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13Elon responds to California Insurance Commissioner
14Demand is off the hook for existing models so it doesn't make sense for us to introduce new vehicle models until all supply constraints can first catch up to that ever-increasing demand
15$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - January 28, 2022
16New Product Idea
18All price targets updates today after Q4 2021
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26GS buy rating and PT $1200 (12 month)
27$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - January 27, 2022
28Fair enough, 50% p.a. Over 10 years is aggressive (although…). So only 35% p.a. Reasonable for a 1% market share player with no credible competition. That’s almost $500bn in the bank in 2030. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS CASH?
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30BINGO - Tesla Q4 2021 Earnings Call
31Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi Motors announce common roadmap Alliance 2030: Be...
32Increased the number of FSD Beta vehicles from a couple of thousand in Q3 to nearly 60,000 vehicles in the US today.
33Why are analysts still mentioning regulatory credits? They never made any difference in financials. Which makes sense - if you don't sell cars at a profit, small amount you can get back in credits won't offset that loss.
34MIC Model Y is now awarded the highest ratings on health index in China. All 5-stars across the board: VOC&VOI, VAR, EMR, PM. MIC Model 3 was awarded the same ratings earlier
35Ford CEO admires two electric vehicle makers
36Tesla Q4 and full year 2021 Financial Results and Q&A Webcast - Starts 2:30PM PST
37Q4'21 Earnings Call Bingo
38Gigacasting // Super Vacuum, Argon Injection, Die Coatings, Thermal Regulation
39GM has projected it will sell more than 1 million EVs globally by mid-decade and overtake Tesla as the top US-based seller of electric vehicles during that time frame.
40It is with a heavy heart that I....
41Tesla Model S Plaid - Hoist Review with Sandy & Cory
42Tesla AI Team - Hiring Deep Learning Engineers. We are also applying everything we’ve learned to our humanoid robot « Tesla Bot », which I believe is on track to become the most powerful Al development platform.
43Pierre Ferragu (New Street Research) - Tesla 10T in 2030
44$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - January 26, 2022
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50Current Production Capacity: 3.2-3.6m in 2024