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31-Year Anniversary of Tendie Day - Epic Battle of Gamestop
4Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
5What’s a Schmite??
6Time-Lapse: Losing $2,400,000 Robinhood Portfolio
7[4 of 5] Look, the people you are shorting are the people you depend on... [GME x Fight Club]
8[5 of 5] Trust me, everything's going to be fine... [GME x Fight Club]
9Retail Investors whenever this song comes on:
11[3 of 5] This is a paper loss... [GME x Fight Club]
12What did I just watch…
13[2 of 7] Apes! Welcome to Stonk Club... [GME x Fight Club]
15[1 of 7] Go ahead, Cornelius, you can cry... [GME x Fight Club]
16DD has always stood for Danny Devito!
17Pretty much describes it...
18Big Tech Stocks Takes HIT FB Stock, APPL Stock, TSLA Stock🚨Do We Buy Now...
19Auddia app saw ~3X click-to-install rate over average for a music mobile application Remains on track for full national launch on February 15, 2022; Rebranding and new name of Auddia app to ‘faidr'
201k To 100k In 15 Trades Or Less Challenge: 4th Pick🚨 Must See To The End...
21AMC Stock Hedge Funds Plan To Cover Position/ Turn 1k To 100k In 15 Trad...
23New Short Squeeze Target $PIXY Stock/Could This Be The Next AMC/GME Shor...
24Moment of Zen
25It’s all about the algos!
26It always gets back up!
27They’re gonna need more shovels!!
28$AMC Stock, $BBIG Stock, $PIXY Stock, $SOFI Stock, $SEAC Stock: Stocks T...
29Guys this is the top, sell everything
30Stand up straight and let me get a look at you.
31Uh... the gentlemen in the blue cardigan, please...
32Live Price Action: AMC Stock, RETO Stock, GME Stock, PTON Stock, VMAC St...
33$SOFI Stock $16 Price Target Hit Another Run Ahead 🚨 $RELI Stock Next L...
34AMC Stock Sets Up For A Gamma Squeeze/ Share Holders Must Know This/ $RE...
35How often do you, uh...?
36$RETO Major Buy Alert Update/$SOFI Stock, $SEAC Stock, $DWAC Stock, $BBI...
37$DATS Stock Breaks $4, $SBEV Upside Move Coming Soon, $AMC Hedge Funds E...
38All-Time Gamma Squeeze Setup
39#afterhours #watchlist 20/01 $EMBK - no news, $VMAC - Approve Business Combination with Anghami Inc., $CDAY -earings, $LLNW - earnings... Also check premarket runners and low float stocks in my app!
40$NVAX set to rocket
41Two More Days Until OpEx
42Gentlemen, how much do you already know?
43AMC Stock, BBIG Stock, PIXY Stock, SBEV Stock, RETO Stock, PAYS Stock, D...
44AMC Stock Will Enter A Gamma Phase 🚨 How Can Apes Make It Happen/How Wil...
45Short Squeeze $SFT🚀 30% SI, $200m MC, $650m TTM Sales & 220% YoY Revenue Growth
46Everyone said a multiyear strategic partnership was old news. (Slide)
47SPCE falls 85% since ATH
48Yes, can the SEC stop crime?
49$TELL Revolution
50Sunday Morning Cartoons #6 - Gon's first shares that he bought last year in January are now long. Now he shows Reddit how hard his diamond hands have become 💎🙌 [Source: Hunter x Hunter]