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1Announcements x Daily Discussion for Tuesday, August 09, 2022
2Shift Announces Merger with CarLotz; a New Business Plan
3Vivid Seats Raises Guidance while Reporting Record Marketplace Orders
4Warrant expiry
5$TWND can't even get a post on DA Day? Merging with NUBURU
6Musings of the crowded "Short all SPACs trade"
7Leading the Lithium Battery Revolution: Join CEOs of Dragonfly Energy, Chardan in Fireside Monday Aug. 8
8Q2 De-SPAC Earnings Releases Monday 8/8-8/12.
9Announcements x Daily Discussion for Monday, August 08, 2022
10Cellebrite (CLBT) – Low Float De-SPAC, Severely Undervalued, Earnings This Week
11Analysis of DeSPAC Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMBP)
12Why would three banks walk away from advisory roles after reaching definitive agreement?
13The next HKD!!!!
14Thank You SPACs...
15Announcements x Daily Discussion for Weekend of August 05, 2022
16Announcements x Daily Discussion for Friday, August 05, 2022
17Winter is Here—Which Space SPACs will Survive?
18$JCIC Bridger Aerospace, a Leading Provider of Aerial Firefighting Services, to Become a Public Company Through Business Combination with Jack Creek Investment Corp.
19$IFIN Seamless Group Inc., a Leading Global Fintech Platform, to Become Publicly Traded Via Combination with INFINT Acquisition Corporation
20$CLAA Plastiq to Become Publicly Traded Company Through Combination With Colonnade Acquisition Corp. II
22Short borrow fees on $GETY doubling each day. 508k float with options.
23Announcements x Daily Discussion for Thursday, August 04, 2022
24LanzaTech proposed for SPAC listing this year (The company turns CO2 into Aviation Fuel and even materials for running shoes)
25$LEAP is dissolving
26$SAI/SAITW NYC Event on 9 August 2022
27$MOND 838,000 Float
28Announcements x Daily Discussion for Wednesday, August 03, 2022
29$CLAY: An Intriguing Low-Float SPAC Flying Under the Radar
30Anyone know what SPAC this is?
31A word from Wejo CEO Richard Barlow
32Announcements x Daily Discussion for Tuesday, August 02, 2022
33Nikola Buys DeSpac Romeo Power (RMO) for pennies
34$ENCP Graphjet Technology, the State-of-the-Art Graphene and Graphite Producer from Palm Kernel Shells to Become Publicly Traded Via Business Combination with Energem Corp.
35$GLTA Marti, Turkey’s Leading Mobility App, to Go Public via a Merger with Galata Acquisition Corp.
36$SLAC W3BCLOUD to Go Public via Business Combination With Social Leverage Acquisition Corp I
37FAZE about to squeeze
38Announcements x Daily Discussion for Monday, August 01, 2022
39Analysis of DeSPAC Ranpak Holdings (PACK)
40Status of Spacs with options
41APGN ran from $14 to $31 today on extremely low volume. Looks like a potential ISPO or HKD
42$LTRY is probably worth more than 30 cents.
43Getty Images releases a commemorative collage of r/spacs user portraits as thanks for our encouragement the last 6 months.
44RedBall Acquisition Corp. Announces Redemption of Public Shares and Subsequent Dissolution - RBAC RBACW
45In case you missed GETY today there is still another low float with 286k shares $CHWA - was already trading at $12 today so cheap entry at 10.xx
46Announcements x Daily Discussion for Weekend of July 29, 2022
47[Please Teach] How to score another GETY
48Down $334K in 5 months. AMA
49$GETY SEC #'s are out. 508k shares in the float. 99.4% redemptions.
50Announcements x Daily Discussion for Friday, July 29, 2022