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2Daily Discussion Thread - January 28th, 2022
3Why can't I trade options?
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6For covered calls, do I need to buy 100 shares of the stock first?
7New to options trading so sorry if this is a dumb question but I need someone to double check my sanity, when the app says maximum loss, this is truly the max loss right? Like I won’t go down further than this if the value rises way too high?
8Daily Discussion Thread - January 26th, 2022
9In options trading, why are there puts above the trading price and calls below the trading price?
10Taking out a loan to get out of margin and buy the dip…
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13Recently placed a put on SPY with robinhood, how long should it take before I can do anything with it?
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15Have I just had insanely bad luck the last month or is the stock market going down??
16Direct deposit Robinhood bank account
17How much should you invest with income?
18Best EV Play = F - Ford Great entry point.
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20What’s going on with SPCE?
21Peloton and the Kiss(es) of Death
22What do you guys think about SAND?
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25What are thoughts on Ford, Twitter, and Snapchat?
26What do you guys think about VINO ???
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28What tips do you have for a beginner?
29Thinking about trading on Margin. Thoughts?
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33Long Term Gains. I’ve held for 365days! Now what?
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35Rate my portfolio. Suggestions?
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38Candlestock Cheat sheet for everyone
39Best S&P 500 ETF for a noobie
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41Beginner Tips for the Stock Market
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46Daily Discussion Thread - January 5th, 2022
47When you buy and sell through Robinhood, but never actually transfer any funds back to your bank account. Are you still paying taxes? Or is that all factored in the original purchase? When do you pay for the gains?
48Daily Discussion Thread - January 4th, 2022
49What am I missing… if I make this debit spread, I can’t lose. Right??
50I bought a $4 put on a 3.95 EFT. Did I mess up by buying a strike price above the current price of a put?