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1Your Tesla Support Thread - Q3 2022
2Tesla Cyber Roundup: 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders - Thursday, August 4, 2022 | 4:30 PM CT
3Track mode 😍
4SEC Filing - Elon Musk sells 7.92 million Tesla shares worth $6.9 billion
5Tesla Model Y Was Europe's Best-Selling Premium SUV In H1 2022 | The Model Y beat the Mercedes-Benz GLC and the BMW X3 to become the No. 1 premium midsize SUV in Europe, regardless of powertrain type.
6Tesla Model Y Tops California Auto Sales, Model 3 Second in First Half of 2022
7Tesla equips China-made Model Y with new airbag for extra safety
8Ride the Lightening: Interview With a Former Tesla Engineer [Podcast]
9Giga Shanghai produced 28,217 vehicles in July, just short of the 30,000 expectation
10Tesla TSLA Gets PT Boost from Canaccord as Fremont Factory Pushes Limits of Possible
11Tesla Semi with 500 mile range shipping in 2022; Cybertruck same range in 2023
12Wrote this 6 years ago [Master Plan, Part Deux]
13Concept: If Trip (Energy) let you see elevation and weather conditions for your trip
14Elon Musk sells massive $6.5 billion chunk of Tesla (TSLA) stake
15Fleet wide updates rolling out according to TeslaFi - NA-2022.28-14046
16The growing number of Tesla cars in California is adding to Supercharger wait times
17Feature Request Megathread
18Tesla discloses lobbying effort for new factory in Canada
19Tesla secures deal for $5 billion worth of nickel in Indonesia, says official
20PSA: This style of supercharger can be confusing, but please double check before walking away! This person was taking up 3 spots.
21TESLA Roadsters are Overheating! | Gruber Motors
22Tesla Launches Model Y in Australia
23Senate passes $7,500 EV credit. Now to house and Biden.
24FSD Lane Change Turn Signal Feature Improvement Idea
25Tesla Super chargers in Sweden
26Discussion About Location of Potential Tesla Factory in Ontario
27We need to spread the word about dog mode -- Some Karen and Ken threatened to call cops on me for leaving my pup in a 70 degree car when its 100 outside
28Aero Wheels Range Improvement for SR vs. LR
29Tesla Has Already Won the Self-Driving Race
30FSD Beta 10.69 drops on 8/20
31Wonder what superchargers infrastructure looks like in China? This is in Shanghai, China.
32Where will the next Gigafactory be located?
33Saw a Model 3 towing a Happy Camper today (not my car). Pretty cool.
34[FSD BETA] Is it normal to have to request fsd beta access every couple months?
35Supercharger guidelines
36Tesla said they won't delay delivery - EV tax credit
37No electric vehicles on the market today qualify for the new EV tax credit
38Possibility of Autopilot HW 4 being announced in a similar fashion to HW3 at AI Day Part II?
39California DMV accuses Tesla of deceptive practices in marketing Autopilot and Full Self-Driving options
40Anyones adapter done this before ? 🤣
41The Red Headed Step Child - Model-X
42What do you think about tesla artificially crippling their cars with software?
43Tesla’s 3-to-1 stock split voted for approval to happen August 25, 2022
44Ventilated / cooled seats - How to ID while shopping?
45Buying a used X, how do I verify it has the features I want?
46Disabling autopilot?
47Tesla Cybertruck Prices And Specs Will Change, Elon Musk Admits
48Deaf Driver + Deaf Passenger. We have legal yes/no chat method. But can't use Tesla screen. HELP?
49Tesla Operating Margin #1 In Industry
50Some feature suggestions after a recent road trip.