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1Your Tesla Support Thread - Q4 2021
2Tesla Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Webcast
3Elon Musk confirms Herts ordered 100,000 Teslas at the same price consumers would pay (no fleet discounts)
4It’s Official! Tesla hit $1 Trillion dollar market capitalization for the first time.
5Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas in Car-Rental Market Shake-Up
6New feature will allow Tesla owners to use their key card to load their profile on rental cars
7Elon Musk: FSD bug related to power saving mode
8Hertz- Tom Brady Ad. $TSLA
9So now you can summon your vehicle with autopilot?
10Panasonic unveils its Tesla 4680 battery cell, production to start next year
11EV revolution hits new milestone as Tesla Model 3 becomes Europe’s best-selling car in September
12Elon Musk on FSD: 10.3.1 rolling out now
13Tesla’s Model 3 is first electric vehicle to top monthly sales charts in Europe
14NTSB chair calls on Elon Musk to change design of Tesla Autopilot
15Two Model Ys with different brake light setups. Which brake lights are the latest build?
162021.36.5.2 (FSD 10.3) rollback to 2021.36.5.1 in progress?
17FSDBeta 10.3 bug workaround by Mike Stirner on Twitter
18Seeing some issues with 10.3, so rolling back to 10.2 temporarily. Please note, this is to be expected with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configs in all conditions with internal QA, hence public beta.
19Known FSD Beta 10.3 TACC/Autosteer Bug
20FSD Bets 10.3 Release Notes
21New FSD Beta 10.3 Driving Profile Options
22Police vehicle object (with light bar) now in the code (per greentheonly)
23FSD Beta 10.3 adds vision based auto park!
25#FSDBeta v10.3 2021.36.5.2 First Impressions - Looping is back.
26FSD 10.3 is starting to roll out
27The sound of a Motor Drive unit under full acceleration.
28Bones took the Tesla today. 💀
29Tesla roadster 505 final got to drive a OG roadster.
30Tesla's Gigapress in action and why other auto manufacturers aren't also utilizing one
31Question: Why do we never talk about South America and Africa?
32Regression in some left turns at traffic lights found by internal QA in 10.3. Fix in work, probably releasing tomorrow.
33Scheduled charging and departure on Tesla app 2021.36.5.1
34McLaren 720S vs. Tesla Model S Plaid!
35How do you get this to go away? Tires are correct and TPMS was reset already.
36Model Y LR and Model 3 SR $2k price increase, EDD August / September 2022 with no options
37Carbon wrapped Plaid motor teardown!
38Tesla Model S Plaid - Record Lap at Nurburgring; Vehicle Dynamics Team Manager Talks
39Tesla acknowledges its service challenges, pledges serious repair team ramp
40I'm four days into a week-long Mustang Mach-E rental. Here's how it compares.
41Refresh Model S Driven Nearly Completely Submerged in Water
42Elon & Sandy: Design Philosophy Parallels | PART 1
43Tesla explains its Cybertruck exoskeleton supply strategy
44will older teslas get fsd beta: "Yeah, although early production cars will need camera upgrades, as well as FSD computer (all included in the price)"
45Confirmed by Elon Musk. Ability to view Sentry cameras live from Tesla app coming "Very Soon"
46Any comparison of cpu power of mach e and model y?
47Tesla made $1.6 billion in Q3, is switching to LFP batteries globally
48NTSB Issues Investigative Update in Fatal April 17 Texas Tesla Crash
49So you can be kicked out of FSD (not my email)
50Tesla's R&D center for its $25k electric car is complete