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12Lion Electric Receives Conditional Purchase Order from Student Transportation of Canada for 1,000 Electric School Buses
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32Trump making SPACs great again 😅
34PIPE to Float Chart (10/23/2021) - IONQ S-1/A 10/22, VLD S-1 10/21, ML EFFECT 10/22, ACHR S-1/A 10/22, LFG EFFECT 10/21, TMC EFFECT 10/21, HUMA S-1/A 10/21
35My DWAC Analysis (postgame)
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37TDAC BECOMMING LTRY m00n time ride or die!
38$DWAC - Let's go Brandon
39$SEAH YOLO UPDATE #6 After trading around a core position I am HODLing 500k warrants. Everything but 100k of this is profit. Stock is moving post accumulation phase and investor presentations. Feels like shares are close to being locked up now.
40Patrick Orlando SPAC P&Ds?! In all seriousness, what the f#%$ is wrong with you people?
41What does everyone think of this ? 23andme CEO on deal to buy Lemonaid: I love Lemonaid for the pharmacy component
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44Pretty much my Thursday and Friday after selling DWAC at 15$
45Trump’s Tech SPAC Could Make Him Billions With Meme-Stock Frenzy
46ATIP math doesn’t add up. YOLO.
47Every little bit helps
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