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2Options Questions Safe Haven Thread | July 26 - Aug 01 2021
5Deep ITM calls
6E*TRADE ?? 🤔
7Crush on my option
8Chinese LEAPs?
9First Wheel Strategy
10Can I sell CC on stocks held in margin without getting margin interest? Fidelity account
11Options Stock Ranker for Jul-26-2021
12Which Indicators do you swear by?
13Managing losing call options?
14OTM CC tax implications
15$APPH big falling wedge attempted a B/O today but the flow show says No! At least not yet...
16Avoiding tomorrow's crush
17Er swing
18E-Trade option quotes not showing
19High IV Options Trading List - July 26, 2021
20Newbie trade -- what do you think?
21XLE 50c 7/30 @ .48 debit
22Expected moves this week. Tesla, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and more.
23LFC -China Life Insurance (They wouldn’t mess with them as well)
24Help me understand the flaw in my logic..
25Selling 20 delta calls and puts against LEAPS
26Need help with options trading
27Iron Condor with $5 wing filled with $2.58 credit, does this mean I can't lose?
28Closing positions (spy call spreads) during a crash
29Selling ITM covered calls when you want to "be done with a stock" smart?
30Ok, I've prepared a post about this dang AHER 2.5c 8/20 so many times, this option is a snake
31Covered Calls Tax Implications
32Took out two new call options today
33XRX 23p 8/20 @ .70
34Joe's Trades - CFG - 7/26/21
35Covered Calls. Strike price lower than Stock price.
36Historical Post Earnings Moves MEGA Compilation and Analysis (Q2 Week 3) - $TSLA, $AAPL, $AMZN, $MSFT, $GOOG, $FB, $AMD, and More
37Best Hedges in this Market?
38LEAPS - I'm missing something fundamental
39MS- Call Spread Idea
40Is it practically realistic to set a maximum loss for oneself when dealing with spy options?
41Calendar spread over FB earnings (details of paper trade)
42Lucky AMC Options
43Is it safe to trade options on ETFs during earnings?
44I’m usually not one for options but NOC 7/30 $372.50 calls seem very sexy.
45Moneyness of LEAPS options
46QQQ or SPY?
47Trading options charts
48$WISH is potentially bottoming and there has been decent flow coming thru the tape. Its worth keeping a eye on this set up for confirmation.
49Humanigen $HGEN Ratio Spread for Binary Outcome and IV crush mitigation
50Forex Options