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1New Moons Are Ready! (Round 22)
2Daily Discussion - January 29, 2022 (GMT+0)
3Why Crypto culture is so cringe?
4People who say “don’t keep your coins on exchanges” are like old people who lived through the Great Depression not trusting banks
5Crypto is teaching a lot of young people how to invest and manage their money.
6OH SHIT!!! One of the governor candidates for Texas said he would do the same thing Arizona is proposing here if he wins, making Bitcoin legal tender in Texas that is. This stuff is going to become our legal currency the same way alcohol and weed prohibition ended, State by State
73 years ago, A former CIA covert intelligence officer did an AMA, on being asked what is the biggest national threat to United States,The answer was Blockchain technology!
8Data Shows Young Crypto Addresses Sold 36% of Their Holdings at a Loss in the Last Month
9Finally bought a hardware wallet, goodbye coinbase
10Bidens executive order, America competes and a history lesson about AmericaExecutive Order 6102
11Robinhood Fails To Appease Investors
12Demand for SHIB on Google declines by over 90% in the last 3 months
13281 Days ago Elon Musk claimed Bitcoin would solve Climate-Change, 261 Days ago he claimed Bitcoin would cause Climate-Change, 310 Days ago he claimed to never Sell Bitcoin, 277 Days ago he Sold $300M
14Belgian MP to Receive Entire Salary in Bitcoin — Says Crypto Adoption Will Be ‘Exponential’
15Visa says crypto-linked card usage hit $2.5 billion in its first quarter
16Google searches for crypto addiction spiked over 400% in 2021
17Robinhood Reports 2021 Net Loss of $3.69B While Crypto Activity Falters
18Coinbase Learn and Earn Opportunity
19So apparently Btc is aiming at 40k again.
20Arizona has introduced a bill to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender
21Ethereum Bullish Signal: Number Of Holders With 1 ETH Touches New ATH
22Buterin to Use Returned $100M From SHIB Donation for Covid Projects Worldwide
23Updates on going Bankless
24Politicians are now starting to use crypto as leverage to win election votes from people who are invested, and we're completely fine with that?
25Bill Introduced To Make Bitcoin A Legal Tender In Arizona - TIME TO MOVE TO AZ
26It’s surprising and promising that some from congress are advocating for cryptos (even for selfish reasons).U.S. Congressman wants to scrub bill provision that crypto advocates say is a potential disaster
27r/personalfinance continues to downvote any comments I make about staking stablecoins on exchanges for better returns than HYSA for banks. Some posts even lead to deletion for ‘rule breaking’
28Moons are useless (change my mind)
29Robinhood posts $423 million net loss, shares sink after hours
30Former Chair of the Cardano Foundation to Launch DAO on Algorand
31Circle's CEO predicted bitcoin will hit $1 million, called gold a relic
32Sound Money vs Ultrasound Money. Why would you buy BTC as a store of value over ETH?
33LeBron James Joins to teach communities about Web3
34Lebron James foundation partnership with
35Crypto Currency exchanges are not your friends, it's against everything Crypto stands for.
36Number of Banks that Offer Crypto Services will Double in 2022, New Research
37I've realized, the best way to actually try and save money is by buying crypto...
38How to avoid losing money with leverage
39If you can stake your crypto, do so. Let the coin work for you
40You'll soon be able to pay for weed with crypto
41LeBron and the family foundation annoces multi year deal with - might help the mass adoption
42Bill SB-1341 has been introduced by State Senator Wendy Rogers with the goal to add to the list of accepted legal tender by including Bitcoin so people can pay for taxes and public charges with it.
43Trezor has already backtracked on their recent decision to adopt travel rule for regulatory compliance. They will remove AOPP from their next release. Freedom wins over surveillance.
44Banks/government worried about the dangers of crypto on behalf of their users? Then why gambling/lottery/regular stocks?
45El Salvador’s Chivo Wallet: Transactions are being Blocked and Accounts Frozen for no Reason | Is this really what we wanted?
46OpenSea has now reimbursed 750 Ethereum($1.8 million) to users who accidentally sold valuable NFTs well below their going market rate through an exploit involving “inactive listings.”
47Spanish police on the prowl for an illegal marijuana plantation find a cryptocurrency mining farm in its place
48If you have millions of dollars, why would you ever risk it?
49Anonymous message For hedge fund criminal Ken Griffin
50Perspective: Don't Put Your Self In an Echo Chamber