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1Daily Discussion
2RIP to those who did that...
3That is how early we still are.
4This is only the beginning
5Rand Paul says crypto could become the reserve currency of the world if more people lose trust in government
6I joined a two minute crusade of a pump'n'dump Telegram group so you don't have to. Here's what I've learnt.
7To Chat box scammers, Up your game I won't hive youy private key
8ETH vs the so called ETH killers!
9ETH just closed the first ever weekly candle above $4000!
10$ETH just made its highest daily close in history
11ethtrader when my wife asks which one of you is pressuring me to spend our last fiat on ETH and xDai NFTs
12'An Act of War Against the Middle-Class' — Americans Criticize Janet Yellen's Idea to Tax 'Unrealized Capital Gains'
13What I've Learned Trading ETH: I HODL Because It's The Only Thing I'm Good At...
14This week marks the commencement of Kusama’s third batch of parachain auction slots. Interopability and Ethereum compatibility are a big component.
15Anyone else feeling 5k-ish this week?
16Welcome to the dark side
17Stay ETH hydrated.
18Elon the manipulator.
19The government taxing unrealized gains is really just a tax on the money that they print! Genius way for them to steal your wealth!
20What is the Multi Chain Universe and where do various chains fit?
21Thank you VB
22True story
23Mom convinced ETH is a pyramid scheme
24Tom Brady Is Going To Get The Fan Who Gave Back His 600th TD Ball A BTC! (Btc-ETH news)
25Future is bright! Also Altair Upgrade : October 27!
26Matt Damon’s partners with to bring safe water to the needy
27Budddogs viral tweet breakdowns 'Why I'm so Bullish on $Monsta'
28Now that's what I call a token burn
29We all want it
30If you feel like going to the casino or buying a lottery ticket buy ETH instead the odds are better!
31Double that stack
32Jim Cramer Just Sold his Ethereum: Last Time he did this the Crypto Nearly Doubled in Value in the following Weeks
33Ethereum price provides one last buy opportunity before exploding to $5,200
34Perspective: ETH market cap is 1/2 of Tesla’s.
35An Ethereum ETF is expected to arrive as early as this year! The price of Ethereum could reach $20,000 as anticipation for the ETF’s approval rises!!!!
36XLM taxi 🚕 (OC)
37$ETH just had its highest ever daily candle close at $4,220
38Ethereum is still hovering at an impressive $4,230 market price. Address activity showed impressive sustainability through a normally slow weekend, & though token circulation has been flat, on-chain metrics are justifying prices remaining above $4k.
39Reddit Is Building Own NFT Platform, Announces Positions For NFT Engineers
40Telsa hints it may soon resume support for crypto payments, reveals he's Hodling ETH.
41"Mastercard says any bank or merchant on its vast network can soon offer crypto services" Mastercard being truly masterclass!!
42Dear ETH Crypto Fans, Mark Your Calendars for an Ethereum Catalyst on Oct. 27
43Staring at charts makes you stronger
44The Coming Convergence of NFTs and Artificial Intelligence
45Jim Cramer Just Sold his Ethereum: Last Time he did this the Crypto Nearly Doubled in Value in the following Weeks. BULLISH 😎
46China is thinking about unbanning Crypto mining after price rise and started a new research
47DeFi News Digest / Most Notable Events 18th October – 24th October
48How to Convert WETH to Matic and USDT from polygon Matic Network
49A greener and faster Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin as the biggest cryptocurrency on the internet
50Crypto Analyst Predicts Timeline for Huge Ethereum Rally, Plots Targets for Polkadot and FTT