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3Don’t tell my wife, she do kill me now. Don’t tell my wife, she will love me in future, if she still my wife.
4I eat at home for every meal. πŸ˜₯ Thanks crypto!
5He got his first debit card!
7We have Snoop. Who does your coin have? πŸ˜†
9Its funny because I'm still holding πŸ₯²
10Dogecoin ❀️
11Which one of you did this
12The new Twitter board.....
13I’ve made DOGE my retirement plan due to pure addiction to DOGE. How broke will I be by 65? I’m 24! 140k coins so far!
14finally under 16 cents. let's gooooo
15This whole time it was doge ...
16I love you HODLers too.
17Remember to Do Good to others! Even when they don’t deserve it, because that’s who we are as a community! Do Only Good Everyday - Day 134
18Just realised if you flip the chart upside down it makes it look like we just hit a new all-time high
19Hope, trust, believe in Doge.
20New to doge
21Trust the doge
22Hodl my friends πŸ€
23Don't 4get 2 add the Launch 2 your Home Screen πŸš€πŸŒ
25If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine
26He will not give up then we shouldn’t give up. #TotheMoon
27It's like you're always stuck in 2nd gear.....
28how's the crypto market going for you?
29Daily Reminder:
30Bear market vibes
31You are a legend too!
32DOGE - 1 Launch to The Moooon ! ! !
33Anyone else miss the good ol’ days?
35Dogecoin Back in Top 10 Cryptocurrency Rankings
37What the hell just happened?
38So how about that blockchain?
391 Million Dogs
40Definitely worth owning SOME dogecoin.....don't bet the farm though!
42Don't 4get 2 add the Launch 2 your phone Home Screen πŸš€πŸŒ
43A true story
44Dogecoin co-founder calls LUNA 2.0 believers β€˜actually dumb’
45Popularity #8
46Next Level Doge Beach Art
47Day 125: Telling everyone I love them everyday forever. I LOVE YOU Dogecoin community!
48Is elon musk manipulating the market?
49Best dogecoin cloud mining service
50Ready for the moon?