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1Daily Discussion Thread
2Weekly Gain/Loss Porn and Discussion Thread
3Penny Stock under $2
4#premarket 07/27 $EYEG $OBSV $MOGU $ADTX $OSAT
5Penny Stock Unusual Option Activity+ 7/26
6$MDGS Great outlook for the coming up months.
7What is your SPRT price target???
8SPRT Options Data 7/26
9$PTE submitted IND today. FDA should have answer within 30 days.
10The $ITRM situation
11•Verb•technology has more bullish news coming soon. Don’t sleep on it 💪🦧
12$Tyme Technologies Gets Patent Notification for Metabolomic Technology Platform
13Warning signs for microcaps from the past via $XBI biotech index
14$TSLA Q2 2021 Earnings Live-Stream ! Tesla Earnings Review
15Penny Stock Unusual Option Activity 7/23
16IMVT I will be adding to my position Monday. Thoughts??
17SimplyWallSt updates $BEST inc's (NYSE:BEST) valuation. Fair value for BEST inc: $23.35
18$PTE catalyst is coming up. They have great preliminary data
19we're making moves
20Xpl down today?
21Penny Stock Unusual Option Activity 7/22
22Looking at Summit Wireless Technologies. They announced the launching of their Amazon Storefront today. Here is the latest interest data.
23Anyone know what’s up with EAST?
24Inpixon ($INPX) Back to the Office and Data Analytics
25Stock price goes down as soon as I buy it
26GHVI SPAC switches to Matterport MTTR tomorrow
27Finally some action out of MMAT today!!
28Stock Alert $TBLT: ToughBuilt YOLO 🚀💎🙌
29Penny Stock Unusual Option Activity 7/21
30Interview with C. Russell Trenary III OTLK President and Chief Executive Officer
31Which one would you choose among the following?
32Price Target of $10 for $CLRB / Up 10% Today
3312x increase unusual volume on BIOC after news of Medicare Coverage of Biocept's breast cancer diagnostic test, 13 million float, eps .19 high, currently trading at $4.10
34#REED ginger beer
35Type “Toughbuilt” into Amazon and you’ll see why I’m bullish on TBLT
36Pay attention to INVU
37$SPRT - 80-90% of float is short (7/20), no avail shorts, positive merger catalyst with $7.5 price target
38Penny Stock Unusual Options Volume 7/20
40Daily Discussion Thread
41This shit sucks...
42Oncolytics Biotech
43$BEST inc plans more expansion and the Deputy Director of the State Post Bureau pays a visit
44$ALF gains 🥳 (I’m still down 60)
45Would this be an example of an in progress inverse H&S?
46Penny Stock Unusual Options Volume 7/19
47Eric Jackson tweeted about Bombardier again today. I'm bullish on BDRBF/BBD.B and think they'll need to add a B somewhere in FAANG soon. Maybe get rid of Facebook and make it BAANG. He's predicting C$34 in a few years.
48$SPRT Bought this AM. It has a small float that is shorted heavily. They announced a reverse merger with Greenige Generation Holdings back in March that’s supposed to happen in the 3rd qtr which could act as a catalyst. Stock was up 10% during market hours and as of this post up 7% in after hours.
49Daily Discussion Thread
50Loss Porn! I realy believe in this Lab Meat but makes me mad to look at it.