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1Frequently Asked Questions + Weekly Discussion Thread
2Looks like the FBI is going to be busy
3Someone is withdrawing ETH from Tornado Cash to high-profile Ethereum addresses like Shaq, Jimmy Fallon and Dave Chapelle
4GitHub has suspended Tornado Cash Founder Roman Semenov's account
5Its time to level up. You are using censored ethereum.
6The Ethereum Foundation's treasury is now affected by OFAC sanctions ( -> Ethereum Foundation)'s Response to F2Pool attacks on Ethereum
8Ethereum Blockchain Privacy Can Be The Next Big Thing
9ETHs True Decentralization
10Noob Question about L2's
11Arbitrum announces new chain "Nova"
12"Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that software source code was speech protected by the First Amendment and that the government's regulations preventing its publication were unconstitutional."🇺🇸
13Its time to move to the decentralized alternative to Github - Introducing Gitopia
14contract Help
15Reddit Expands Community Points Offering With FTX Pay Integration
16Tornado Cash crackdown by Treasury puts honest crypto investors at risk of criminal exposure
17FTX Partners with Reddit to Put Community Points on Mainnet
18A compelling summary for the current state of ENS domains, and why you should have yours for your personal identity or brand. There's just no more denying the potential here, considering the forward momentum and adoption by huge companies and. Check it out.
19Eth CC event ?
20Solidity v0.8.16 has just been released! - Fixes an important bug + adds more gas-efficient overflow checks for addition and subtraction
21Vitalik Buterin shares the idea of stealth addresses for anonymous NFT ownership
22A Red Letter Day - The Daily Gwei #524
23Magic Eden Makes Proposal to Launch ApeCoin NFT Marketplace on ETH
24Ether locked in DeFi post merge and possible fork.
25Tornado Cash has been sanctioned by the US, prohibiting Americans from interacting with it.
26Can't Tornado deploy the same contract on a new address and keep doing it indefinitely?
27Chainlink confirms that they will only support the main Ethereum chain after the merge. This means most DeFi apps will be completely broken on any fork chains.
28This blog post is, a national security threat
29The first in the UAE to accept cryptocurrency payments: Day To Day Hypermarket
30One of the last Merge community calls before mainnet!! Fri Aug 12 - 14:00 UTC
31Will layer 2s kill the TVL on ETH?
32West Texan web3 developer explains how his El Paso philosophy helped him launch his startup.
33Mark Cuban on The Merge for Ethereum
34The top-selling NFT collections in August 2022 all happen to be Ethereum NFTs
35This Week in [Crypto] Custody #40
36The Treasury Will Come For Us all Eventually
37ganas: A Wallet for the Inter-Chain [Part 2: Caching and Sharing Data]
38Goerli Merge Live Stream
39What should users who hold funds in tornado cash do ?
40Tornado Cash's USDC Frozen as Stablecoin Censorship Fears Grow
41Verasitys adtech integrated at Brightcove
42What the Merge Means for Ethereum Miners
43Circle 'blacklists' Tornado Cash ETH addresses preventing it from moving USDC
44ETH transaction fee- haven't seen one this bad in awhile...
45Are trades on Matcha Exchange MEV protected like on Cowswap?
46Fixing OpenZeppelin’s $40 Million Mistake
47Curve Newsletter #92
48Vitalik: Layer-2 scaling will make crypto payments 'make sense' again — KBW 2022
49Among ‘Ethereum Killers,’ Avalanche is Leading Growth
50Staking on