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1Monthly Optimists Discussion - May 2022
2Daily General Discussion - May 28, 2022 (GMT+0)
3The new project from Do Kwon just dropped and it's already down 70% and counting
4This is just the beginning. We're a few months from feeling the full brunt of global food shortages, climate crises, and major issues that we aren't being told. Don't go all in right now.
5Epic Games VP: "People have kind of lost interest in the metaverse, because characters look like cartoons with no legs" | Can't argue with that, most blockchain/crypto related games look like there were created in the 90s-2000s, let's not even talk about the gameplay.
6This time I won't feel sorry for anybody losing money...
7Should I really hope?
8Lonely Ape: the NFT dating service cancelled due to a lack of women
9Bitcoin finally decouples from the stock market!
10Terra LUNA 2.0 Price Falls By Over 60% Hours After Airdrop
11BTC and ETH - don’t be me post 2017.
12If Everyone is talking about it you're probably late.
13People are using the knowledge they have today to explain what was "obvious" in the last bear market, and are using this to predict the future. That's stupid.
14Polkadot ($DOT) ELI5. Are you bullish on Polkadot? Why or why not?
15Ethereum's Merge is Coming and the Stakes Are Super High
16Do you remember Vitalik's SBT idea from a few days ago? Someone has created an "***hole SBT" that you can mint and bind to any wallet you want. This person has to pay 32 ETH to get rid of it.
17Sex Workers Turn to Crypto Amid Stricter Industry Regulations
18MicroStrategy CEO on Bitcoin on National News: "I'll Be Buying at the Top Forever, I'm Not Trying to Time the Market"
19Kraken is DA BEST!
20MicroStrategy, a public American software company, spent $3.97 billion to purchase 129,218 Bitcoins, at an average price of $30,700 per coin. Currently, they are down $236 million dollars from their investment. However, they have not sold a single Bitcoin.
21Surely Altcoins will survive this bear market too but 95% of them likely won't go out as strong as they once were.
22How many people have gotten wealthy from hawking coins with little to no utility?
23Every tenth household in the Eurozone holds crypto (ECB study).
24In a bear market you should not always look for the reversal but expect the downtrend to continue like that and plan accordingly.
25Solana's blockchain clock loses track of time, now running 30 minutes behind
26Bitcoin Breaks From Stocks and Keeps On Falling as Crypto Slides
27JPMorgan Drops Real Estate for Crypto; Says Bitcoin Trading at 30% Discount
28WCGW, If I just change the name of the coin and back again after wiping out billions of dollars.
29Ethereum co-founder says Solana price could nosedive after $1 trillion crypto market crash
30Elon Musk has been Sued by an Investor For Manipulating the Crypto Market
31Buttcoin vs. Do Kwon
32I've made a web and mobile application to easily manage your crypto wallet, including many customized charts and statistics updated real time. It's completely free and open source, check it out!
33STEPN Token Crashes Following China Ban Announcement |
34Do you ever invest into obvious Ponzi schemes or scams?
35crypto influencers: How influencers hype crypto, without disclosing their financial ties
36ALT coin plays this bear market. My choices: Chainlink, Algorand, Atom and Quant and why.
37Onlyfans Creator RJ Phillips Launches Zoop: An NFT Trading Card Platform on Polygon
38Dubai cryptocurrency expert assaulted by investors for losing money
39Crypto Guy Says He Could Spend $1 Billion Backing Democrats in 2024
40Something that helped me a lot: you don't make money, you take money.
41"Making it" will bring it's own problems. Be careful who you tell about your gains out there
42I sold most of my shitcoins at a loss today but I actually feel better NOT holding bags.
43A Pointless Tribute to my Cat
44Mastercard Exec Explains How Crypto Can Go Mainstream
45For those wanting to do Futures trading on Terra Luna (2.0 / NEW) (OKX)
46Is Crypto predominantly supported by Republicans or Democrats?
47Billionaire Tim Draper Doubles Down on $250,000 Bitcoin Prediction
48U.S. bill would bar Google, Apple from hosting apps that accept China's digital yuan | Reuters
49America Want to Limit China’s CBDC Usage in US App Stores
50Here’s how much money you would have lost if you bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT a month ago