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1Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for the week beginning May 30th, 2022
2What's going on in the chinese real estate market ? (Long Post)
3During the last decade, growth stocks outperformed value by a lot! Since 2021 value stocks have outperformed growth, which is more pronounced in the previous six months! Will value stocks continue to outperform growth during the upcoming decade?
4BlackBerry and Google launch Chrome Enterprise Management with BlackBerry UEM May 27, 2022 Enterprises can now manage company-issued and BYO Chrome devices with BlackBerry UEM to boost productivity and security
5Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Weekly Changes and the S&P - Correlation
6Are we overlooking this? Is this green week another peak before the downfall? See chart below for S&P YTD. What do you think?
7Anyone interested in breaking down the implications for the economy of increasing yields in the junk bond market caused by moves to private credit? Harbinger or herring?
8Comprehensive DD: Canoo/$GOEV - Possibly the most overlooked EV Startup Play On The Market
9Historical Bear Markets
10πŸ’š Ready to break out of that 7 week losing streak πŸ’š
11Market close - Friday, May 27 2022 πŸ’šπŸ»πŸ’š
12Free trading journal - Update - Lots of new features in our current BETA
14Weekly Market Close - Friday, May 27 2022
15Congress Stock Traders Still Outperform S&P500
16Technical Analysis for SIGA Stock
17Strippers say a recession is guaranteed because the strip clubs are suddenly empty | indy100
18Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Stock Market Index Represents US Stock Market
19Market close - Thursday, May 26 2022 🟒πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸŸ’
20Wall Street Week Ahead for the trading week beginning May 30th, 2022
21Who's shorting SIGA over the weekend? Look at that daily chart, lol. 3000 shares short at $12.34. Monkeypox β‰  COVID-19.
22Bitcoin Options Show Investors Becoming Anxious About Declines
23The Fed’s favorite inflation measure rose 4.9% in April in a sign that price increases could be slowing
24Twitter shareholders sue Musk, say he 'deflated' stock price
25"The Future"
26Hi guys, I need your thoughts about my portfolio
27This is how academics explain why ARKK is down so hard.
28Inflation Insight's Sharif on Rising Inflation
29Private Equity and Venture Capital: An Introduction - Towards Business
30Can you share your theories on why this market is NOT the time to buy?
31[Disney under investigation for alleged corruption]What the hell is this case, does anyone know?
32New to stocks and need help if any of my stocks is it better to sell now that I am even again or are they at good prices for long term
33Can the U.S. stock market rally continue? Analysts: 10 reasons to tell you it can
34$NVDA earnings takes - solid long term opportunity
35Diversification strategies in low balance (sub-$50k accounts)
36I built a free chrome extension that lets you view candlestick charts with $ tags (Ex: $TSLA) on Twitter
37Amazon shareholders approve 20:1 stock split, vote down record 15 proposals at annual meeting
38BULLISH perspective: SPY + Healthcare / Biopharma / Med Device companies
39$BYND up another 5% on the Kim Kardashian marketing deal. I bought call options and shares. +$100
40Draftkings πŸ“ˆ bet on it…
41'Big Short' investor Michael Burry compares the market slump to a plane crash β€” and hints tumbling stocks and home sales remind him of the housing bubble bursting
42Market close - Wednesday, May 25 2022 πŸ“Š
43$250 billion in β€˜rebalancing’ inflows could rescue stocks by the end of June, JPMorgan says
44my work is offering discounted stock to employees. I'm not sure if getting in on it is a good choice. opinions?
45Citi's bear market model says it may be time to buy the dip
46Fed Minutes Show Urgency for Raising Rates to Tame High Inflation
47I'm a Bear, and Not Just Because I'm big and Cuddly
48Robinhood Stock Lending *NEW FEATURE*
49I Own The Gas Pump, With +8% Yields
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