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1Binance Support Thread
2Many people need to absolutely understand this
3Im banned from Binance because of my nationality!!! I live in Canada and Im a permanent resident! But because of my Nationality im banned from Binance!
4What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA? And why should I use one for trading crypto?
5Binance freezes my account and says it’s under investigation by the fbi
6Any updates for Jasmy listing date?
8Binance transaction history
9best crypto strategy with only $1000 on hand aiming to make x2-x5 at the end of this year.
10New to crypto - Can you give me some threats? ID:20393226. Much love
11Gotta love pancakeswap and bnb fee
12[API] Klines weight limit for multiple points in one request
13Tiny amount of unknown coin in my wallet
14Perfect setups 😍😍😍
15How to track your transactions on Binance Smart Chain (Track wallets, transactions, contracts, etc...) - BSCScan full guide!
16How do I see order history older than 3 months?
17Lost 4.8k BLZ ($1073.00)
18New Crypto Exploding in Price-BNBConnect Lanuch Staking- Profit Up to 216%. 1st Nov 2021. Don't miss it. BNBConnecting
19Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott in crypto
20Do you think this person may start to try to scam me like those whatsapp numbers on youtube comments usually on crypto channels? - A bit strange. Sooo many scammers on reddit, YouTube etc.
21Binance introducing Real-Time Burning Mechanism for BNB
22CumRocket is launching an NFT marketplace for adult content, allowing chat messaging, tipping, and subscription services in the future. Their platform is powered by their native token, CUMMIES, for payments.
23What does 'You have reached the subscription quota limit' mean?
24Monitoring investment
25Ontario resident with crypto still on exchange..
26Rose finance rof ROF
27Why is ADA Network no longer shown on Binance?
28MDX withdrawals suspended?
29Can somebody explain this? I was able to buy 1 BNB @ 450$ since I buy them with DAI. I was wondering why my order was completed and then I saw this chart. Why does this happen with a stablecoin trading pair?
30Sunshield Token PRESALE: Super Deflationary BNB Earner. Staking, Farming & NFT's Coming! The Next Big Thing! Get in at the beginning!
31Please share if you have any extra. Thanks
3250th Today
33Anyone notice this project/stock?
35WOWswap coming to Binance?
36Watch out for WOWswap on BSC, 5x leverage DEX with tokens from BNB ,Polygon ,AVAX,SOL and more
37BETH, the token bridge for Ethereum 2.0 stakers
38Why Token Economics is different from Economics 101
39How is it THIS difficult?
40New to crypto
41Never getting more or less from limit order
42BNB Faucet or Way to Convert BUSD w/o BNB?
43Convert Pegged-ETH to BNB
44What does "overloaded network" means?
45So it's been 5 months and still not verified
46Made a special neon sign Bitcoin. i think it turned out amazing
47Binance UK
48Can someone send me BNB for gas? (Need $0.12 Now) or Tell me how to get it instantly?
49AXS Staking
50Portfolio Value chart?