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1Daily Discussion
2? How to Claim Donuts & FAQ
3Back at it again 😔
4CNBC doesn't know the difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic AND doesn't even understand EIP 1559 or the merge. Misinforming millions!
5Sneak peek
6Factual statement
7It is what it is
8Did you buy the dip at $1700 anon?
9just enjoy the process
10TB to this lol
11$2400 sliced through !
12Focus eth !
13How my YouTube home page is looking like recently!!
14Whenever ETH crosses 2,400 it's followed by a huge fall. This exact same scenario happened last time. Thoughts on this behavior?
152024: Ethereum is Accepted Worldwide.
16If we were promised a 2.2k eth 7 days ago we’d have been happy
17It don't move us
19Started the celebration a little too early
20Anything for my dear ETH
21The burn is nearly here.
22My Advice
23Top 100 cryptocurrencies by Market Cap.
24We better hold that inevitable 2k boys. Start this climb When 1559 pops off we goin 3k. BELIEVE IT.
25Stoner cats is the first NFT TV show starring Vitalik, Mila kunis, Ashton and others!
26India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates
27And now, let’s prepare for the “I hope it would dip, I haven’t bought yet during the last dip” comments . The first one I see, I’m reporting you
28Patience does wonders when you are holding a quality asset like ETH
29Goldman Sachs has filed for a DeFi ETF
30I'm no bear, I don't do TA, but to me this huge wick says there's a lot of selling pressure at the 2500 level. We ain't out of the woods yet.
31CNBC showed the ETH classic chart while discussing ETH and mixed up EIP1559 with ETH 2.0 lmao
32hOW I stRUcTUrE My CrYPtO POrTfoLiO 🥴
34Invested 10K in ETH
35Finder's Experts Predict Ethereum Will Reach $4.5K This Year, $18K in 2025.
37Analysts from Goldman Sachs thinks Nokia is DeFi :)
38Your lack of faith is disturbing.
39When you create an LP Token
40we are back to red boys it was a short but nice dream🥺
41India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates
42When ETH dips:
43Lost friends as well as money
44POV: Those who sold at 1800 to "buy back in lower"
45Thoughts on this portfolio 2-4 year hold time
46We hit $2400
47Then vs now
48Support and Resistance Trading Course (30 Minutes of Education)
49How Much Ethereum Is There - EIP-1559 Protocol Announcement
50ETH now vs BTC in 2017...