Development @ IOTA takes part in a panel to discusses sustainable infrastructure.
40IOTA Community Treasury Governance call 12/05/22
41There is an active remote crash exploit in IOTA's HORNET node software - it is going unaddressed by the IOTA security team
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44Weaver Labs on Twitter : We've partnered with @michelenati and @zlidza from @iota
45I have been banned from discord for reporting a scammer, can somebody please help me?
46ZEDEDA, Inc. "#IOTA community! We get lots of DM's about @ProjectAlvarium so this one's for you"
47Why is this still the top story on the Coinbase IOTA page? How is this okay?
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