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1Your Tesla Support Thread - Q3 2021
2Friendly reminder to report offending instigators and apparent trolling accounts.
3If you're worried about white seats getting dirty, this spilled sweet and sour sauce came right up, no stains.
4Tesla (TSLA) releases Q2 2021 results: suprises with big profit beat
5Elon - Ships are probably fine with iron cells, but aircraft need very high energy density for good range. I’m not saying Tesla will do aircraft – we have our hands full with cars & solar/battery power generation – just that max energy density is needed for aircraft.
6Tesla is back at the Nurburgring! This time with production plaid!
7Sawyer Merritt - To better focus his limited time, Elon Musk says he will no longer be on earnings calls going forward unless there is something important to say.
8NYC approves Revel’s fleet of Tesla taxis, bringing new competition to apps
9Elon - We will try. Preferable for Tesla too, as they last so long. Unlike other makers of cars, our goal is *not* to profit from service. Best service is not needing service in the first place.
10Tesla's Q2 Shareholder Deck
11Another Tesla seen from inside wading on a flooded highway in China. Not recommended but works.
12Tesla provide a 4680 battery update: Nearing end of manufacturing validation - focusing on improving 10% of manufacturing processes to remove output bottleneck.
13Tesla reveals Megapack prices: starts at $1 million
14As seen at the grocery store…
15Elon - I was at Giga Texas yesterday. Team is making excellent progress. Building will be almost a mile long when complete.
16Here’s what every major Tesla analyst says about its second-quarter earnings
17Later This Year, Tesla Will Let Non-Teslas Use Its Supercharger Network
18MKBHD Podcast From & About His Plaid
19Swivel phone mount idea
20Elon - Several improvements coming via V9.1 on Friday at midnight
21Model Y Police Cruiser Interior
22FSDBeta 9.0 - 2021.4.18.12 - Honey Jar Run and Apiary Tour
23Tesla Model S Plaid 1/4 Mile Record - 9.08
24Tesla website now has a separate filter for bodyhshops!
25The incredible engineering of the Tesla Model S/X battery module
26FSDBeta 9.0 - 2021.4.18.12 - 5 way stop signs with Drone view
27Tesla doesn't need to advertise. Lamborghini / Bugatti dealership employees go for a Plaid ride and sell Tesla despite their own cars.
28PSA: Car calendar can filter which personal calendars it syncs
29Service Agents sending photo of MY being made in Austin(?) to waiting customers (via Tesla Model Y Enthusiasts FB group)
30Sunset charging I-5 yesterday evening
31Elon confirms there will be no normal wheel option for the new Model S
32[Tesla Software Updates] Sky Force Reloaded has been added to Tesla Arcade in update 2021.12.25.6
33Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel! - MKBHD
34Submit Feedback to NHTSA for Drivers' Use of Camera-Based Rear Visibility Systems Versus Traditional Mirrors
35FSDBeta 9.0 - 2021.4.18.12 - Memorial Park Drive #2 after Two Weeks on v9
36Model Y (and 3) went up $1,000 to $53,990 and $49,990 for LR
37Ummm…. How did cargo space increase by 8 cubic feet??
38National-wide Delivery Hold on All Refreshed Model S (Plaid and LR)!
39Is Elon’s reasoning here that eventually after everyone makes mistakes for *years* it will be able to predict what we do next? How long will we wait for it to not detect accidental touches??
40BHP enters into nickel supply agreement with Tesla Inc
41Sky Force Reloaded - Waiting to update…
42Tesla needs a blind spot monitoring system such as this.
43Back To The Office: Excellence & Respect [Tesla HR]
44Model 3 OEM Illuminated Door Sills available in Europe
45HyperChange - Tesla Model S Plaid Review & Drive 🏁
46PSA: Tesla service centers are installing different colored tint.
47Brand new Tesla store in Camarillo, CA
48Lithium ion batteries - an EV platform technology - Simon Moores, US Senate Testimony, June 2021
49Lightly used Model 3 prices eclipse new Model 3 prices...this is nuts.
50Tesla FSD Beta 9.0 - North Carolina - Roundabouts, Rain, and more! Video #10 - Zeb Hallock