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1$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - July 27, 2021
2TSLA 2021 Q2 Results: shareholder deck
3Tesla tops $1 billion in profit
4Tesla rewrote its own software to survive the chip shortage
5To better focus his limited time, Elon Musk says he will no longer be on earnings calls going forward unless there is something important to say.
6BofA - Raises $TSLA Price Target to $800 (from $750), keeps a Neutral rating
7Toyota is quietly pushing Congress to slow the shift to electric vehicles
8Automotive Industry Gross Margin
9Goldman Sachs - Raised $TSLA Price Target to $875 (from $860), maintains Buy rating.
10Morgan Stanley - Tesla’s 2Q21: >20% EBITDA Margin, Growing As Fast As They Can
11Giga Austin: Model Y body shop
12ARK Estimates That Autonomous Driving Could Expand The Ride-Hail Market To An $11–12 Trillion Opportunity
13NYC approves Revel’s fleet of Tesla taxis, bringing new competition to apps
14TESLA : JP Morgan reaffirms its Sell rating. The target price has been revised upwards and is now set at USD 180, compared with USD 160 previously
151,000,000 Tesla Powerwalls Per Year, Thinks Elon — He Could Be Right. | CleanTechnica
16Loup's Gene Munster breaks down Tesla's numbers
17Tesla rewrote its own software to survive the chip shortage
18Bernstein - TSLA Q2 21 Debrief
19Ahead of Tesla results, Cathie Wood says Wall Street’s valuing it all wrong
20Tesla : Mizuho Securities Adjusts Tesla's Price Target to $825 From $820, Reiterates Buy Rating
21Tesla reveals Megapack prices: starts at $1 million - Electrek
22Tesla’s Elon Musk ponders 12V lithium-ion battery replacements for older cars | TESLARATI
23Centre mulls incentives for Tesla, provided carmaker sets up manufacturing in India
24Colin Rusch - Tesla Q2 earnings: What to expect
25$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - July 26, 2021
26Tesla Delivers BIW Model Y to Giga Texas for Calibration of Manufacturing Equipment
27Tesla cannot receive 'company-specific incentives' to avoid India import taxes
28FSD Beta V9.1, Friday at midnight
29How Taiwan's Gogoro Built an EV Battery Swap Network
30Ford, Lyft, Argo AI partner to bring robotaxis to Miami-Dade | Miami Herald
31Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway
32The Model S and Model S Plaid holds have been lifted. Deliveries resumed this weekend.
339 out of 10 active French people want to be able to reduce the environmental impact of their trips
34Johnson: There's a potential miss in the offing when Tesla reports Q2 results, due to the loss of a
35$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - July 25, 2021
36Elon replies to GM Bolt recall
37Gas Engines, and the People Behind Them, Are Cast Aside for Electric Vehicles
38Startup Claims Breakthrough in Long-Duration Batteries - WSJ
39New Battery Gigafactories - interesting video about new battery factories coming online
40Behind the wheel of Mercedes’ autonomous Drive Pilot | Engadget
41Tesla is setting them selves up for a big future | No one else is doing this !!!
42Elon Musk - Tesla India
43Tesla FSD Booked Operating Profit Will Increase from $600M in 2021 to $102B in 2032, Says Loup Funds
44Unusual Model 3 shipments to Europe in Q3
45Electric cars to outsell combustion vehicles by 2036: analysis
46China - Number of complaints per 10k cars
47CNBC coverage of the GM Bolt recall
48Local Coverage of Tesla's project to build a sustainable solar community in southeast Austin
49Tesla Model 3 used by Police Department reveals massive financial savings
50Tesla Accelerates Hiring Efforts for 4680 Battery Cell Manufacturing at Giga Texas