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1$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - October 26, 2021
2$TSLA Monthly Detailed Discussion - October, 2021
3Elon Musk on Twitter: "Wild $T1mes!"
4BREAKING: Tesla has officially reached a $1 Trillion market cap, becoming only the 6th US company in modern history to do so! Congrats @Tesla @ElonMusk! 📈
5WholeMarsBlog on Twitter: "You know who Hertz CEO is? The former CEO of Ford. And he didn’t order the Mustang Mex-E. He ordered 100,000 Tesla Model 3"
6Elon Musk on Twitter about Rivian: "Prototypes are trivial compared to scaling production & supply chain. If those are solved, achieving positive gross margin is the next nightmare." "Starting a second new vehicle line before first is working will divide resources & amplify probability of failure."
7Bloomberg: Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas in Car-Rental Market Shake-Up
8Hertz Tesla Model 3 rental rates already appearing on reservation website
9NEWS: $TSLA closed up 12.66% to $1,024.86, giving it a $1.027 Trillion market cap.
10Hertz reportedly paid close to listing price for Tesla vehicles. This means that Tesla made just at the same margins it makes for consumer sales. Huge profit margin for Tesla on this ~$4 billion deal!
11Sorry to Tesla beta users for the trouble! Issue turned out to be power saving mode interacting with FSD. Our internal QA fleet didn’t see this, because cars are constantly in use, so very rarely enter power saving mode. Internal QA will obv test this case going forward.
12A good read as we hit $1T: Tesla results prove the stock is more than a meme & Musk is no moron
13Perspective on FSD rollback
14Hertz commercials with Tesla Model 3s and Tom Brady
15Resignation of Mary Louise Cummings from the Board of Directors - Becomes Senior Advisor At NHTSA
16Hertz order for Teslas ranks among biggest-ever EV purchases
17Tesla FSD Beta is starting to save lives | TESLARATI
18Tesla VPs talking about the newly completed Tesla China Research Center
19FSD Beta 10.3.1 rolling out now
20TSLA climbing up the ladder of best global brands - Ark Invest.
21Tesla China (on Weibo) announces Cybertruck production to start in 2022. Semi and Roadster in 2023.
22Tesla China announces R&D center, shares teaser for Tesla Bot project
23Morgan Stanley - $1000 : 5 Key Thoughts
24How to Lie Your Way to $34 Billion [Nikola Motors Fraud]
25New research from Oxford University suggests that even without government support, 4 technologies - solar PV, wind, battery storage and electrolyzers to convert electricity into hydrogen, are about to become so cheap, they will completely take over all of global energy production.
26Tesla Model S Plaid, Submerged Underwater, Remains Operational & Soon Will Fight for 1/4 Mile World Record
27Tesla Model 3 becomes Europe’s best-selling car in September
28Morgan Stanley Adam Jonas has increased his $TSLA price by 33% to $1,200 (from $900).
29Charles Schwab - Upgrade TSLA rating from F to D
30$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - October 25, 2021
31Make the switch to cheaper renewable energy and stop wasting trillions on a system that is killing us | South China Morning Post
32Tesla Q3 Form 10-Q filing
33Up $20+ in the pre-Premarket! 🔥
34NTSB chair wants Tesla to limit where Autopilot can operate — PBS NewsHour
35Panasonic unveils prototype battery for Tesla
36A New Era For Tesla. ⚡️
37For Cybertruck pre-order holders, final price is *NOT* guaranteed. Price can be changed at any point, only FSD price is guaranteed.
38#FSDBeta testers. Please be very careful even on Navigate in Autopilot on v10.3. Many reporting AEB braking events, with no dangerous traffic, causing possible rear end scenarios. Issues have been reported to Tesla.
39NEWS: FSD Beta is being rolled back to non-FSD beta production build. Confirmed by multiple beta users despite Elon saying it would go back to v10.2.
40Leo Koguan: Meet the 3rd Largest Individual TSLA Shareholder (Ep. 433) - YouTube
41FSD v10.3 Release Notes
42Where’s Tesla Stock Going? | Why is Tesla Stock Going Up? | Is Tesla Stock a Buy? | #TSLA PT
43Tesla reaches ALL TIME HIGH and is breaking records & Short Sellers are abandoning ship
44VW reduced prices in 🇨🇳 China for ID.4 X and ID.6 X A reduction of 24,000 yuan for the ID.4 X and 31,000 yuan for the ID.6 X (3,227 euros and 4,168 euros, respectively)
45$TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - October 24, 2021
46BREAKING: Tesla has increased the price of the Model S/X Long Range by $5,000 each. There’s now only a $15k price difference between X long range and X Plaid. • Model S LR: $94,990 • Model X LR: $104,990
47CNN: Tesla fans cry foul as Biden administration moves toward Autopilot regulations
48Biden Bill Update: Hundreds of billions of dollars are still expected to be included for programs designed to help the U.S. meet Biden's goal of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas pollution in 2030. This includes the EV tax credit.
49GAME OVER! Tesla's INSANE Gigapress in Action 🔥🔥🔥
50FrenchieEAP on Twitter: 'Sitting at a red light, with FSDBeta engaged. Light turns green, car starts to take off and stops all of the sudden. I’m thinking: “Gosh, this thing is stopping for no reason”. A second passes and this cyclist jumps the red light. The car saw it way before I did.'