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2Superstonk Banner Contest Semi-Finals
4GameStop Is Outperforming the Market in 2022. It Is the One and Only Umbrella Against the Shit That Is About to Hit the Fan. 💩☂️🌈
5The only store with a line of customers outside waiting for it to open in the whole mall 🥲
6I’m helping to active new wallets for crypto n00bs. Send me your GameStop Wallet address and I will send you the .50 activation fee in Etherium. I’ll do this for as many as I can. I have about $50 in ETH to burn.
715 min to open and look at this line!! 40 minutes out of town
8Brand new template hot off the press.
9Vive la révolution 💎 🙌 🦧 🚀 🌖
10And just like that, the squeeze was still on. Link in comments
11⭐️PREDICTION⭐️ GameStop will offer Wu-Tang’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ as a GameStopNFT Marketplace exclusive, for FREE, for EVERYONE, and this will ensure MOASS 🚀🚀🚀
12Market's closed? GameStop's open 🏆💪 Finally snagged one!
13Shopping for Mayo
14Empty wallet? Come get the Space Ape NFT - 741 Available - Giveaway
16Mr. Gary Gensler I know its only your 58th week on the job but how can XRT have 9M shares outstanding and 31M shares sold short? I'll wait...
17blackjack (+21) from that rigged casino
18god i love you apes!
19No cell, No sell
20Tether lost another billion of market cap yesterday, making it 11B lost within 17 days. Why is this big ? Because it is a massive SCAM and what really matters is what fraction of Bitcoin’s daily buying volume Tether accounts for, and that number is closer to 70%. Cryptos are gonna go deep red soon.
21poor student DRS
22Hey lazy apes... MAKE A WALLET! If you can't afford the minimum deposit to activate your L2, other apes can pay the activation fee. I volunteer to activate YOUR new wallet!
23Just lurking in front of my local GameStop in DRSden, Germany
24Top post this year! Just leave it there apes 🚀👌
25Fill my purple ring Daddy Cohen 💦😫
26EVERYBODY needs to watch this! A professor is saying and explaining everything we are saying. He‘s exposing wallstreet and Jim clown Cramer. Upvote the linked post so that more people see it! I already shared it with everyone I know.
28Another 250 made their way back home. I feel like Bernie Mac: "I ain't SCARED of you muthafuckas... KICK IT!"
29Ryan, if you lurk around this post: hi 🫡 +11 for your idea sir
30Bubble Gum, bubble gum in a dish. How many pieces do you wish? I’ll take 250 more! (3rd batch of 250 came in at 99.99 each. Got lucky)
31Straight from the horses mouth: trader talks about how the market data we see on screen is an illusion (I found this video because I'm reading the book "FlashBoys" by Michael Lewis) and wanted to share it with you guys. Even "they" know it's all a mirage !
3225 more at $98. Thanks for the sale prices!! Apes just buy MORE!
33DRS let’s goo
34Got a new job and doubled my position. Ryan, if you're lurking, we're locking it up! We are inevitable!
35You wanted an NFT? YOU wanted an NFT? Everyone wanted an NFT! - free NFT inside --> Smoothbrain version Take 2
36the rocket is being prepared for liftoff
37These are my rocket tickets. 🚀
38×5 DRS for me since last earnings. Using me as the only data point, that puts the total DRS at nearly 45mil, LFG
39GME Borrow Rate Fee Tracker (CTB) [05-28-2022] - End of the week update + I want to share my data
40Another 11 shares locked
41Another 6 from Ireland 🇮🇪 DRS YOUR SHIT
42A well balanced breakfast for a good stonk bot (+5)
43Been 16 months, and I like stock more than ever 🏴‍☠️💙
44Weekends are for feeding the bot
45Exactly 1 year ago today, I created this image to portray our unwavering strength in numbers. Today, I minted it as an NFT for us to hodl in our GameStop Wallets! Dm/comment your wallet address if you would like one! Ape together strong 🦍🦍
46BLOOMBERG NEWS: A 900% Jump in Hedging Costs Looms Over Commercial Mortgages (non-paywall)
47What they’re worried about is a popular uproar against them.They’re worried that something like Occupy Wall Street is gonna happen.They’re worried that a bunch of people are gonna go to the streets and demand their heads on a platter.And they’re worried that could really change things. -Les Leopold
48Oh yes 🎉 daily reminder that the DRS percentage is increasing. We have locked an estimated 37.325% of the FREE FLOAT. 🔮🟣🔮 Let’s keep having a positive mental attitude about this, and it will happen before we know it. 🎮
49We still feedin the bot for Karma? Now shower me!
50Here we go, adding to the bot again. I like the stock and I shop at gamestopdotcom +6