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1What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, August 10, 2022
2CPI Eve Regards
3If BBBY closes above $15 by Friday, I’ll print top voted comment onto sign outside CNBC/mad money studios
4🔮WallStreetBets Predictions Tournament for August 2022🔮
5Why is $BBBY going down? PLEASE HELP
6BBBY- The Do-Or-Die Moment for Short Sellers on 8/8 and 8/9 (DD)
7So you’re saying there’s a chance
8Chad Money: Return of the Memes
11if no BBBY then why are you here?
12Guys, it works on the stock too!
13Why's everybody so doom and gloom with BBBY today?
14BBBY…. Added 1000 shares ! Buying the Dip . Not selling .
15when bbby drops a dollar
16BBBY Today.
17MARKET GOES BOOM SOON. Go go inverse Cramer!
18You tomorrow $BBBY 🚀
19BBBY - We Fight and Die Together
20You paper-handed bitches disgust me. I want to ride their Winter Candy Apple crusted taint straight to my wife’s boyfriend’s house and swallow all of his golf balls.
21Trading isn't a team sport
22First options trade🙂
23If you don't love BBBY when it pumps then you don't deserve it when it dumps 🤡
24Elon single handedly fucked my $420,069 call option play. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.
25Recent NASDAQ market
26$BBBY - Technical Analysis
27Don’t let them convince you that the stock is down, BBBY is still in an uptrend 🚀🚀🚀
28Who needs some BBBY hopium to the veins?
29Today... We won! (BBBY)
30Diamond Hands $BBBY 💎🦍📈
31GME dropped too in beginning days
32Meme Stonks this week 😂
33A reminder of what this sub can accomplish
34Papa Musk about to send me to $TSLA hell for this
35Me watching all my BBBY gains magically disappear
36The fun has just started
37Not all bears are bad!
38Decided to Join the YOLO in BBBY, bought 2274 Shares.
39$BBBY and Pocket Note for WSB
40Me: driving my new car with all my earnings
41I'm the guy who tried to spread FUD about $BBBY because I had puts. I'm sorry. When market opens tomorrow, I will yolo everything into $BBBY calls. If I don't post proof of position, perma ban me. Apes saved $GME, $AMC and Hertz; it's time to save $BBBY. Lastly, fuck $WISH; I now know it's dogshit.
42No “further” TSLA “sales” planned “after today”
44After 6 years of trading, I finally made 88 dollars.
45$BBBY and CPI numbers tomorrow
46BBBY investors today who YOLO everything in daily options
47$BBBY position initiated - smdcapital
48Twenty bucks is twenty bucks (BBBY)
49BBBY It’s time. I’m putting my entire life savings into the stock
50$BBBY tomorrow..