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1IOTA All-in-one Thread
2IOTA Treasury Governance Info Thread
3Is there a world in future that includes IOTA, ADA, ETH being mass adopted and able to work side by side? Or do they overlap each other in some ways to where you can get by with just 1?
4It’s all about bringing a brighter future
5IOTA Quicktakes 26.07.2021 - Expansion of CDL-BOT, Dev Status Update, Mariana De la Roche & INATBA
6Next day after Coordiside!
7Thoughts on Radix @hus_qy on Thread Reader App
8TangleSea Chapter 1: The First Contact
9I can't seem to send iota's to my firefly wallet
10DeFi on IOTA vs Radix
11Firefly security
12Smart Contract on the Nectar testnet SOON
13IOTA Weekly 006 - Was there no plan? #iota #history
14Michele Nati on Decentralized Identity
15Dev Status Update - July, 2021
16Dev Status Update - July, 2021
17Immutable supply chain and component-lifecycle documentation on IOTA
18Iota hornet node resources
19BITTREX Listing?
20CHRYSALIS - A New Dawn (IOTA themed 3D animation)
21Reasons why we don’t need to wait for the academic validation before implementing OTV
22IOTA Foundation is looking for a Head of People and Culture!
23Project TRADE: Distributed Ledger Technology for Automotive Cyber Systems (with filancore, ETO GRUPPE and Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt funded by the German Government)
24Answer to the criticism of “Groovy” on Twitter
25Dom: "We're fine for the next few years. We don't have to sell IOTA tokens from our treasury anymore for the foreseeable future"
26Is the Cardano and IOTA bridge still happening?
27AMA - Seeds, Security and Cybercrime - with Dominik Schiener, Koen Maris & Robert Bryant
28IEEE Transactions on Computers recently published, “Fast Generation of RSA Keys Using Smooth Integer”, written by IOTA Foundation's Luigi Vigneri and his team
29IOTA Foundation’s Rafeal Presa will participate in BlockIOT- Seminar about the possibilities of symbiosis between IoT and Blockchain. (Portuguese speaking event)
30IOTA Foundation and 4 other blockchain companies share their learnings from servicing enterprise clients.
31Im Interview: Holger Köther, IOTA Foundation (Deutsch)
32IOTPAY bringing iota payments to every ATM and POS device. Need DAO funds and personnel to make this vision a reality
33Expansion of government-backed Christian Doppler Laboratory Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things - CDL BOT with Pantos, TU Wien, and welcoming TU Hamburg.
34IOTA Quicktakes 19.07.2021 - IOTA NFT Marketplace, Seed, Security, and Cybercrime Blogpost and More.
35Iota potential gateway into American, sport/event stadiums & arenas? This partnership seems like it screams the need for IOTA protocols. Take a look at the YouTube link below of the NBA teams new partner & drop your comments!
36Euro digital: CARDANO VS IOTA
37Iota partnered with Zededa - the leader in orchestration for the distributed edge
38We invite everybody to join IOTAXTeams: our collaborative efforts with the #IOTA community. You don't have to be a developer to join!
39Ledger migration testing now underway. You can help!
40Hans about the upcoming protocol changes
41What do you see as IOTA's biggest pros and cons?
42IEEE Transactions on Computers published, “Access Control for Distributed Ledgers in the Internet of Things: A Networking Approach”, written by our team and Prof. Bob Shorten and his colleagues at Imperial College London.
43Can’t transfer iota from binance to firefly
44NFTs are not too complicated! We want to enable everyone to create and trade NFTs. With IOTA as an underlying infrastructure, you can create and handle NFTs in just a few clicks!
45Developing Sustainable Solutions in Agriculture through traceability and digital identity DLT software innovations
46A few weeks ago Holger Koether took part in the blockchain symposium at Hochschule Heillbronn with speakers from pickert gmbh, EDAG Group ,and senseering !
47While we continuously expand, we started to use Facebook again to also serve our community on that platform.
48Next Governance Call in the IOTA Discord tomorrow 15.07. 2pm UTC
49IOTA Micro and feeless transactions: a potential opportunity.
50First Non-Fungible Token Has Been Minted on the IOTA NFT Marketplace