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10LOL “because people (and the Ethereum Community in particular) love rainbows.”
11Vitalik gets mentioned in Russian movie
12Can someone explain to me how ethereum transactions run out of gas? I do understand the concept of gas, but if I pay 21,000 gas at 100 gwei for a transaction, how does it “run out” is it if the price of eth goes up within that time?
13Formula 1 team McLaren joins the NFT craze by launching its tokens - Blockbulletin
14MapdApps: A decentralized mapping protocol built on Ethereum
15Is staking ETH on Kraken a good idea? What are the risks? Any other, better options?
16Cheapest way to go from ETH to SNX ?
17Will GNUS be doing NFTs? Big news coming on Wednesday. We will see.
18Gday guys I'm about to purchase an Antminer to "contribute" to the metaverse but would just like to double-check if anyone has any previous experience with this seller and whether or not this is a good rig to start off with, cheers
19A Reminder on 6050I IRS in The Reconciliation Bill, it Will Make US Users Felons
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21Transfer eth and btc to other wallet
22How to buy ether directly on the blockchain
23If anyone should need devs for eth project -> pretty cool guys
24Ideologically Inclined - The Daily Gwei #363
25Multisignature (2 of 3) withdrawal keys for staking could enable collateralized lending while staking
26Double spend? ERC 20 token?
27Smartlink | Ether Smart Contract - why so expensive?
28I can't believe how many of my friends still have no clue whats going on in crypto! I made a short explainer on how we got from Barter to Crypto.. Would love some feedback!
29Timing the Dip to Timing the Gas
30Why Token Economics is different from Economics 101
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38uniswap kinda failed
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42MATIC price prediction
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44If I purchase a Domain name NFT, do I have guaranteed control of that domain name as long as I have control of my Eth wallet?
45GiveWell, which does research on the most effective charities, accepts donations in ETH. Super cool to see all the ETH from our community going to them on Etherscan!
46How do I find the owner to buy an unused .eth domain?
47In a private ethereum network based on PoA consensus, if I control all nodes, how can I create a fake transaction from an address without it's private key?
48, the foundation of a new global country built on top of the internet
49Equality and smart contracts