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1Your Tesla Support Thread - Q2 2022
2Tesla FSD Beta v10.12 Release Notes (2022.12.3.10) - Includes training data from 250k real-world video clips and new vector vehicle assets
3Tesla navigation will now take predicted crosswind, headwind, humidity & temperature into account for calculating battery % on arrival
4Waiting is hard
5Dashcam fix update coming
6Great short video of FSD Beta 10.12.2 from Tech Viking. It would seem Tesla has turned off the “stop before roundabouts” flag for more users.
7To the guy in Jacksonville who surprised his wife with a new Tesla... Well done sir!
8How’s your air conditioning doing?
9TeslaFi is suddenly showing 88 pending installs for #FSDBeta 10.12.2. Wider release than 10.12.1 imminent?
10Tesla Lowers Referral Program Credit for Solar Roof to $300
11Pin to Drive
12My license is getting indefinitely suspended because of Tesla, and their customer service doesn't care
13Why do the superchargers break? Meet Model Y Karen.
14Fremont Rail Logistics
15#FSDBeta v10.12.1 - Unprotected Left Turns The video many have been asking for. I got my car back from the shop yesterday. Was able to make a quick video this morning. Enjoy.
162022.16 (non-FSD Beta build) features new vehicle models like FSD Beta
17NOA/FSD and cruise control disabled when safety score dips below 90?
18Black vs White Interior for Longevity and Minimal Heat Absorption
19Own a Tesla and another vehicle? Your Crash Rate is 91% less when driving your Tesla
20Tesla Intern Interview
21Starting navigation from link in browser or other source?
22Tesla delaying deliveries due to missing charge port ECUs
23Tesla delivers Megapacks to new Bitcoin mining facility
24Tesla increases price of Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in online shop
25Diehard Tesla Owners Are in a Heated Race—With No End in Sight
26Screw this im cancelling my order!
27Made a Google spreadsheet to calculate cost of charging a Tesla and compare it to cost of fueling up an ICE vehicle.
28New thicker regen/energy lines with 2022.16.0.2
29Tesla officially files application to expand Giga Berlin
30Tesla looks to be preparing to launch in Thailand
32Details emerging on the Model Y fire that supposedly trapped an owner in the car.
33How much does it cost to charge your car?
34Deliveries in for cars in Europe with EAP/FSD are delayed pending a software update that gimps the software further for regulations
35Tesla battery research group unveils paper on new high-energy-density battery that could last 100 years
36Easthampton Police gets approval to purchase two Tesla Model Y cruisers, but not without some pushback from council
37Tesla launches ‘Upgrades’ tab in Canada, in-car purchases coming soon
38Tesla flipped a switch, and its Supercharger network became the 'largest public 150 kW+ fast-charging network' in Europe.
39IDRA begins assembling 9,000 ton Giga Press
40Multiple Cars Damaged in Miami Tesla Dealership Fire Caught on Camera
41Trying to decide between a new Model S Long Range and a new Model 3 Performance
42Tesla app now displays any vehicle recalls
43Reminders idea.
44New Tesla vehicles having been sitting at service centers for over a month now without charging.
45FREE Tesla Supercharging at select locations (May 27-30, 2022)
46Tesla adds second shift at Giga Berlin as production ramp increases
47Environmental groups hope to halt EV battery plant permit at Giga Texas
48Tesla Service Manual Webscraper!
49No Premium Connectivity
50Why tesla doesn’t break itself when you back up or drive forward to avoid collision with 5 miles per hour. No major sound warning only very low alert. Last time i was backing up and barely touched a car who backed up already but no sound or avoidance happened.