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1What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, October 26, 2021
2Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for the trading week beginning October 25th, 2021
3Old friends coming around.
4We did it!
5$TSLA today 👀
6Leave the pontificating to r/politics. We're here for tendies!
7WSB Hedge fund management team
8Elon Musk confirms Hertz ordered 100,000 Teslas at the same price consumers would pay (no fleet discount)
9I give up
10The GOAT
11What is she looking at?
12How are my $DWAC bag holders doing?
13Did I do this right? Are you proud of me? Tsla Puts
14Knew someone who forgot
15$4500 to $22,700 at 18, feeling blessed, thank you Elon! 🦍
16My Friday YOLO TSLA trade $100K - $1 Mil. 💸🚀💸🚀
17Update: You don’t need to hit that many buttons to win the game. Thx again Daddy Elon.
18$TSLA holders after today be flexing like
19Who would win?
20Warning - Don't listen to trading gurus from tiktok, instagram and youtube
21My regret knows no bounds...
22“🌈🧸: the more $TSLA ⬆️, the more it’s going to ⬇️” Remind me again, when is the right time to take profits on tech companies?
23Down 2,718%, apparently selling FD Tesla calls 10% out the money isn’t the infinite money cheat you lead me to believe
24I asked this sub when I should sell almost a year ago. Always inverse WSB.
25$100.00 into $500,000.00 in 8 years + other spoils of war from my family's battle with the Tesla shortsellers...
26My best trade so far. I've had better by percentage but only on smaller bets. Never made 50k in a day.
27Its all about the mindset
28My broke ass could only afford 1 call (TSLA GAIN)
29Big Loss Porn and the Big Dick Comeback. $100K to $0 and back to over $100K over the course of 3 weeks, A Treabeard Story.
30Intel’s nightmare
31IPO in Nov
32💎🤲🏽 $TSLA
33DWAC $87k yolo on day one at $13.25 per share. Who’s with me?
34It’s not a big sexy option play, but I’ve held Tesla for like 8 years and it’s done well for me.
35Hertz to give 100,000 handjobs to Tesla shareholders
36Always Tesla!
37Shorts and halts can't stop this train
38Who can relate? Not me! Lambo or rope
39OCGN bout skyrocket. Better jump in before WHO approval!!
40Sell or Hold? 🤦‍♂️ Its like AFRM all over again….
41SEC's Gensler: Meme stock trading restrictions 'not good' for retail investors
42Every. Single. Bump.
43First 10 Bagger! LET'S FUCKING GO!
44It won’t be the biggest posted but it’s my biggest win to date. TSLA calls I held over the weekend.
45When you buy your options at market value instead of putting a limit order. Instantly losing 30k. 😩
46Apes only need to know two things: Buy the dip and hodl!
47$WISH !! 💰💰💰
48I've been publishing data on stock trading by politicians for the last couple years and today I witnessed one of the largest Ls I've seen during that time. A US Representative (and evidently WSB community member) sold $BE 4 days before it shot up almost 40%
49Whos still holding Dwac?!! 100% in!!
50Today’s TSLA rally reminds me of the good ol’ days in 2020