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1$GME Daily Discussion Thread
3Save some money on home repairs and buy more GameStop! Carpenter/home repair guy for 20 something years. Reach out to me for any issues or tips and I will advise to the best of my ability or let you know when to call a professional. Anything under a roof except deep HVAC. I’d love to help!
4Founder of REDDIT on Twitter!! Bullish AF! HODL 💎🙌
5Since the beginning of 2021 , GameStop's daily MACD indicator has reversed into the Green only 3 times (4 if you count April, but we had our offering which very briefly suppressed the price) .. Looks like it's time to start Round 4 😉 Readyy... FIGHT 🤑
7The Daily Stonk 07-27-2021
8Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪
9Gary Gensler making waves at SEC, senior lawyers jumping ship: WWW.LAW.COM reports "Gensler’s propensity to break up handshake settlement deals that were in process before he became chairman in well as his hard-charging approach to managing SEC lawyers" is driving SEC lawyer departures.
10The stock is becoming illiquid, and today at 7.30 we have no more than 2.6k volume.
11There is a growing amount of misinformation and over-hyping to go along with it. I don't think it's FUD or shill attacks.
12Not enough ⚠️Point72 Awareness⚠️ because the spam sliding picks up every time we talk about Steve! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
13I CAN'T HEAR YOU: Closed with 1.23 Mil volume! Another high score since 2020 AND YTD!
14After MOASS, be like Dolly.
15Pre MOASS idea. Get your ass in to the gym and get healthy. No point of becoming rich if you going to die from some random disease.
16Occam's Razor 🪒
17The good old hedge sponsored MSM pump and dump. which is apparently okay with the SEC. but get a dude on YouTube telling people he likes a stock!? Well hold on there, we need to talk to you, sir!!
18Our Favorite Stock on Jeopardy
19Win win situation
20Choose your hashtags wisely. If we still have hopes on them we should not be that hard. It's called Diplomacy.
21Are we about to explode?
22Here is the itinerary for new apes
23I work in a mobile telephone shop so any issues with phones,tablets etc I’m here for you.
24The media has always lied, and after the fuckery I’ve witness, I’m holding for Gary.
25Who’s ready for Tuesday?
26Did the volume for the day really just end like this on Yahoo? Confirmed simulation.
27⚪️ VOLUME LOW SCORE ⚪️ Drier than my bank account
28Just In Case Anyone Was Wondering What GME’s Historical Beta Looked Like 👀.
30🔴Daily Reverse Repo Update 07/26: $891.203B🔴
31GME volume posts got us like
32Speaking of tools
33CNBC and White House do not seem to agree on the affects that Delta Variant has had on the US economy despite what they keep telling us! What an interesting disagreement of facts!
34It’s gonna be a blast 💥
35GameStop Space Shuttle or SpaceDildo? Short Sellers vs Gamers? MOASS or no MOASS?
36Wut doing China?
37DFV Tweet from November ✨🚀✨
38I can buy name brand ibuprofen now!
39Another Day of Trading Sideways - Day 42
40One hour into pre-market… NO ONE IS SELLING… buckle up apes this is going to be EPIC…!! 💎🙌🦍🚀🌙😎
41My favourite tweet from DFV. Hedgies r fuk
42(Release No. 34- 92495; File No. SR-GEMX-2021-07) Self-Regulatory Organizations; Nasdaq GEMX, LLC; Notice of Filing and Immediate Effectiveness of Proposed Rule Change to Amend the Opening Process. Primary Market Maker must enter a quote in 90% of their assigned series in 1 minute.
43Long Term Investing.
44This is why we hold. To make world better place for people that deserve it!
45Apparently they care about the worker’s mental health and thus are giving everyone a week off. Sus as hell!
46After months of messing with stock themed cocktails, I am finally brave enough to present to my fellow apes; Jacked to the Tits (recipe in comments)
47HOLY ShIT they have XLR! GameStop, supplying underemployed sound guys near you with free "roadie wrap" lessons in-store
48Keep up the good work Cramer!
50Kenny does a funny