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1SatoshiSwap Friday Update - 5th August 2022
2The Fed’s Plan to Create a Digital Dollar Is Met With Hostility. 71% of commenters on Fed’s January 2022 study say NO.
3BREAKING: Curve Finance team warns users to avoid using site until further notice
4Tether also confirms its throwing weight behind the post-Merge Ethereum
5Selling Bitcoin doesn’t mean you’re not bullish: Cypherpunk CEO
6How to bake your own DAO at home — With just 5 ingredients!
7In the coming months NFTArt team will be opening the door for NFT staking and NFT lending on EnterMarket
8I love magic internet money
9Total value locked in DeFi dropped by 66%, but multiple metrics reflect steady growth
10Bitcoin drops to support as looming CPI print shakes up crypto and stock markets
11Reddit partners with FTX to enable ETH gas fees for community points
12Bitcoin dominance hits 6-month lows as metric proclaims new 'alt season'
13Little Miss Hyper Burn 13K one week old. Supply is going fast - currently around 8% burned. This chart could at anytime start having crazy moves as 2% is burned on every transaction.
14Bitcoin realized price bands form key resistance as bulls lose $24K
15F2Pool co-founder responds to allegations it's cheating the Ethereum POW system to introduce Bitcoiners to decentralized finance: KBW 2022
17GolddogeSachs - the first leveraged index for crypto. Be part of the new era of crypto investing with Golddoge Sachs, your crypto broker!
18Institutions flocking to Ethereum for 7 straight weeks as Merge nears: Report
19Nigeria becomes the most crypto-obsessed nation after April crash: Report
20MoonTate 7% BUSD REWARDS LP locked and Safe contract
21GolddogeSachs - the first leveraged index for crypto. Be part of the new era of crypto investing with Golddoge Sachs, your crypto broker!
22Bitcoin price targets 8-week highs as Ethereum reaches $1.8K
23Pablo EscoMars is sitting at 4,2k mcap, ready for a x100! 🚀
24Price analysis 8/8: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, DOT, MATIC, AVAX
25All in on Katana inu?!
26Bull run is just around the corner 🙏
27Ethereum Merge may lessen usage for other chains, says Nansen CEO: KBW 2022
28Bitcoin likely to transition to a risk-off asset in H2 2022, says Bloomberg analyst
29Fed reverse repo reaches $2.3T, but what does it mean for crypto investors?
30Break down of the web3 data landscape
31Chainlink ditches Ethereum PoW forks for PoS after The Merge
32A slice of the punk: Cryptopunk NFT to be split into 56,000 pieces
33Ethereum Name Service founder reflects as 2 million registration mark nears
34Various Strategies on How To Copy Successful Traders
35Crypto lending platform Hodlnaut suspends services due to liquidity crisis
36Has US inflation peaked? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week
3760 million NFTs could be minted in a single transaction: StarkWare founder
38FTX, ByBit rise in web traffic despite overall traffic drop on CEXs
39Cross chains, beware! deBridge flags attempted phishing attack, suspects Lazarus Group
40Bitcoin core contributor urges maximalists to take a different route
41Vitalik: Crypto payments will 'make sense' as tx costs fall to mere cents — KBW 2022
42Hoge is up 111 % since July Bags Operational License In South Korea
44How Bitcoin whales make a splash in markets and move prices
45Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, FLOW, THETA, QNT, MKR
46GolddogeSachs - the first leveraged index for crypto. Be part of the new era of crypto investing with Golddoge Sachs, your crypto broker!
47Elon Musk: US 'past peak inflation' after Tesla sells 90% of Bitcoin
48LAIKA moon confirmed boys
496 Questions for Tongtong Bee of Panony
50What is Chainlink VRF and how does it work?