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1Join our official —and the #1 NFT— Discord Server & be a part of the 65,000+ growing NFT Community! Make sure to read the rules & verify as a human before you start discussing everything NFT! Moreover, we are doing r/NFT Badge drop to our active & contributing members on Discord, so don't miss it!
2We're doing a Free Giveaway of 50,000 CSM (~$630) to r/NFT members and ~$5,000 in NFTs and VIP Passes for our upcoming Game CityStates: Domination!
3Sneaky Vampire Syndicate announced a collaboration with 888 Crypto today! This is what it's like when worlds collide! BAYC artist collabing with the most prestigious anonymous art collector for incredible utility for all parties. Happy Halloween everyone!
4Meta Homes, a home where you can portray your taste of NFTs
5Can’t wait to unbox my NFTBOY tomorrow, hope I get the NFTBOY Shark! Bored Ape Racers, their first game, playable within 12 hours.
6SolEagle NFTs are flying onto the Market🦅 Get your hands onto a mighty SolEagle, Drops soon and Wait till you see whats coming for the community!
7Shaggy Sheep NFTs. Now minting at 0.03eth. Over 2,000 minted with more than 600 owners and an amazing community! The experienced team has just released a new roadmap which includes airdrops, companion drops, raffles and more plus staking in phase 2. Don't miss out! Link in comments below
8Pixel Artist looking for work!
9Orera on metaverse hope everyone likes this
10A•C•A•D “The Gods Collection” Teaser’s makes me wanna get em all 🔥 lets Hype up this project guys ⚡️
11Baby Apes Rescue NFT. Now MINTING!🚀 - Exciting Apevolution Plan. Join over 20k Members. Links in Comments.
12Faces in face 3D NFT experience that you can drive.
13My 3rd NFT in my hand curated series SelfContained - Up on auction at Rarible. Link/ Details in comments
141 Stoned Frog. Please follow the link at the comments to participate. The 🏆 winners will be announced at Twitter. The project is all about giving back to the community! When 420 frogs are sold we will notify you to open your mystery boxes!
15Chilean chess player launches NFT collection
16Just did my first character drop, even viewing would mean a lot. Plenty more to come. Link in comments.
17a pool - NFT Preview (opensea)
18Moon Pandas NFTs collection on Opensea! Luxury Panda Bears with mysterious personalities and differentiations. They would love for you to adopt them. They like hanging out in crypto wallets and come with future surprises. 15% of initial proceeds will be donated to Pandas International.
19BallerWhale a new hand drawn collection of 10,000 generated NFT's that honor crypto whales of some of the most popular cryptocurrency will be launching soon on OpenSea! The BallerWhale HODL collection pays tribute to those baller crypto whales that are proud to HODL their coins until they moon.
20My first NFT, “Lola, you best friend”
21Piggy Village Series. It is growing bigger with more piggies to join! Links in the comments!
22What are the most beautiful NFTs you have seen? (please no links or shilling)
23GNomeFTs is our NFT art project to give back to charity and spread some gnomes around . We are building up the community . We love you guys to join . Rehousing some on Twitter in comments!!!!
24New NFT minted in Varlens collection! It’s a special one and a very personal one. Check it out in the link in the first comment!
25there is no am or pm, just gm - gm degens sneak peak
26The original Stormtrooper designer is making NFT helmet alongside several decent artists. It looks like these are the only genuine/legal versions. Nov 6 Mint. 1,138 available.
27NFT marketing affiliate - a super digital marketing team
28What's your favourite NFT platform?
29Hey guys it's pixel babe, the baddest and hottest babe around, Grab a babe for 0.0069‼️(link in comments)
30ReKLeS AC. Atlantic City reimagined.
31Rap NFTs are coming soon to OpenSea
32Style by Karina Matulevicius on OpenSea
33Anyone Heard Of Bored Ape Meme Collection ?
34Nifty Fifty Crew: The first NFT camera brand with cameras that really work!
35Hunny NFT with Utility: ✨ VIP Club Member ✨ Increase VIP cashback ✨ Increase Referral Rewards
36Generative Globe Made in TouchDesigner
38Solana NFT goes to METAMASK Address
39Just did my first NTF drop on OpenSea, even viewing would me a lot. Plenty more characters to come. Link in comments.
40Is this considered low effort work?
41🔥 ___GUMBALL CNFT___ 🟠🟣 Upcoming big Cardano NFT drop -- mint: 28.10.2021 🎯
42Early alpha: WL still open, fully on-chain NFT, staking, & gamification with Minecraft. Links in comments!
43Minted 24 NFTs of Drake throughout his career on his birthday, October 24 (link in comments)
44Question about ''generative NFT's
45Reptilians for Good art is so clean! Not many NFTs are this good looking!
46🔥 ___GUMBALL CNFT___ 🟠🟣 Upcoming big Cardano NFT drop -- mint: 28.10.2021
47NFT overall market tracking tools
48Support my 8 y.o. Daughter Sofia’s creativity & her first NFT! 🌟🌟🌟 Our auction is about to end in around 16 hour so you still have a chance! Find us on Mintable - “Yellow Boy” NFT 🌟🌟🌟
49🟣NFT Sale!!!! Scarce! 🎶Rare album NFTs (2020 release) original audio wav. file attached by Louisiana shifu 💎💰💸Treasure hunt! - Rawcutmasters
50Stinky Rich Pepes 🐸 Only 999 will be made! Hand-drawn! 👀