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1It's all rigged
2early signs of recession?
3Tesla vs Everybody
4Advice or feedback is appreciated!
5Averaging down and selling
6GE stock surges after profit and revenue beats, a surprise swing to positive free cash flow
7The B Word - Highlight Recap w/ Elon Musk, Cathie Wood & Jack Dorsey
8Tesla Q2 revenue, earnings top estimates after record deliveries
9In an alternative universe...somehow
10Here is a Market Recap for today Monday, July 26, 2021
11Thoughts on my portfolio? 23 years old, been DCAing out of Ford and GE (bought the covid dip) and DCAing into more ETF exposure
12Hey guys, dude who just turned 24 who asked for portfolio ratings this past weekend giving an update. Moved a bunch of money around, sold a lot of the “better than cash” holdings, and dumped some overvalued stuff after re-evaluating their fundamentals. Here is my current portfolio:
13$TAL going 🚀🚀🚀
14#premarket 07/27 $EYEG $OBSV $MOGU $ADTX $OSAT
15With revenue and profit both growing, Loongson Technology prepares IPO on Sci-tech Innovation Board
16$TAL 🚀🚀🚀🚀
17Huge Earnings Week
18Realistically how long do you think they can keep this up before it all collapses? The math don't lie but just how long do you all think we have? Also I personally believe this one will make 2008 seem like nothing.
19There are currently over 400 SPACs, armed with $133 billion in capital, looking for merger partners.
20There are currently over 400 SPACs, armed with $133 billion in capital, looking for merger partners.
21The B Word - Highlight Recap w/ Elon Musk, Cathie Wood & Jack Dorsey
22DSCR Discovery Minerals
23Watchlist For 7/27/2021 -- Some Great Support Plays
24Chinese stocks had a massacre last Friday. Of the 250 listed on US exchanges 229 stocks were in the red with few dropping more than 50%! Total market cap dropped from $2.129T to $2.023T or 5%. Don't be surprised if next week or the after another fund like Archegos collapses.
25Bezos offers to cover $2 billion in NASA costs in exchange for astronaut lunar lander contract
26Can someone explain what is up with this graph never seen anything like it
27Hellas Direct acquires Mapfre Asistencia in Greece
28Insurer-backed cybersecurity platform YesWeHack raises $18.8 million
29Update: Aon and Willis Terminate $30B Merger; Aon to Pay $1B Break-up Fee
30Bitcoin surges 15% to top $38,000, boosted by comments from influential investors and chatter about Amazon getting into crypto
31Tesla announces Q2 earnings; thrashes expectations
32WSJ reveals key inflation indicator is easing - what is this indicator? People’s predictions 🙄. “ One of the most important signals a future inflation has begun to ease in the past month…. The signal is so-called inflation expectations… what investors expect inflation to be over the next 10 years”
33Plxp - After walmart and Walgreens, it's Rite aid.This about to take off , time to load up.
34The Robinhood IPO Is Coming Soon. Steer Clear.
35F*ck it. $508k in. Down $140k. Hodling no matter what. $WISH to $69. 💎🙌🚀
36With over 100 billion yuan of market cap evaporated in one day, the off-campus education and training industry of China might end its “capital era”
38TripAdvisor has fallen 44% from 52 week highs and Barron's says it's $5bn valuation is inexpensive.
39A tax loophole is helping bitcoin holders save tons of cash by avoiding federal taxes
40Lol why is Tilray Tempting the Market 🤣🤣🤣
41Ahead of Tesla results, Cathie Wood says Wall Street's valuing it all wrong
42Intel secures Qualcomm contract
43#afterhours 07/26 $EYEG $FTEK $CERC $ROCC
44Hmmm 3 minutes..before market open 👀 real or not?
45Updated Scatter Plot: Which meme stocks are most likely to short squeeze? And which have the best downside protection (in case Goldman’s right).
46Facebook Inc. (Ticker: FB) - Brief Breakdown
47GME Update: Lowest Volume and what it means
48Morning Update for Monday, 07/26/21
49$TSLA Q2 2021 Earnings Live-Stream ! Tesla Earnings Review
50Maxtech Announces Additional High Grade Assay Results from St Anthony Gold Mine Drill Program