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5Tesla China now delivering Model 3 Performance with heated wipers
6The Average Cost To Produce A Tesla Is Just $36,000 | In the last widely reported quarter of 2021, Tesla achieved the highest operating margin across all volume OEMs.
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8[charter] Tesla operating profit/loss over the quarters/years
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12Giga Texas from the skies ✈
13Is this normal? Tesla service is telling me that it is.
14Please make the contact area for the "buttons" bigger
152017 MS, ticking coming from passenger footwell when fan turns on at any position, regardless of A/C or heater. Slowly drives me insane by the day. Any ideas?
16Munro: Initial Peek at the Tesla Model S Plaid Thermal System
17Tesla has Officially launched their first audio product, the Tesla Microphone in China. Compatible with Caraoke and the most recent 2022 software update.
18How often have you needed to reboot the Atom/Ryzen onboard system?
19First official look at new color changer feature for the on screen vehicle model. Also changes color of vehicle inside of the mobile app. Requires 2022 software. Currently released in China.
20Does this UK model 3 have full self drive?
21Joe Rogan Instagram Update with Cybertruck photos
22Model X Acceleration Noise - heard at low suspension, not heard at very low suspension.
23Non-Tesla EVs spotted using superchargers in Norway
24Why isn’t the 4680 format a good fit for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries?
25If there is no "$25k" Tesla being worked on, what have the automotive engineers been working on since the Model Y was release?
26Tesla Vision: sorting haters from reality
27Tesla aiming to launch Tesla Insurance across most of the US by end of 2022, Europe soon after
28Custom Vehicle Render Colors Added in 2022.2.1
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30Tesla Semi’s lined up at Giga Nevada Megacharger!
32Tesla Model S Plaid - Hoist Review with Sandy & Cory
33Tesla China ends Model Y Standard Range production, offers customers free switch to Model Y RWD
34How do I get my car to charge with 0 miles in subzero temperature?
35Tesla AI Team - Hiring Deep Learning Engineers. We are also applying everything we’ve learned to our humanoid robot Tesla Bot, which I believe is on track to become the most powerful Al development platform.
36Tesla now monitors how often you adjust your seat position and will disable controls for 'chronic abusers'
37Tesla Supercharger In Canada Vandalized Just Before Opening | This Supercharger in Surrey, British Columbia was under construction for months before vandals damaged it.
38Hertz inventory deliveries
39Tesla offering original Model Y owners in Canada complimentary All-Weather Protection Kits
40Las Vegas firefighter's Tesla stolen from dealership while being serviced
41The security researcher guy posted details about how he found and gained access to Teslas. Might eb related to the unprompted server maintenance.
42Elon - Been driving latest Cybertruck prototype around Giga Texas. It’s awesome!
432022.4 release notes: "Autopilot will now use more regenerative braking at low speeds"
44Tesla's 8,000 ton Cybertruck Giga Press rumoured to begin operating next month
45How I got access to 25+ Tesla’s around the world. By accident. And curiosity.
46Tesla HEPA Filter | Keeping Your Cabin Air Clean
47Tesla launches Tire pressure monitoring system to shop. (Compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles produced in 2021+, Model Y vehicles and Refresh Model 3 vehicles.)
48Lucid Air vs Plaid
49Tesla Q4 and full year 2021 Financial Results and Q&A Webcast
50CyberTruck Tailgate Issues: how is the edge going to hold up and not slice people open? Is that a 2” receiver?