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1Eth 2.0 and "what will happen to your ETH"
2Weekly Discussion Thread
3#Ethereum adoption is happening 🌿 Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Jane Fonda, & Vitalik Buterin will all voice characters & be paid in $ETH for new #StonerCats animated series 🐈
4Ethereum Founder (Vitalik Buterin) donates to charity: Proceeds from the “Stoner Cats” NFT series will be donated to the SENS Foundation to further longevity and anti-aging research.
5Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin to be paid in ether for role as monocle-wearing Lord Catsington in Mila Kunis' NFT animated series 'Stoner Cats'
6TIL that although you pay taxes on the money you put into an Ethereum IRA, the investment earnings in the account are tax-free
7Goldman Sachs files with SEC to create a 'DeFi and Blockchain Equity ETF'
8This Tether situation is giving me the heeby-jeebies
9Forecasters predict 89% chance EIP-1559 ships by the morning of August 5th
10India to use Ethereum Blockchain to verify Diploma Certificates
11Graphic of the largest DAOs running on Ethereum. Want to get more involved with Ethereum? Join a DAO!
12A Conversation between Balaji Srinivasan, Joseph Lubin, and Vitalik Buterin on the Future of Ethereum and Web3 (July 29th)
13The B Word - Highlight Recap w/ Elon Musk, Cathie Wood & Jack Dorsey
14Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin Joins Cast Of A New Animated Show “Stoner Cats” And Will Be Paid In ETH
15Family 'Loses Access' to $6,900,000 Worth of ETH, Says They Never Received Wallet File From Ethereum Foundation | The Daily Hodl
16Shopify allowing purchase of NFTs on their platform
17Sorare's L2 scaling solution with Starkware is LIVE
18Ethereum-based project EthSign raises seed funding to put signed documents on the blockchain
19India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates
20EthSign, a decentralized application that records signed electronic documents on the Ethereum blockchain, raises seed funding
21From Digital Oil to a Digital Nation — Narratives for Ethereum in 2021
22Craig Wright calls out ICOs, Chainlink, Defi, for being total scams
23Tim Beiko Announcement
24PoS: A Superior Alternative To PoW -- Cyber Capital
25Fe v0.7.0-alpha "Galaxite" released
26Finder's Experts Predict Ethereum Will Reach $4.5K This Year, $18K in 2025
27An overview of EIP-3675: Upgrade consensus to Proof-of-Stake with Mikhail Kalinin
28Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Joins Cast of NFT Series ‘Stoner Cats’
29Digging into how will EIP-1559 affect MEV
30DeFi unique addresses interacting with protocols went up 200% in the first half of 2021 — link
31I just want to thank Ethereum for this opportunity of a lifetime!
32What is EIP-1559? How Will It Change Ethereum? -- ConsenSys
33Do you guys agree with this list of "best smart contract platforms"?
34It’s great to see Ethereum on the small screen. It’ll be even cooler when Vitalik plays a stoner cat. I give this guy an A for effort.. but he’s not explaining 1559 correctly. Not a trading post.. just showing wider adaptation in the mainstream. 👍🏻
35Finalized no. 27 - Danny Ryan: Update your nodes, Merge + Altair news & more
36JPMorgan releases Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum funds to its customers
37Why DeFi is not a Ponzi Scheme
38Ethereum 2.0 Surpasses 200,000 Validators
39The Ethereum Way - The Daily Gwei #298
40Atlantic Counsel's Global CBDC Tracker
41Really Good Video About How Aavegotchi Works
42Failed when trying to send ERC-20 token (stETH) - Anyone know why this might be happening? I’m already make shre to have more than enough ETH for gas fee
43My wife got me an Ethereum birthday cake!
44Ethereum Contract Creation - Explained from bytecode
45The basics of Ethereum covered in 7 mins 👍 hope you find it useful (it's more relevant for newbies)
46Ethereum Blockchain Fans Begin To Support Ethiopia
47The DeFi Chronicle: Four reasons why DeFi will continue thriving
48Royalties NFT smart contract with Solidity (Tutorial)
49Ethereum's Top 10 Non-Exchange Whales Hit 5-Year High Holding Levels This Week, as Top 10 Exchange Whales Hit Lowest Amount Held Since Inauguration
50Safest Wallets To Store Crypto ( Top 3 Picks )! 🔐 Store your ETH on safe place!