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2When you wish upon a star - a complete guide to Computershare
3I Saw the GameStop FUD Movie So You Don't Have To
4January 29: The criminals that took GME down 371 points (77%) with only 8 million shares should rot in jail
5Ryan Cohen on Twitter
612,119 GME in Computershare. Happy anniversary, apes!!!
7🥋 Mr Miyagi: "It's ok lose to opponent, must not lose to fear!" ...."teacher say, student do" i'm 100% DRS! 🥋
9The GameStop movie that premiers today was completely pushed out of the discussion only until Ryan Cohen showed us the way. Here’s why he did.
10I got 10 more directly via Computershare and they settled yesterday. 🥳 Perfect timing! Happy anniversary apes! Cheers 🍷✨🚀🚀🚀
11I lied in my last CS post that I can't afford more, after looting a mayodragon's nest I can add 16 more to the pool (had 45 before)! LFG PERKELE!
12+4.69% (1/28/22)
13GameStop: Rise of the Players Synopsis, Review, and Discussion
14100% DRS. There's many like this in circulation, but these are mine
15Adding to DRS
16New iOS app mentions NFT app trade ins in the binary.
17Stoked! My cake day, buy button f'kery anniversary, and my 50 stonk DRS letter arrived today! It's been an awesome brain wrinkling year with you all. Cheers!
18In less than a day we accomplished to remove RC DRS FUD from various search engines. Power to the players! 🎮🚀🧨
19120 more for the bot!
20Wet Dirt Kurt Reporting Live From The Shitadel Building
21Cheers to a year my future astronauts!
22Wikipedia and Movie (RC Connection)
23Sober Ape since 2016!
24Cheers everyone 🍺
2599% DRS! Finally all my special kids are in the pool. Sorry, 1% not allowed.
26Last week alone, apes have fed 100k+ shares to the bot bringing the total to 1.7m shares!
27Sober since May, 2021. Cheers, you glorious people!
28Just remember, DFV quadrupled down at $150
29Saw the movie RC’s referencing - feel free to hit me up with any questions
30Why were there “only” 5M shares direct registered with ComputerShare if insiders own way more than that? I’ll tell you why. FUD busting post
31Looks like Dave Lauer’s “rumor” is true: Hedge Fund Melvin Lost $6.8 Billion in a Month. Founder Gabe Plotkin’s bets against GameStop and other stocks backfired; the rocky road back has been marred by fresh losses this year.
32Happy anniversary apes! 🍻
3316 More and more on the way eventually.
34Can't drink alcohol but will ape brethren accept my water?
35Prepare Yourselves
36It's been two months. Almost thought my letter went missing but I've joined the club! Another 5 at $100 already gone through.
37🔴Daily Reverse Repo Update 01/28: $1,615.021B - BUY HODL DRS🔴
38A little late for the anniversary cheers drink thanks to work, but acct#116XXXX DRS those bad boys already for those that didn't more to come! And yes that's my diamond shaped glass with whiskey.
39Moon Anniversary Toast you hairy beasts! Here is another 500 gallons for the infinity pool posted today! Ticket holders from 1 to RC; I got your back, I know you got mine. No cell, no sell. ♾️🏊‍♀️ 🚀🟣
40I wish upon a star ⭐️ 48 more shares with my name on them!
41Three more for the bot! I finally bought the dip. Averaging down from $310 took a while but I did it.
42Borrow fee up to 1.5% at iborrowdesk!
43HEY, LISTEN! The release of the Gamestop app is just another example of how Ryan Cohen & Co. operate. They do not believe in announcements, when it is ready it will simply drop and then we (and SHFs) will then know about it.
44I choose to have my cake day and post it too! 100+ more shares before the Q4 deadline! Bing bong!
45Deep fucking cheers to all y’all! Happy anniversary
46Cheers! 11 years sober. Love to all apes everywhere.
47Because i am reading a lot of negative comments about "Rise of the Players": The movie is there to inform all "non-apes" about what really happened back in january 2021. Its nothing more.They won't advertise BUY and HODL the stock like in a propaganda movie. We all know whats going on, just chill.
48Adding 1,987 = 2 more
49Sober since 07/26/07. LFG
50UK ape here giving a deep fucking cheers to all y'all. Happy Friday and happy anniversary. I love you all. <3