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2Options Questions Safe Haven Thread | May 23-29 2022
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19option trading platforms
20Are there any studies that analyze how stop losses affect probabilities of profit?
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23Rolling Puts IN and UP
24Is there any way you can make it so you only buy to open and Sell to close w tastyworks?
25Changing from a debit put spread to a credit put spread halfway through to reduce pain but increase exposure?
26Stay agile, my friends.
27Tax Clarifications
28BUX /OTP buy
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31SPX Condor
32Bought Leonardo Stock Option, 110%+ profit and can Not sell.
33Jim Olson Iron Butterflies
34Options strategies to protect against a margin call within a timeframe? (something like protective puts, maybe a bit more sophisticated?)
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36Thinking about purchasing some call options tomorrow with expirations on July 15. Which ones?
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38testing my luck with WFC
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41If you had 100's of shares of tech stocks - would you sell covered calls?
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44Building a brokerage plugin to enable fractional options (ability to buy/sell less than 100 shares' worth of options)
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48Scalping SPX/SPY
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