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1Cointest Updates: 50% increase in Moon prizes, more guidance, team additions, and rounds ending soon.
2Daily Discussion - July 27, 2021 (GMT+0)
3The Ethereum upgrade "London" coming in 9 days will be a "hard fork" and I found out what that means so you don't have to.
4MOONs have passed DOGE in price. Welcome to the new world
5Amazon is not your friend and an Amazon coin will be just as centralised as FIAT.
6AMZN denies report of accepting bitcoin THIS YEAR
7Brave Browser is Very Close to Adding Additional Custodial Wallet Partners (Meaning You Won't Need to Use Uphold Anymore!)
8Kazakhstan, Home of Borat, Adds Bank Accounts for Cryptocurrency As Country Expands Its Crypto Mining to Global Market. Very Nice!
9I would be so happy if we all got rich
10Karma Needed To Earn A Dollar (July 2021 - Price Update)
114,000 BTC ($154,085,890 USD) were moved today. No government, bank or third party had to verify it. Nor could they prevent it. This is the power of Blockchain
12Made my first IRL crypto purchase today, and it was in the middle of nowhere
13Actual unpopular opinion thread
14As this is pretty much Reddit's premier cryptocurrency sub, its important to remember that a huge amount of newcomers appear here every single day. Yes there are moon shitposters, but even more have genuine questions that are critical to their first experiences with cryptocurrency.
15ETH 2.0 Exceeds 200k Validators, Present Staking at $14 Billion in ETH
16Just like that.. ball has started rolling
17Beginner's Guide to Cardano
18India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates
19Be honest, how many of you have invested in an ALT coin after only reading a handful of comments in 30 mins or less?
20Friendly Reminder: Close your computer, grab a drink and get some rest. Cryptocurrency is a Long-Term game.
21Can Blockchain replace the traditional banking system in the future?
22$1.1 billion worth of Bitcoin shorts liquidated overnight. 100k shorters rekt
23How long until other platforms adopt the r/cryptocurrency moons model?
24When BTC was sitting at $29k a week ago, the FUD was in full effect. Don't fall for the whales trying to profit off you.
25Q2 Earnings Report Finally Confirms Elon Musk's Tesla Didn't Sell Bitcoin Holdings
2645% of Ultra Wealthy Families are Looking into Investing in Crypto and Think that it Will Improve Efficiency and Productivity like the Internet
27Stop thinking and just DCA
28Well it's the last day of lockdown so I created an alphabet of shitcoins shitfographic
29Does anyone else find some the common crypto lingo cringy?
30Shiba Inu has lost 83% of its value since its all-time high in May. Experts believe it will be hard to last long term when much of its value is tied to social media hype.
31These past two days are an example for why you should stay away from leverage if you don't know what you're doing.
32Crypto cured my gambling addiction
33Don't fall for this DeFi ETF - Goldman Sachs just filed for a 'DeFi ETF' which just contains random legacy companies.
34I bought my niece and nephew crypto instead of investing in their college fund.
35It is crazy how fast sentiment changes on this sub.
36Ways to get free crypto?
37Someone tipped me 50 moons! Iā€™m so happy!!
38For the love of God get rid of your credit card debt first?
39So the Amazon story was fake and the pump a massive liquidation of shorts. With a Binance alleged $48k scam wick
40I can't keep I have to sell
41Moons are taking away the fun
42Before Investing in Crypto, make absolutely sure you have an Emergency Fund in place.
43Vitalik Buterin to voice over in a new NFT animated show by Mila Kunis: "Stoner Cats". He will voice a taxidermied cat named Catsington. Vitalik will be along voice-acting greats such as Seth McFarlane and Chris Rock.
44Tesla hasn't sold a single Bitcoin despite all of Elon Musk's antics
45The Special Membership for this sub costs $5USD in fiat, or $250USD in MOONs per month.
46Bitcoin miners recycling harmful gas that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere
47Crypto and titties = future
48The Post-Pandemic's Upcoming Economic Fallout On Fiat, And How Will Benefit Cryptocurrencies: A Case Study On USD
49I Created a Moon Tipping Leaderboard!
50Moons are nearly at 30 cents! šŸš€šŸš€