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1@LitecoinProject: Litecoin Core v0.21.2 released! All users are advised to upgrade.
23rd annual Litecoin Summit at The LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas
3Keep stacking
4A big towards crypto adoption! Together with Binance, we'll be facilitating crypto payments at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona and Porto! Visitors will be able to spend their LTC and other cryptocurrencies supported by Binance Pay.
5@mwebexplorer: Explore all #Litecoin #MWEB blocks from activation block 2,265,984 -
6The Elliptic blockchain surveillance provider adds support for tracing Litecoin MimbleWimble transactions
7Why is LiteCoin not more popular?
8Litecoin Diary #15 "Mimblewimble Activated"
9South Korea’s Upbit and Bithumb warn over Litecoin privacy feature
10Coinbase does not like Litecoin
11Ray Dalio Asks What Is The New Money
12Any issues with LTC nodes?
13A new bill to keep Litecoin, Bitcoin in 401(k) retirement plans.
14Buy Shampoo with Litecoin
16Litecoin creator @SatoshiLite appearing on Miss Teen Crypto Show this afternoon!
17Brand new explorer page is live!
18How do I actually use mimblewimble
19New opportunities from NOW on, LTC on e-commerce plugins
20How litecoin dominated the market.
21Breaking News! Litecoin is Dead
22Confessions of a Former Bitcoin Maximalist Pt. 2
23@DavidBurkett38: 1/2 IMPORTANT: A bug was found in v0.21.2 where old pre-HD wallets that were upgraded using 'upgradewallet' will generate MWEB addresses using the wrong keypool, resulting in the wallets not recognizing coins sent to them. Fortunately, those funds appear to be safe.
24First ATM Supporting Litecoin Installed In Ecuador
25Litecoin Start-up MimbleWimble Extension Blocks (MWEB)
26What is a Litecoin block explorer
27p2sh question
28Need advice LTC pending for 5 days. wallet
29Hi guys! So i want to discuss an important subject which is Silver to Bitcoin Gold.
30Our Litecoin nodes got updated to a latest v0.21.2
31We need a litecoin person this guy post non stop about litecoin I vote we make Clint Westwood our litecoin guy
32Litecoin's 'MWEB Torch' Explained: What It Is and Why It Matters
33@flappening: Since #taproot and #mweb are both now locked in and activated on the #litecoin network, has been updated. Go check it out! Feedback welcomed!
34@Litewallet_App: Litewallet Android: v2.6.1 is now in the Android Play Store 😅 Fixes the send problem. Please tell a friend!! - Thanks for your patience! - Exciting news about MWEB! But, there is alot of engineering to add to Litewallet. - NO support for MWEB...yet! Patience!
35MWEB Launch w/Charlie Lee and David Burkett
36TAG Heuer to accept Litecoin
37MWEB Has Officially Activated
38Litecoin Completes Largest Upgrade Since Creation of Bitcoin With No Issues
39@DavidBurkett38: Thank you so much for all of the awesome testers these past several months. Without all of your hard work, we would've never had this seamless, incident-free activation.
40MWEB feature
41Litecoin MWEB activation livestream with Charlie Lee and David Burkett - Just went live a few minutes ago!! On the Litecoin Foundation YouTube channel (link in comments)
42[Adoption] Buy CBD with LTC 🥳
43Steps To Send MWEB Addresses On Litecoin
44My name is none
45The Creator of Litecoin Is Always Helping Selflessly
46Litecoin Will Become Better Than Bitcoin Today
47Litecoin Diary #14 ✍️ The moon must wait for now
48My small business now accepts Litecoin & other forms of crypto! 🥳
49@litecoin: What: Ⓜ️🕸️⚡ - When: 9pm PST - Where: #MWEB #thursdayvibes
50@SatoshiLite: 576 LTC blocks left to mine until MWEB activation. That means we are about 24 hours away from activation! MWEB will activate at block 2,265,984. - Stay tuned for our livestream. It will start about an hour before activation, which should be around 9pm PT.