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2Daily Discussion Thread - October 25th, 2021
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11Stock Trading Strategy ( I have no stock experience)
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13Robinhood Markets Welcomes Dara Treseder to its Board of Directors
14Daily Discussion Thread - October 20th, 2021
15Finally hit a 5 digit portfolio. Any advice for better diversifying?
16I've had many ups and downs in my first year of trading, I have started small, slowly sold some stocks for others. Any recommendations, reddit fam? 🤔🤠
17Daily Discussion Thread - October 19th, 2021
18Daily Discussion Thread - October 18th, 2021
19Most anticipated earnings releases for the week beginning October 18, 2021
20How predictable are seasonal rises/falls in the stock market?
21Options question, because really confused
22Where to invest $10K presently?
23Not much but it's a start. How is my portfolio looking? Any tips on how I can improve?
24Started a long-term investments only strategy back in January. Thoughts?
25Daily Discussion Thread - October 15th, 2021
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27General question for a beginner
28Thoughts on how to improve my portfolio?
29What can i do to improve my portfolio?
30Daily Discussion Thread - October 13th, 2021
31Any advice on portfolio? New strategy just started this portfolio
32Daily Discussion Thread - October 12th, 2021
33New, amateur. Any suggestions? I kinda just spread everything out. Any I should cash out?
34Thoughts on my portfolio? What could I do to fix this?
35Latinx Investors Are The New Face of Wall Street and Crypto
36Someone said I wouldn't show my all tab. Here it is.
37So Options not update their value in premarket?
38Been saving up with coins to start in options. Not much but is this a wise start?
39Daily Discussion Thread - October 11th, 2021
40Pause the football and riddle me this
41Celebrating LGBT History Month and National Coming Out Day
42When you get into investing, for tax purposes, do you have to keep track of every investment/transaction you make or just the profits/losses?
43Most anticipated earnings releases for the week beginning October 11, 2021
44Nothing online helps me understand what options are, help lmao
45Needing help over day trading restrictions
46Daily Discussion Thread - October 8th, 2021
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48What are the thoughts on these stocks?
49JSPR - stem cell bio with major buy-in from AMGN
50Introducing 24/7 Phone Support