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2Options Questions Safe Haven Thread | Jan 24-30 2022
3Options with Training Wheels aka Defined Outcome Investing
4Books for trading
5Most anticipated earnings releases for the week beginning January 31, 2022
6Take Advantage!
7i sold a spy 442 C expiring today. spy closed at 4 at 441.95. after hours close 442.28. do i get assigned?
8Good S&P or Nasdaq ETFs for Selling Puts with Less Capitol
9Best back test platform for past option trades?
10Benefits of LEAPs other than downside protection?
11Worried about my holdings..... would appreciate your perspective.
12Rights and responsibilities
13SPY 4/14 Calls down 70% should I hold or sell?
14No love for OI/volume?
15What are your "rules" and how do you go about maintaining discipline?
16Upcoming Earnings Calendar for the week starting on January 31th
17Some questions on the details of selling covered calls
18SPY to ATH
19Early assigning-loss minimization strategies
20Am I understanding SPX box spreads correctly?
21Is OptionStack worth it?
22Am I stupid or just losing money on covered calls?
24Selling Covered Calls - Questions About Structure and Profit
25Signs RUT Has Hit Bottom?
26My first major disaster as an options trader
27Charts, Charts, and more Charts
28will i get max profit if i…
29Probability of profit- CC and PMCC
30Can I save this cash secured put?
31Hood options
32Exiting calendar spread... any ideas?
33For options day/swing trading, should I measure R:R based on the underlying or the option premium?
34Best stock options for wheeling (under $30)
35PMCC Vs Full Assignment Wheel
36Should I have been making directional trades to become delta nuetral even when underlyings had high IVP?
37Roll or Eat Loss?
38MTCH for puts
39Debit spread on HYG?
40Pro VIX trader - how to save my long put trade or I'm busted?
41Exiting HOOD!
42Down 70% on NVDA 280 May call
43Access to Vertical Spreads
44Total Premium at Expiration Data
45Which u rather shorter expiration ITM or longer expiration OTM?
46Robinhood identified this trade as "High Risk" and closed it automatically on my behalf, costing me $175. Can they do this?
47QQQ gamma is at one year low since last week, 70% lower than 1 month ago
48Credit spread at 0.01 delta. Basically short at 6% below where spy opens at 0DTE. Anything wrong with this?
49On SQQQ and TQQQ
50With the expansion of selling pressure on US stocks and the surge of bearish sentiment, which hedging tools may avoid risks?