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1Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of January 29, 2022
2Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for the week beginning January 31st, 2022
3How everyone’s set up is going to be looking after one more red week…….
4Eh yo!!!! Which one of you did it?
5I look forward for another year of being extremely retarded
7Happy Anniversary GME Gang!
9Happy anniversary apes
10A strategy that never misses
11Anyone Going To The Movies Tonight?
12Posted this a year ago..thought it might be a little more agreeable now
13My strategy right now
14I heard today is the day we get to meme about the GME Cult on here? Keep Diamond handing you glorious Apes!
15One Year Ago: GME Containment Zone 1 comments
16Apple Is Wild
18Wall Street is a Fugazi! Welcome to the MOASS Waiting Room.
19Robing hood
20Welcome to Wendy's. May I take your order?
21Its slight of hand trade
22Got banned from the r/bogleheads for posting this
23Navinder Sarao: An Autist Who Broke The Market (Story In Comments)
24Everyone trying to warn TSLA holders last year
25Diamond hands
26The market blessed us today
28Puts on BYND
29After a long month of red.
30Here’s your anniversary post.
31Looks like we hit the bottom boys
32Ford calls to oblivion. Guess I'm part of the club now.
33Spy says we going up
34Now go lose your money in peace
35Another reason to reverse whatever jim cramer says
36Apple is carrying the entire market on its shoulders
37Atlas/Hercules of Wall Street
38This is what happens when you ask the average WSB trader how they pick their stock choices
39Snapchat memories proving I’m a genius.
40Found over on /r/designporn, credit to Pete Ryan
41"Well at least I know GME has a sane chairman who will show us the way" The chairman:
42Meme Stock Reunion
43Bless you, Papa Elon. Sent me to the moon before close today. $1.6k -> $26k. Bought them 25 mins before close.
44Sir, this is a casino
45average permabull
46WTB: Bootstraps
47So with sports betting now legal in a couple more states in the last couple of weeks. Is DKNG worth the YOLO out in March or April? Asking for a friend.
48$500 to 16k - Calls AND puts on NFLX, SPY
49Deleted last post since people want to know positions. Thank you Tim Cook and SPY!!! And screw everyone who doesn’t like to comment nicely when people actually have gains that are not GME and AMC.
50I always knew if be a BFR when I grew up. Still long $AMWL, $BFLY, $TLRY, $MMND tho.