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1Pack your Moons, we’re moving to mainnet!
2Daily General Discussion - August 10, 2022 (GMT+0)
3Someone is using Tornado Cash to send ETH to Doxxed Wallets
4Coinbase reported Q2 earnings. They lost $1.1 billion in the quarter and revenue declined 64%
5Someone Is Trolling Celebs by Sending ETH From Tornado Cash
6Would you sacrifice 5 years of your life for 100 Bitcoin and 100 Ethereum?
7Reddit's Community Points are migrating to Arbitrum Nova
8Iran makes its first import order using $10m worth Crypto. Government says by the end of September, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts will be widely used in foreign trade with target countries.
9Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says purchasing land in the metaverse is the "dumbest shit ever."
10As metaverse land prices plummet, Mark Cuban says buying digital land is ‘The dumbest sh*t ever’
11FTX partners with Reddit to roll out tokenized Community Points
12Found a service that allows you to report scam addresses and get rewarded
13Coinbase Card's 4% XLM back has been extended through September 16
14Coinbase executives see crypto winter continuing, stock falls after earnings show $1.09 billion net loss
15It's time to secure your Reddit account and its Vault
16The crypto community is not what it was [serious]
17Curve front end has been compromised. Do not use.
18Joe Rogan Believes the US Government Fears Bitcoin
19Coinbase’ $1B+ loss is the most bullish news for the current crypto market. Future is being built, right here, right now!
20Crypto market on edge ahead of US CPI inflation data. Lower than the previous 9.1% could mean that inflation has peaked
21Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum has launched its new transaction cost-optimized chain, Nova, for all end-users and partnered with Reddit to migrate its community points system to Ethereum
22Coinbase ($COIN) quarterly revenue falls by over 31% and misses estimates. Crypto stocks seem to be even more volatile than Crypto itself.
23Tomorrow we will be getting new Inflation numbers in the US. That's the biggest economical event of this month and will influence Crypto accordingly.
24Dubai wants to become a global tech hub – and it's betting on crypto to get it there
25Kraken released an analysis of PoW vs PoS
26Mass Exit Attacks are possible on the Lightning Network, according to this study.
27Crypto-driven GPU crash makes Nvidia miss Q2 projections by $1.4 billion
28Texas miner earned $9.5M in power credits while mining 318 BTC
29We are on Mainnet now!
30DeFi Protocol Curve.Finance Hacked; $570K Stolen
31Ethereum Cofounder Says He Used Now-Blacklisted Tornado Cash to Donate to Ukraine - Decrypt
32Is anyone else getting sick of all the bots on this sub lately?
33Have you found a copy trading platform that you like best?
34US blacklisting of Tornado Cash sparks outcry from cryptocurrency industry
35Just received a full refund from Reddit for NFT avatars.
36What are the practical implications of Moons being moved to the main net? What are the next steps after this?
37How Web3 and NFTs will change social media forever
38Data Hygiene, and What You Can Do NOW.
39Proof-of-time vs. proof-of-stake: How the two algorithms compare
40How do you get your Vault into Metamask step by step?
41Reddit teams up with FTX to innovate community points
42Algorand Foundation partners with Boston University to support African Farmers
43If you failed to take some profits during bull runs, set up your sell orders in advance, preferably during bear markets.
44Variant of the 5 year Sleeping Question
45Coinbase invites institutional investors through BlackRock Inc.
46Curve Finance hacked DNS servers were hacked. Hacker put a malicious contract on the home page.
48Appreciation post to all the MOONS devs
49NEAR Research
50A refugee's account of the dictatorship in Syria – in defense of decentralized money