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1Time to send Iceberg out to sea! Iceberg is a tiny company headed by Arnaud Vagner who also shorted AMC
2$AMC at $36
3Fuck Iceberg! DWAC dips 10% after short-seller Iceberg bets against stock
4Spread the good word, fidelity users
5Created an LED stock ticker!
7Hella well attended Citadel v SEC live stream here....
8A moment of silence for Burrys puts
9Thought on current runs?
10Let’s get this trending !! And let’s get ready to make some noise tomorrow apes !! The SEC & Shitadel hearing is tomorrow and apes need to let them know Shitadel does NOT have retail in they’re best interest !! Quite the opposite.
11AMC Correlation w/ Other Heavily Shorted Stocks
12Off topic but any of my fellow apes are into @SHIB?
13GEVO Gamma ramp to $25
14Will amc pass 100$?
15Buy the fuck out of BKKT (super duper easy smooth brain argument)
16$PHUN, a quick short momentum play?
17Tax unrealized gains is ………
18To The Moon!!
19Iceberg short selling DWAC betting against us!
20My long term expectations of DWAC
21Shitadel = SEC
22Search for a new stock sub
23Did Amazon just have a total service failure or is it just me?
24GBHL could be the next PHUN
25#NASDAQ: $IONM Assure Holdings Expands Operational Footprint With First Neuromonitoring Case in Nevada @ipoguy
26BigNews: $CRDL @CardiolRx Receives Health Canada Approval for Phase II Clinical Trial of CardiolRx(TM) for Acute Myocarditis @ipoguy
27DWAC: Cause A Squeeze By Buying SPAC Warrants And The Next Undiscovered MAGA Meme Stock
28IRS can’t track cryptos.
29NoShib - Elon Tweet meme play with SHIB rewards. Elon has no SHIB?? I think he might change his mind on that soon. Earn SHIB passively without gas fees!
30Make unlimited money
31150% and Looking Good.
32BENE is blowing up all over Webull and Stocktwits especially
33Prog is the play if your looking for a short squeeze this week DD: Trust me bro jk check out r/shortsqueeze sub
34Do your DD on this One!! Lots of positives lie ahead for this Growth Stock!!
35tRump DWAC - FAKE FRAUD Foundation... FAKE FRAUD University...FAKE FRAUD Social Media...
36Looking for a Good App
37The hand I will never fold is __________.
38Calls on…
39Smooth brain D-Limit question.
40NFT Dividend question.
41AMC and DWAC Inverse Correlation
42AMC Apes not selling for DWAC, SHITADEL you have failed🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
43This is where it gets fun because shorts have to cover but there are NO SHARES
44The Bullish Case For DWAC
45[SEC Report] = Shorts Didn't Cover ✅GS Twitter Countdown ✅ - "Buckle Up!!!" 🚀🌔
46I feel very lonely & lost but fascinated.
47Tax Loss Question
48BTC at $8K, Record-Breaking Polygon Hack and Sam Altman’s Orwellian World: GetBlocks Digest
49FUD and the Wizard's Horror
50why i hodl for amc and gme. we are strong