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1This sound very serious. What do you think will happen?
2Finally over 30k
3Take a look at this chart of tesla since 2020 to now.... absolutely insanity... never seen such a bubble before in my opinion. Intel makes 10 fold these guys and isn't worth a fraction at what tesla is valued at 1 trillion... truly interesting times that is for sure lol
4I love the stock market!!
5Households that continue to keep a significant portion of their wealth in the bank are getting wrecked.
6Daddy Elon and Tesla hardcarrying the automotive industry today.
7All eyes on TSLA today
8What happened to cannabis stocks? Anyone think they’ll go up?
9$TESLA gainZ. $5800 tp $27k in 6.5 hours 🤑 thanks Elon!, not at an ATH portfolia worth $32k! :))))
10Wealth in the Bank is being destroyed by Inflation
11Where do you think TSLA will be at by Dec 17?
12ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is getting very little/no attention. Thoughts?
14CNN and CNBC right now have completely opposite stories on the top of their front page right now, one saying FB stock is going up and the other going down. Disclaimer: I loath FB as a company. It should be broken up ASAP. But this MSM stuff is hilarious
15Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas in Rental-Market Shake-Up
16ETFs with Investments in SP500 Winners of 10/25/2021
17“Having weathered the storm, rational investors once again see an attractive opportunity” 🙏🏼
18Finally making money after wising up a bit😁
19#premarket #watchlist 10/25 $MARK - no news. short squeeze , $SONM - no news , $CRTD - NFT buzz, $COMS -COMSovereign and TNS Advance Wireless Infrastructure Security Utilizing the Blockchain for Mobile Electronic Device Verification ... Any trading ideas? Welcome in comments! Also check my app!
20Cyber Security Innovators ( CACI and HUB) Preparing the Ground for the Quantum Revolution
21Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott
22Thoughts on sql? It ended the day at $3.50 but currently is $4+ after hours. It seems like its getting ready to launch🧐
23What are the dark secrets of stock markets that are unknown to ordinary traders?
24Let’s Go Tesla 🚀 🌙
25PayPal Says It’s Currently Not Pursuing Pinterest Deal
26Here is a Market Recap for today Monday, Oct 25, 2021
27Tesla and GME (jacked)
29$FB Q3 2021 Earnings Review - Facebook Stock Review
30What stock should I average down on, all of them? Horrified of my losses rn.
31Who’s riding $FB? Bought in today, here are my positions. Thoughts on earnings call?
32Who else is coming to see mark ?
34SP500 Winners and Losers | 10/25/2021
35(10/25) Monday's Pre-Market Stock Movers & News
36Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife Mackenzie Scott donates 1.7 Billion to HBCU’s, 2.7 Billion to Charities and Covid Relief
37I saved all of the stocks that are possible skyrocket soon, which one should I play with?
38The EVs that will rip
39Where’s Tesla Stock Going? | Why is Tesla Stock Going Up? | Is Tesla Stock a Buy? | #TSLA PT
40I'm still going to share this. MAKE THAT $$$$$
41$TSLA to the moon!!!
42Here's Your Daily Market Brief For October 25th
43Biden has few options to combat surging gas prices
44Phun close at almost $10 on Dutch exchange Sunday, what do you guys expect it to run to this week?
45Covenant logistics:)
46Inflation vs. Stock Market Returns. There’s no clear pattern here. That could be because the stock market is supposed to be forward-looking and inflation involves backward-looking data but even if you did some sort of look-ahead there’s nothing there.
47Nice gains for ADXS today
48Being a Contrarian is Easier in Hindsight. Some investors are more comfortable trying to be a hero. Some more comfortable diversifying and admitting limitations. Being a contrarian and making money simultaneously is hard.
49The Street VS. Retail
5010 Commandments of Investing