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1SatoshiSwap Friday Update - 27th May 2022
2Fear 28/05/2022
3AnonyDoxx is a green candle in the sea of red. 400% up since launch in a bear market is a power move
4buy the dip buy the dip buy the dip.
5JPMorgan sees higher BTC price potential, a16z unveils $4.5 billion crypto fund and PayPal hints at more crypto involvement: Hodler’s Digest, May 22-28
6Hold the Line
7Tweelon Doge 4K one month old sitting on the BSC cage floor - about to fly at the reversal when the sale of twitter finally goes through - load up your bags now - here’s our version of the image Elon tweeted.
8One more! SatoshiSwap💎
9Bitcoin price action decouples from stock markets, but not in a good way
10Live Stream: Doodle session
11The VCs are Taking Over Crypto
12LIVE NOW: KitsuneSan Telegram VC Official Live Q&A
13What do we expecting in ArcadeLand this year?
14Bitcoin price stuck below $29K as Terra LUNA comes back from the dead
15Hodl Ape|A team of based devs and smart investors dedicated to taking over the Cronos Network|
16Can a lesson in bimetallism help the long-term stability of Bitcoin and privacy coins?
17Bitcoin network difficulty falls 4.3% to 29.897T, biggest drop in 10 months
18Falling Bitcoin price doesn't affect El Salvador's strategy: 'Now it's time to buy more,' reveals Deputy Dania Gonzalez
19The increasingly acute need for crypto-native insurance
20Terra to burn 1B UST from the community pool as holders vote for it
21MetaGods has been extremely fortunate in gaining widespread community support.
22One River's spot Bitcoin ETF application rejected by SEC
23KitsuneSan token is rumored to release today instead of sunday, if we get in as early as possible you could easily make a quick bag here...
243 metrics contrarian crypto investors use to know when to buy Bitcoin
25TABOOS 1st Mansion Event
26On-chain data flashes Bitcoin buy signals, but the bottom could be under $20K
27How Terra’s collapse will impact future stablecoin regulations
28Billionaire Bill Miller calls Bitcoin 'insurance' against financial catastrophe
29USDT on Polygon as Tether continues expansion
30Price analysis 5/27: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, DOT, AVAX, SHIB
31Highlights May 26: Major cryptos down, SAND and CELO rally
32Bitcoin price approaches key support levels to avoid 'cascade south'
333 reasons why Bitcoin is regaining its crypto market dominance
34BSV president urges Meta to store data for its metaverse on a public blockchain
35The Bitcoin trader sentiment is all time low. This is the lowest value since COVID crash. This shows negativity and fear in traders and this is the time when big players fill their bags. We might see good upward move in coming months as per previous data.
36Anything you need to know about NFT mintingand gaming, news and events is here with ArcadeLand.
37Small Bitcoin whales may be keeping BTC price from 'capitulation' — analysis
38Vitalik: How to create algo stablecoins that don't turn into ponzis or collapse
39Ethereum price dips below the $1.8K support as bears prepare for Friday’s $1B options expiry
40Turning 1k to 100k, follow my Journey! Day 4 Results, Up 5K Now
41Do Kwon May End the Terra Saga Behind Bars
42Last Call
43Sometimes it's a good idea to just zoom out. This bearish market might turn out to become a crypto winter, but there is always crypto summer after all
44With Utopia you can send instant text and voice messages, transfer files, create group chats and channels,news feeds and conduct a private discussion. A channel can be geotagged using integrated uMaps which simplifies Utopia channel search & adds an additional security layer. visit :
45Falling wedge pattern points to eventual Ethereum price reversal, but traders expect more pain first
46MXNT flies as new stablecoin pegged to Mexican Peso
47Derivative Markets Indicate the High Risks of “Crypto Winter” for the Next 3-6 Months –
48Turning 1k to 100k, follow my Journey! Day 3 Results Up 4K already
49#Ezilliontoken is launching its launch pad SOON. Have you ever had a crypto idea and don't know how to launch a token. They can help out. Check them out on telegram and Twitter.
50StrikeX / TradeStrike