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1$GME Daily Discussion Thread
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3When you wish upon a star - a complete guide to Computershare
4GameStop Careers - Sr Software Engineer – NFT Platform (listed 25 October 2021)
5GameStop advertising a bunch of new NFT Platform roles. "new initiatives and grown them to billions in revenue". "NFT marketplace experience and knowledge of crypto, Ethereum and Ethereum Layer 2 products."
6I typed up Judge Walkers exact words from the end of the hearing. Time stamp included.
7SEC will ignore but everyone will see it! Right outside SEC's headquarters!
8Great job today apes🟣🚀
9Successfully bought on IEX through Fidelity. It even showed up on the order book! Now to DRS it!
10Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪
11GameStop confirms an NFT marketplace using Ethereum Layer 2 (Loopring?) via job postings
12Amen brother...
13NY Couple gets 20 years for counterfeiting coupons while Ken Griffin gets no prison time, but instead makes $ billions for counterfeiting stocks. Our system is a joke.
14GameStop hiring: Product Owner - Head Of Web3 Gaming. "Build a team to help creators launch their projects on the GameStop platform"
15BREAKING: SEC holding a public comment webcast on Nov. 3rd!! #BANPFOF
16Mods are asleep! Quick, MOASS is tomorrow! Y'all excited!?!?!?!?
17Are we still doing GameStop donations? Grabbed a couple Switches for the Childrens Hospital today.
18DTC Updates Collateral Haircut (100% Haircut Means Not Accepted as Collateral)
19IEX lawyer Cate Stetson from Hogan Lovells law firm.
20Wombo Combo! 💎 🙌🔥 🚀
21I believe the direct quote of what the Judge said and not a paraphrase of it should be spread.
22Phewwww.. oh boy that was a close one.
23The Gang is in FL
24My fiancé clowned me because I became a PowerUp Rewards Pro member and I’m not a “gamer”. Oh honey, GameStop is so much more than that…🤩
25🔴Daily Reverse Repo Update 10/25: $1,413.188B🔴
26Maybe the judges aren't bought off after all... 🧐
27So this just happened...I'm listening are u??
28Mic Drop. Corrected.
29There you have it guys! Fidelity routes our trades straight to IEX!
30My girlfriend knows DRS is the way! I'm collecting karma on her behalf
31It really do be that easy
32Bless this man. What a gem!
33Apette checking in....with another 50 DRS’s that transferred today🚀🚀🚀🚀
34Honk for the stonk! GameStop!Sign v1.0 gone purple!💎🙌🦍🚀🌝
35IEX is great, but DRS is the only way to end this by ourselves
36❗️Apes Beware❗️ The gold shower for DRS is either a phishing or shitty marketing attempt by Don't fall for it or download the app they've linked in the award.
37Used to not care about Yellen’s & Pelosi’s CGT, until I realised it’s all a ruse to get at us - the average person in the market & in our day-to-day. “We will own nothing and be happy”
38Straight punch from IEX!!!
39Fidelity has added IEX!
41MOAR!! 1049 added … LFG!!
42The sub is evolving (DRS)
43Why is XRT (notorious ETF short GME) doing 4.4M vol in an AH trade? That's almost half their market cap. In 2 trades.
45Thank goodness for IEX Lawyer
46Citadel's argument, in a nutshell.
47My favorite part from the Shitadel vs SEC case...
48I’m backkkk, DRS while we wait for the juicy updates. Be patient, be hyped, but be smart about what to believe in. DRS is a silver bullet. My 5k shares for Kenny settled. DRS’d 300 moarrrr
49today's court summarized
50Cate Stetson from IEX deserves credit for being 🔥 🔥 🔥