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1Daily Discussion
2Claim Governance Poll POAPs!
3Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Slams Terra: No Genuine Investment Can Promise 20% Returns Per Year
4New Luna Token Crashes 70%
5Epic Games VP: "People have kind of lost interest in the metaverse, because characters look like cartoons with no legs" | Can't argue with that, most blockchain/crypto related games look like there were created in the 90s-2000s, let's not even talk about the gameplay. : I agree with him, do you?
6Lonely Ape: the NFT dating service cancelled due to a lack of women
7Crypto Guy Says He Could Spend $1 Billion Backing Democrats in 2024
8Commit Club with ETH, Stepn Solana, Web3 Startups targeting sports offer major adoption (& Stepn can still come to Ethereum)
9USDC Remains The Top Stablecoin on Ethereum As USDT Supply Continues To Dwindle (This is good!)
10There are more than two billion people in the world that don’t have a bank account beacuse of their inability to provide an ID. Thankfully the blockchain is decentralized and is helping to change this.
11Long-Term Holders Double Down on Ethereum (ETH), According to Crypto Analytics Firm IntoTheBlock
12What is your favorite thing about NFTs?
13'We’re in a bear market. And I think that’s good’: Crypto firms hope market slump shakes out bad players
14This Crypto Winter Won't Be as Harsh as Previous Ones, Kraken's Dan Held Says |
15When everyone thinks it is a bear market, the opposite will happen (What do you think?)
16Louisiana Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Conduct Studies on Cryptocurrency Campaign Donations
17Ethereum Developers See ETH's Difficulty Bomb Being Delayed by 2 to 4 Months as the Merge Nears Completion
18Shouldn't it be considered that if you portray yourself in the Metaverse in a different way, you're a cheater?
19Taiwanese man commits suicide after losing nearly NT$60 million ($10M to $1K) from Luna crypto crash.
20Mute days descend into tired months – the repetition of existence. Only the shroud of night offers salvation, the blackened blanket staving off the apocalypse of isolation.
21Binance Italy wins approval to operate as crypto service provider
22Crypto's One Unassailable Use Case: Helping Human Rights Activists
23How do you keep track of all the new and forthcoming NFT collections?
24Is Russia considering allowing Cryptocurrency to be used for international payments?
25Would you buy an NFT ticket?
26Dogecoin (DOGE) Briefly Pumps After Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Accept the Memecoin for Merch Payments
27The US Military Is Building Its Own Metaverse
28Every Tenth Household in the Eurozone Holds Crypto (ECB Study)
29Should metaverse be developed from the perspective of children?
30World's Unluckiest People!
31Is elon musk manipulating the market?
32BattleMechs on Android. Earn GEMZ while playing
33Is USDD a Stablecoin?
34STeth to Eth
35What do you all think will be ETH's bottom?
36Russia mulls allowing cryptocurrency for international payments, Interfax reports
37Brace for Crypto Market to ‘Get Weird’ Over Memorial Day
38Latest Week in Ethereum News: Uniswap $1 trillion cumulative trading volume; Ethereum roadmap deep dive; GameStop L1 & Loopring L2 wallet
39Intro to an Intellectual Property Revolution: Lawyers, JPGs & Web3
40Web 3.0 Dapps– The Path to Tomorrow’s Financial World
41Ethereum's Merge is Coming and the Stakes Couldn't Be Higher
42How Scorsese Producer Niels Juul's KinoDAO Is Using NFTs to Fund Indie Films
43⟠ Latest Week in Ethereum News: Uniswap $1 trillion cumulative trading volume; Ethereum roadmap deep dive; GameStop L1 & Loopring L2 wallet
44The View (and Vibes) From the VeeCon NFT Conference
45Ava Labs proposes relocating the Otherside Metaverse to its ecosystem
46Draft bill to ban China’s digital yuan from US app stores
47Tim Beiko leads Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 139
48Taiwanese Man commits Suicide following $2 Million loss from TerraUSD Crash
49Seven Wallets Could Have Initiated TerraUSD (UST) De-Peg, According to Crypto Analytics Platform Nansen
50crypto influencers: How influencers hype crypto, without disclosing their financial ties