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1When you try to post at r/amcstock but your karma is too low
2Oh my G...
3Bought more shares today!
4Hope you packed extra underwear Kenny…
5This just in..
6Apes help Apes
7Don't short Robbinghood IPO - actually don't even fuck with it at all.
8Our baby should be due any day now…So will our son!👶🦍🚀 #apenursery
9Hedgies seeing Gurbir Grewal start his first day of work at the SEC today…. 🦍 🚀 🌝
10Did Some DD with a Drunk Scientist….
11Get em, whale.
12New truck new plate. Am I wrong?
13Still Waiting.. 😴😴😴
14Why I Hold?? 💎🙌🛥💃🏼Hint: Boats-n-Hoes
15Agreed, Buy And Hodl!!! LFG!
16AMC and GME are ticking time bombs - $9999 ASK for AMC and $5000 ASK for GME
17The apes have spoken
18Hf's giving a week vacation NOW & in August. Maybe my tits are jacked from watching THE BIG SHORT last night but it feels like $AMC $GME broke some algorithims. THE #MOASS Is IMMINENT !!!!!!!!! 😜🤪🦧🚀🚀⏳💣💥🌜🪐💎💎💎👊🔩🥜
19SEC Charges 27 Financial Firms for Form CRS Filing and Delivery Failures
20Every ape out there must BUY AND HODL! Nothing more, nothing less.
21Awww yeah!
22Not a dead cat 🐈
23Cruising around town like…
24I know I know. Robinhood sucks. But that’s all I knew about when I bought my mama in. She needs to take her car to the mechanic, but am I going to sell these to do so? Hell no!! I’m gonna hodl til the very end and buy her whatever kind of car she wants and pay her rent for the rest of her life.
25Lets GOOOO!!!!
26AMCs Price Doesn’t Matter
27Me: Telling my grandkids about pre- MOASS
28It been a while since i saw thos floating around so i thought id repost to lift spirits.
29Don’t be afraid…
30Watching with lust and waiting for the 1st-
31Analysis into the new DTCC rulings and what they mean for GME and AMC MOASS. Great explanation of everything going on and why its happening.
32I am ready !!!
33If you need to sign, here you go!
34Possible SEC Insider Trading: Pension System Tied to Gurbir Grewal [New SEC Director of the Division of Enforcement] Just Purchased 229,000 AMC Shares; Grewal Starts His Job Today. Doesn’t Seem to Be a Coincidence.
35Diamond RAND! 💎💰
37The battle continues it is a war each day is a battle AMC
38$300 price point?
39Its Inevitable
40GME 🚀🚀🚀.. Diamond hand.. Buy & HODL
41Me: tryin to figure out how to drive my GOD DAMN LAMBO after MOASS
42I can hear it in his voice 😂🤣
43ATTN: We are now preparing for takeoff. Last call for passengers!
44very innovative this SEC, welcome to the future
45Knowing my luck this shindig will happen while I’m in limbo. So….you’re all welcome.
46John Hempton from Bronte Capital getting thick(salty) at apes because was/is shorting Gamestop and Amc
47Bottom of the barrel ridiculous comparison between groups that are nothing alike. To the desperate shills all these events basically look the same and so they can kill two birds with one stone.
48Jackson Hunter on Twitter
49#PleaseHelpUsGary Gary Gensler is now on Twitter and it looks like he is almost begging for us to comment! Let's get #PleaseHelpUsGary trending so we can get this front and center to him.
50Pay day is Friday. Hedgies better pray the price isn’t this low by the time the deposit hits my account.