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1Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of May 28, 2022
2Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for the week beginning May 30th, 2022
3The big short
4Bill Gates bag holding Tesla at negative 2 billion
5cramer raging about meme stocks - GME
6Bulls had there way this week !
7Up and down, up and down...
8🔮WallStreetBets Predictions Tournament for May 2022🔮
9J Pow defends his bubble buddy
10All your mayo are belong to us
11hello, are you here for the weekly wake-up call?
13Meme Stonks in the media
14Being a bear during a 3 day long bull rally...
15god giving me signals !!
16Some newbie traders be like...
17Resulting in the shit shows we see posted here
18I hate seeing people lose money. 4 hour spy, resistance trend broken, test of 200ema. If it stays over 417, we’re running hard. If it rejects, watch for the drop to 400. Macd is green,13/48 EMA cross, bollingers are respected. Don’t be bullish or bearish, PLAY THE FUCKING TREND
19average wsb user in a nutshell
20Load up regards
21The bottom is NOT in, be cautious in the coming months
22New Poll Summarizes Inflation Nicely
23What's going on in the chinese real estate market ? (Long Post)
24SEC protecting retail investors
25Housing Market 😎
261 green week
27How is growing income inequality and rapid cost of living increases sustainable in an economy that depends of societal wide consumerism?
28Summary of last week
29Robinhood’s new marketing strategy.
30No Stopping the Bulls today.
31After Robinhood & Melvin Capital, now Ken Griffin Jr (seen here in a rare pic) digging a hole deeper and deeper
32Confirmation bias for bulls on SPY
33You know the recession is rough when female entrepreneurs need to diversity with grounded assets.
34turnback to januari 2021. When we are all friends.
35Monster Rally Coming
36with the way our economy is going, this Thanksgiving be like....
37when you buy puts and Cramer says he's bearish
38Spotted in Montréal, which one of you is the permabear who ate it this week
39Cumulative Change in Real S&P 500 & Real Profits
40Feeling incredibly bullish on getting wasted 🚀🚀🚀
41Anyone else think AAPL still has some downside?
42Anyone else getting mixed messages from The FED?
43If your company did a layoff post the name (or industry and size) and department
44Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy.
45Spy will crash after my puts expire 🥲
4658.4K to 129.6k over the past year on oil - mix of shares and leaps
47Federal Reserve wants lower wages
48The Fed’s favorite inflation measure rose 4.9% in April in a sign that price increases could be slowing
49A new hope for the Bulls?
50AMC CEO….and rats too