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2DRS/Computershare Megathread 08/2022
3CEO of a $9BN mining company bashes short sellers on CNBC
4Larry Cheng on Twitter
5When this hits, anyone want to join me in opening up an insulin factory that undercuts all the leeches in big pharma?
6Today we lived August 24th 2020 and I will drink a full glass of water if we don't touch 55 next week.
7In 2003 the DTC & SEC went on record to say that A) They will protect neither companies nor retail investors, and B) The way to protect ourselves and the companies we love is to DRS.
8COMMENT TO THE SEC: Don't let the OCC use Main St money to pay off degenerate Wall St gambling debts!
97.09% Discount (08/09/22) BUY HODL DRS
10Vanguard confirms DTCC guidance as a Forward Stock Split
11βœ… chinese tickers scam for collateral already down 92%: from $.5 Trillion to $43B βœ” (something big is coming) βœ…
12Black rock filed a request to suspend shareholders from being able to withdraw funds
13It's been said
147/41 - Tits Jacked - LMAYO
15REVISITED: Citadel Cycle swaps and RC 11 dimensional chess. Recent action hints I was right?
16GAMESTOP is asking for OUR HELP. 50% OFF at STORES ONLY. This means they need help moving their stale inventory. Go buy some games or a T shirt or anything. The more you shop, the more shorts suffer. I also saw this ad on Reddit r/superstonk from u/gamestop_social, wish I had saved it.
17πŸ”΄Daily Reverse Repo Update 08/09: $2,186.568B - BUY HODL DRSπŸ”΄
18Last week I reported how GameStop had more FTDs over the last 10 years than 99.969% of 38k tickers. Many of you asked for more info, especially about which tickers had more FTDs than GameStop. Here is that info and some other tit-jacking findings uncovered from the additional research... πŸš€
19+4208 for the bot. Chat with Fidelity on Friday, safe in CS on Tuesday. DRS!
21+6,972 for the bot. DRS your fake shares and make them real!
22Golden Cross UPDATE T+2 since a post faked it
23Vanguard just told me it might take up to 30 days to DRS due to the volume of requests they receive. They said 3-5 days last week. Is this normal?
24$GME gets knocked down from it's intraday high prices at a much higher than average rate.
25100 more that "I" own! These are mine and no one can take them from me!
26DTCC is fuk. CS confirmed that it was a stock split *dividend* & not a regular stock split. Bullish
27Hindsight is…
28Just got a promotion at work. Gonna set my salary increase as a bi-weekly direct buy from my favorite non-broker. Just give me the money now and it will hurt less. +64. Fuck you, pay me.
29Betty Boop, the original first female animated character, debuting exclusively on the GameStop Marketplace this month. Bring on more heavy hitters! πŸš€πŸš€
30My first post with more to come! +200
31+16 DTC STOCK WITHDRAWALS (DRS) ComputerShare sure knows how to treat me
32Looks like lights are back on the menu boys! May I present Susquehanna International Group burning the midnight oil while potentially handling a $48,000,000,000 margin alert! This is their Global Headquarters in Bala Cynwyd, PA around 11:30pm on 8/8/22.
33+25 - Every Share Counts!
35Added +55 , now just kick back and watch shit unfold! Never been more ZEN.
36+55 for the Bot. Phidelity Chat Friday Evening to CS by Tuesday. Beep Boop.
37+12 more for the bot
38I Don't Use Reddit Anymore, Except to Read DD. This is an Old Account, but I Thought it was Time to Post the Full DRS. Been 100% Since the Beginning of the Movement, but been Lurking since the Sub's Creation
39I did a thing! 84 for the BOT
41I can finally show off my own purple circle!
42Dr. Trimbath on twitter
43the story of apes on twater
44Behold my collection of purple circles
45More purple, More circle
468 Days from starting to access in Denmark - 1000 more on the way acc 180xxxx
47Officially part of the 100% DRS crew. LFG!
48Transfer is done. 100% DRS'd. +80 more for the DRSBOT.
49+80 more moon tickets sent to computershare!
50My first 200 for the Bot. Took 5 minutes through online chat on Friday with Fidelity. Showed up today on Tuesday.