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2Frequently Asked Questions + Weekly Discussion Thread
3FUD ramping up as we approach the merge
4I'm screwed. WARNING TO ALL. Do NOT try to use the Polygon bridge to move ETH between Polygon and Ethereum
5DeFi is either truly immutable or permissionless, or it is only "automated finance".
6A big towards crypto adoption! Together with Binance, we'll be facilitating crypto payments at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona and Porto! Visitors will be able to spend their ETH and other cryptocurrencies supported by Binance Pay.
7To the guy in the top post about the Polygon bridge. It is completely 100% safe you just gotta check the mainnet
8I bridged a token from Ethereum mainnet to Polygon today for only $3.
9Intro to an Intellectual Property Revolution: Lawyers, JPGs & Web3
10Web 3.0 Dapps– The Path to Tomorrow’s Financial World
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12The Ramifications Couldn't have Been Greater for Ethereum's Merger. What do you think of the Upcoming merger?
13Vitalik Buterin: How to create algostablecoins that don’t turn into ponzis and don’t collapse
14Handpicked articles, podcasts, NFTs, and alpha shared by top web3 people.
15Would we still use L2 solutions after the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade?
16⟠ Latest Week in Ethereum News: Uniswap $1 trillion cumulative trading volume; Ethereum roadmap deep dive; GameStop L1 & Loopring L2 wallet
17L2s are a great medicine for scalability but they aren’t the cure
18Ernst & Young will only build on Ethereum, a Developed Ecosystem
19Questions about how Ethereum works
20Need help with Optimism
21Noob-friendly Web3 platforms Beginners can try out! — Coinsources
22Arcadeland in the midst of crypto
23I wonder how sites verify stolen nfts?
24How to set up a MetaMask wallet with Nathan Pay! In the #Web3 space, this wallet is pretty much essential for #NFTs & #PlayToEarn games!🔥 #BOGG #TheMoreYouKnow
25The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ethereum
260.15 ETH 1:1 NFT - 3D Model (GLB) Animated - AremStudio Collection on Foundation - Thank you for support🙏🏽🤍
27Help! Made a 3.5 ETH transfer from Binance to Ledger 12 hours ago but still hasn’t arrived.
28This ethers.js cheatsheet is super useful!
29Polygon and ETH
30All You Need To Know About Soulbound Token, An Nft That Ethereum Co-founder Calls The Future
31The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ethereum
32Pool Together Launches NFT Sale to Fund Ongoing Litigation
33Over 1 million confirmations but still pending?
34Parallel Finance Launches ETH-Backed NFT Finance Beta - CryptoNewsLand
35Bridges to L2s, do they all have similar risks?
36New Educational Documentary for New Folks to the Space and Best Practices for Seasoned Investors #Bitcoin #Crypto on Amazon and iTunes
37Decentralized Society & Soul-Bound Tokens
38Miners on Ropsten have added more GPUs to the network, pushing the expected TTD (aka merge date) to be hit May 27, instead of June 8.
39Ethereum Beacon Chain experiences 7 block reorg: What’s going on?
40Do Ethereum core protocol developers have an upper hand?
41How come subreddit r/ethereum has so many commentors who do not know Ethereum has unlimited supply?
42L2 and L1 eth and sending crypto
43Getting private Too short while Deploying a contract.
44Looking for ethdev help
45I've posted in this subreddit before about this, but it's official now apparently, crypto shillers in NY are gonna have to disclose their interests in what they shill...
46Do you think we'll be able to implement blockchain learning?
47What is roll up Ethereum (Rollups)? Scalable Solution to Reduce Transaction Costs
48Ropsten under "attack"?
49Can someone explain how to make sense of this? 2014 article by Vitalik Buterin
50NFT Marketplace Like SuperRare- Shifting Your Focus Towards Super Rare Collections Of Art